Collaboration for Software Development Success: The Works Method for Expanding the Capacity of Remote Software Engineers

Business owners are increasingly recognising the value of remote workforce augmentation and software engineering projects to reduce costs and increase productivity in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak. With a range of options available, from transactional temp-type agencies to comprehensive product delivery partnerships such as Works, there are plenty of ways to bring additional scalability and adaptability to software engineering teams. At Works, we understand the importance of providing superior products and services, which is why we prioritise staff augmentation as part of our comprehensive approach. By partnering with us, businesses can benefit from the flexibility, scalability and expertise that come from augmenting their teams with experienced professionals. We believe that remote workforce augmentation is a powerful tool for businesses to maximise the efficiency of their software engineering teams, and we are dedicated to helping businesses succeed through our top-notch services.

Evaluation of Expertise in a Technical Area

In order to identify the requisite skills for a successful engineer, we must undertake technical competence evaluations. At Works, we evaluate and rank engineers based on their proficiency in programming languages and frameworks, data storage, testing, security, tooling, monitoring, and alerting. Coding competitions and pair programming activities are employed to assess and document the coding abilities of potential engineers. Subsequently, we determine the requisite role and seniority level for the engineer, and use this data to create a comprehensive profile of the engineer’s capabilities and what they can offer our partners.

Verify All Claims

At Works, we use the latest code-review-as-a-service technologies such as HackerRank to assess prospective engineers. In addition to conducting in-depth interviews, we have a 30-question exam which is then compared to a 45-point engineering competence framework that has been verified by the industry. To ensure the accuracy of our engineers’ expertise, we verify their school and career history and examine their criminal record. This guarantees that the engineering expertise we promise to provide is authentic and verified.

Leadership and Effective Communication

At Works, we conduct tests and surveys to assess a variety of interpersonal skills, such as leadership and communication abilities. We recognise that the successful implementation of software projects requires the evaluation of multiple “soft skills,” including the ability to work with stakeholders, set and meet objectives, communicate effectively with other members of the team, take responsibility for tasks, and learn from and incorporate the knowledge of others. This is an essential part of the concept of collaboration, in which each team member is fully invested in the success of the company.

The Mentality of a Successful Provider

As managers, our primary focus is on ensuring product deliveries are made on time and that long-term plans are successful. To ensure engineering teams have the best chance of success in our organisation, we have developed a comprehensive set of procedures. These procedures encompass, but are not limited to:

  • Our extensive experience in connecting more than one thousand engineers with hundreds of companies has been integral in the design of a comprehensive onboarding process that consists of twenty-four steps.
  • The Works Engineering Management and Support Group is comprised of approximately fifty senior engineers that are responsible for providing guidance and support to the Works engineers who are assigned to partner teams.
  • An information sharing and assistance system across Works‘s engineering staff.

Dependable upon Your Accountability

At Works, our engineers are committed to providing the same level of service as your in-house engineering team. Unlike some other employment models, our engineers are dedicated to serving you exclusively and report directly to you. Our model is best suited for projects that require specialised knowledge and a dedicated team, which is why we refer to it as a “partnership”. This system is not designed to accommodate one-time tasks. Hiring freelancers is a practical solution to quickly expanding your team’s capabilities without the usual delays and costs associated with acquiring new employees.

Flexibility and Scalability

At Works, we understand that the success of software engineering depends on the quality of the team. To this end, we strive to improve team performance by teaching them both hard and soft skills that have been empirically proven to be effective. In addition, we help our partners adjust to new business environments, with an emphasis on raising product standards and reducing delivery times. We have incorporated scalability and the ability to adapt to changes in the roadmap and priorities into our services, which has enabled us to work with hundreds of companies to create distributed engineering teams.

Making the Move to a Telecommuting Staff

Since the inception of our company, our engineering team has established a successful partnership with many other organisations across the United States. During the time of the shelter-in-place restrictions, our personnel were able to adjust effortlessly to remote working by utilising the procedures we have in place. Our engineers have developed a set of skills when it comes to communication, cooperation, and culture that not only accelerates product delivery but also enhances it. This makes them particularly adept when it comes to offering assistance to teams that are just starting out with remote working.

Capacity for Rapid Movement

Organisations must be flexible and able to quickly adjust to changing economic conditions, especially in light of the current pandemic and its long-term effects. At Work, our software engineering staff augmentation program is designed to provide immediate access to experienced personnel. Our personnel are ready to start working as soon as they are needed, and our systems are in place to ensure that they have the necessary resources available to them in a timely manner.

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