Challenges in Building an App Development Group and Why Contracting Helps

If you are passionate about football, there is a good chance that you have either taken part in fantasy football or know someone who has. The anticipation of seeing how your team performs can be a great source of entertainment during a match, however, if they do not have a successful game, it could soon become a source of frustration. In a similar vein, if the individuals you have selected to work on your application’s development do not deliver the results you expect, it can be a major setback.

Effectively allocating resources is paramount to achieving success when managing software projects. Unfortunately, it is not always a simple task, as it may be hard to find the right personnel with the required skills. One option could be to look within your own organisation and utilise any existing skillsets to fill any gaps in required expertise. Alternatively, staff augmentation could be used to quickly source any missing skills. However, if the project is beyond the capabilities of those in-house, it may be best to outsource the entire task to an external provider, thus avoiding any potential risks associated with creating your own application development team.

Why Putting Together an App Development Team Is Tough

Constructing an internal team that meets the desired criteria of (a) possessing a high level of expertise and able to collaborate effectively to provide prompt resolutions, and (b) delivering an excellent product to your customers in a timely manner, may prove to be a challenge. This is due to a variety of factors, which we will be exploring in the following discussion.

Challenges in Choosing a Development Team

Inadequate proficiency with necessary tools and/or languages

Without software developers who have the appropriate skills and expertise in the necessary tools and/or language, it is a significant impediment. Whilst it may be necessary to invest time in acquiring proficiency and managing the learning curve in some longer, custom development projects; this time could be more profitably invested in tackling any potential issues that may arise.

Employees will have to take on new responsibilities.

Even if you have enough people to get the job done, they may not be well-rounded enough to take on all the necessary positions without training.

We must form ad hoc groups.

Placing employees in roles that are unrelated to their skill sets can have a negative impact on productivity, as it can lead to issues such as lack of trust and poor communication between team members from different backgrounds. This could be a result of the need to form a makeshift unit comprising of individuals from a variety of different groups. It is therefore important to ensure that these issues are addressed before any such ad hoc unit is established.

Insufficient manpower to do the task at hand.

We may encounter an issue in finding a crew to work on the project, as they may already have committed to another project that starts before they can finish this one. We could potentially resolve this internally by requesting extensions, as long as this is something our customers would be happy with. Alternatively, we could consider using an outsourcing service to meet the requirements of both customers.

What I Mean by “Groupthink”

Groupthink is an often-underestimated phenomenon, in which all members of a team adopt the same approach and mode of thinking, hindering the capacity to think creatively and independently. This can be particularly damaging when teams are exposed to the same environment and conditions, as it can lead to a sense of stagnation and paralysis.

It is evident that there are numerous potential issues that could impede the progress of creating an internal application development team. Fortunately, there is a viable solution that can help to alleviate this burden. This is, however, not an exhaustive list and other potential issues may arise.

Maybe You Should Hire Someone Else to Make Your App.

Considering the current situation, it is worth exploring other options if an in-house app development team is not the most suitable choice. Strengthening the team and hiring new personnel could be the ideal solution in certain cases. If the project is reflective of the company’s future plans, then investing in additional employees is likely to be beneficial. If there is any uncertainty, it is worth exploring the potential advantages of outsourcing software delivery, such as the ability to form a tailored app development team as outlined below.

Some Pros of a Third-Party App Development Company

Finest Expertise to Meet Project Requirements

Since outsourcing teams are formed for each individual project, you can rest certain that they have the resources and programming savvy you need.

Team members with relevant expertise and experience

Team members will be well-versed in the necessary areas of expertise and comfortable filling their customary tasks.

Superior quickness

Agile software development is most effective when there is open and rapid communication between team members and, where necessary, other employees of the company. To ensure the highest quality of service, it is essential that businesses choose outsourcing partners who are capable of providing this level of communication and collaboration.

There are no timetable conflicts.

Project-based outsourcing teams are assembled as and when required, with a dedicated commitment to ensuring that the project is seen through to successful completion. The team will remain united until the project is completed.

Controlling the day-to-day operations

Your outsourced team can provide more than just engineers to carry out the tasks at hand; they can also provide personnel to oversee the entirety of the operation, relieving you of the burden of managing the project and allowing you to focus your attention on other areas of your business.

As the points mentioned above demonstrate, outsourcing could be incredibly beneficial if you select the ideal team for your project. By outsourcing to Works, the amount of time it takes to hire, screen, and integrate new employees is greatly reduced, providing you with a guaranteed high-quality outcome from the inception of your concept to the day the product is ready for distribution.

At Works, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide the highest quality of IT professionals in Latin America. By carefully selecting only the top 1% of applicants, our teams are able to ensure that your software product is developed with speed and accuracy. Our workflow method has been designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of any project, and our teams are specialised in different areas to ensure the highest quality of work. If you would like to learn more about our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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