Challenges in Building an App Development Group and Why Contracting Helps

If you love football, it’s likely you’ve either participated in fantasy football or have an acquaintance who has. The excitement of watching your selected team play can be incredibly entertaining, but a poor performance can quickly lead to frustration. Similarly, if the developers you’ve chosen to work on your application fail to deliver satisfactory results, it can be a significant obstacle to overcome.

Efficiently allocating resources is vital to attaining success in managing software projects. Unfortunately, it isn’t always an easy task as finding the right personnel with the required skills can be challenging. One potential solution could be exploring the in-house talent pool to fill any knowledge gaps. Otherwise, staff augmentation may quickly provide the necessary skills. However, if the project surpasses the capabilities of the current staff, outsourcing the entire task to an external provider may be the safest and most practical way to prevent potential risks associated with developing your own application development team.

Why Creating an App Development Team is Challenging

Assembling an in-house team that meets the desired requirements of (a) having a high level of expertise and being able to work together seamlessly to provide quick and effective solutions, and (b) delivering superior products in a timely fashion to your clients, can be a difficult task. This is due to several factors that we will delve into in the next section.

Obstacles of Selecting a Development Team

Insufficient knowledge of required tools and/or programming languages

Lack of software developers who possess the required skillset and knowledge in necessary tools and/or programming languages can be a major obstacle. Although it might be necessary to invest time in learning and managing the learning curve for lengthier, custom development projects, that time might be better spent addressing any possible issues that arise in the project.

Workers Must Take on New Responsibilities

Even if there are adequate personnel to complete the work, they may not have well-rounded expertise to cover all necessary roles without training.

Ad Hoc Teams Need to be Formed

Assigning workers to positions that are not relevant to their skill sets can harm productivity as it may result in problems such as distrust and poor communication among team members with different backgrounds. This is frequently the outcome of the necessity to create a makeshift team comprising people from various groups. Therefore, it is critical to address these problems beforehand to avoid any challenges in such ad hoc teams.

Inadequate Manpower to Accomplish the Task

We might face a problem in finding a team to work on the project due to their involvement in another project that commences before this one is completed. We could potentially address this internally by requesting deadline extensions, but only if it’s acceptable to our clients. Alternatively, we could explore outsourcing services to cater to the needs of both clients.

Defining “Groupthink”

“Groupthink” is a phenomenon that is frequently underestimated, where all members of a team adopt the same approach and thought process, hindering their ability to think independently and creatively. This could be extremely harmful, particularly if teams are subject to the same environment and circumstances that can result in a feeling of stagnation and inactivity.

It is clear that there exist several possible challenges that can hinder the advancement of establishing an internal application development team. Fortunately, there is a feasible solution that can help alleviate this pressure. However, this is not an exhaustive list, and other issues could arise.

Consider Hiring Someone Else to Develop Your App

Considering the current circumstances, it is worthwhile to explore alternatives if an in-house app development team isn’t the best option. Strengthening the existing team by hiring new employees could be the ideal solution in some cases, particularly if the project reflects the company’s future goals. However, if there is any doubt, it may be worthwhile to investigate the potential advantages of outsourcing software delivery, such as the flexibility to create a tailor-made app development team, as described below.

Advantages of a Third-Party App Development Firm

Top-Notch Expertise to Fulfil Project Needs

Given that outsourcing teams are created for each separate project, you can be confident that they possess the necessary resources and programming expertise to fulfill your requirements.

Team Members Possessing Relevant Expertise and Experience

Team members will possess exceptional knowledge in the required areas of expertise and be comfortable with their customary duties.

Exceptional Efficiency

The most effective method of software development is agile, and this requires open and rapid communication between team members, and sometimes, other company employees. To guarantee the utmost quality of service, it’s critical that businesses choose outsourcing partners who can offer this level of communication and collaboration.

No Schedule Conflicts Exist

Outsourcing teams are assembled on a project-by-project basis, with a dedicated focus on ensuring the project is completed successfully. The team remains united until the completion of the project.

Overseeing Day-to-Day Operations

In addition to engineers who can perform the necessary tasks, your outsourced team can also include personnel to oversee the entire operation. This relieves you of the burden of managing the project, allowing you to allocate your attention to other areas of your business.

As the aforementioned points highlight, outsourcing can be exceptionally advantageous if the ideal team is chosen for your project. By outsourcing to Works, the time taken to hire, screen, and integrate new employees is vastly reduced, ensuring a high-quality outcome from the inception of your concept until the product is ready for distribution.

At Works, our strength lies in providing top-quality IT professionals throughout Latin America. We meticulously select only the top 1% of candidates, enabling our teams to develop your software product with speed and precision. Our workflow method is flexible and customizable to meet the requirements of any project, and our teams specialize in diverse areas to ensure the highest quality of work. If you require further information about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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