Building Capabilities for Long-Distance Recruiting

The pandemic has forced businesses worldwide to transition to online operations. In today’s workplace, video conferencing services like Zoom, Google Meets and Skype are the norm. Recruitment processes have also been modified to fit the digital environment, much like the rest of the workforce.

Remote recruitment has become necessary due to the ongoing pandemic. However, this shift does not mean that the integration of Learning and Development (L&D) should be neglected. On the contrary, it is a cost-effective strategy to incorporate L&D into the hiring process.

The question is, what exactly does L&D refer to?

So, what precisely does the term L&D mean?

L&D, which stands for Learning and Development, refers to the training and education opportunities offered by a company to its employees. This can include job-specific instruction, interpersonal skills training, or providing a more enjoyable learning experience.

L&D can be useful for both personal and professional growth.

L&D Can Enhance Business Profits

According to the 2023 Learning and Development Report from, 72% of market-leading companies are using L&D as a recruitment strategy. It might be advantageous to follow this trend in this case.

Recent graduates and younger employees often possess a wealth of soft skills and an impressive academic background when applying for positions in our company. Nevertheless, they may not have all the essential skills needed for the advertised job.

Incorporating Learning and Development (L&D) initiatives into the recruitment process can help foster and develop potential employees from the beginning, as discussed in this blog post. It may be why such a significant percentage (76%) of businesses see their L&D strategies as a competitive advantage.

Using the Web for Learning and Development

It’s worth noting that the pandemic hasn’t led to the loss of knowledge. In fact, in certain job roles, training is a legal requirement and, as such, must still be conducted. This learning is increasingly being delivered through video or live streaming.

Given the importance of these services, HR professionals should utilise Learning & Development (L&D), such as HR training, to prepare the HR department to offer them.

This makes it less difficult to incorporate L&D into the recruitment process.

Inviting the candidates who have progressed to the final round to attend a training session can present an opportunity to personally witness their involvement and development, which may provide a more comprehensive understanding of a candidate’s potential contributions to the organisation compared to just reviewing their CV or interviewing them.

Training and Education post Remote Hiring

Learning and Development (L&D) can be utilised to entice potential employees. Evidence indicates that organisations which connect L&D progress to career advancement can witness a 22% improvement in employee satisfaction and a 4% decrease in staff turnover.

It’s not surprising that providing employees with ongoing training and educational opportunities, like online courses, can help maintain their motivation and satisfaction levels. Moreover, making it evident that these chances could result in career advancement is an essential factor in ensuring employee satisfaction.

Furthermore, it demonstrates to prospective employees that their development as an employee, satisfaction in their role, and potential for internal advancement are valued.

To conclude

Even though the future is uncertain, it may present an opportunity for an effective Learning and Development (L&D) strategy that prioritises education and development from the beginning of the process.

Learning & Development is becoming an integral component of the recruitment process for market leaders in all industries. The prevalence of the internet means that potential recruits can now be invited to participate in online sessions, providing organisations with insight into how they could contribute to the organisation.

It’s essential to keep in mind that a well-crafted Learning and Development (L&D) policy, whether delivered virtually or in-person, can be a valuable tool for drawing in and retaining top talent. Typically, individuals aspire to grow and advance in their careers, and a comprehensive L&D policy provides them with the chance to achieve this.

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