Can’t We Get Along without Coffee? Best Practices for Taking Use of Java’s Features

Java continues to be popular while other programming languages rise and fall

Java’s success is evident from its widespread usage across multiple platforms, including desktop computers, Android televisions, and major databases such as those belonging to companies like Amazon, Google, Airbnb, and Uber.

The TIOBE index ranks Java as one of the most popular programming languages as of March 2022, as seen from Java’s position.

The purpose of this article is to highlight the benefits of using Java effectively and correctly, rather than comparing it to other programming languages.

Java should be the preferred choice whenever feasible

If requirements include developing the underlying infrastructure of big corporate applications, then Java is an excellent choice, particularly if you need to:

Benefits of static and object-based typing

The feature enables type-checking and constraint-enforcing during compilation, rather than at runtime.


Once declared, variables and functions cannot have their data type changed later. This prevents potential bugs and enhances code optimisation by enabling earlier detection of such issues.

Two effective techniques to manage system resources and prevent resource leakages and deferred actions in Java are the try-with-resource keyword and cleaners, which can avert disastrous consequences.

We’ll consider two scenarios: one favourable and one disastrous.


Java 9 introduced the Java Shell tool, i.e., JShell, which provides user-friendly command-line capabilities.

JShell makes evaluating and testing code easier since it is not limited to a specific function or class.

Benefits of utilising diverse JVM languages

The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) can run programs built in several programming languages, not limited to Java. Some examples include Kotlin, Scala, Clojure, JRuby, Jython and Groovy, which enables multiple options for integrating with other JVM languages.

The Advantages of Prototyping in a Specific Social Group

Java class casting permits the conversion of one data type to another. The conversion can be undertaken manually by developers or automatically by the compiler, and can be either upward or downward.

Instance: Converting a LocalServer object into a Server object.

The Different Types of Text Divisions

Java’s text blocks eliminate the need for concatenation, making them easy to manage, well-structured, and highly convenient.

Robust Support Provided for Application Programming Interfaces

Java offers a comprehensive range of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). It includes the potential for parallelisation, functional programming integration, and database indexing.

Functional programming can be blended with object-oriented methodologies, as shown in the example below.

Java Persistence API (JPA) annotations can expedite development progress and optimise application performance by allowing databases to be indexed in code, without any alterations to the underlying database system.

Exceptional Local Support Provided

Require assistance or facing any hurdles? There are a plethora of excellent and free resources that can guide you in learning Java including Stackoverflow, Github, and Dzone.

Career Opportunities

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