Collaboration for Software Development Success: The Works Method for Expanding the Capacity of Remote Software Engineers

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners are increasingly realising the value of augmenting their software engineering teams remotely to enhance productivity and reduce costs. With various options available, ranging from temporary transactional agencies to comprehensive product delivery partnerships like Works, there is a myriad of ways to bring added scalability and adaptability to software engineering teams.

At Works, we have a thorough understanding of the significance of delivering excellent products and services. That is why we make staff augmentation a priority and take a comprehensive approach. Partnering with us offers businesses the flexibility, scalability, and expertise that come with working alongside experienced professionals.

We believe remote workforce augmentation is a potent tool that businesses can utilise to optimise the effectiveness of their software engineering teams. We are committed to helping businesses succeed through our high-quality services.

Evaluating Technical Expertise

To determine the necessary skills for an engineer to be successful, it is crucial to conduct technical competence evaluations. At Works, our evaluation process involves ranking and evaluating engineers based on their proficiency in programming languages and frameworks, data storage, testing, security, tooling, monitoring, and alerting. We use coding competitions and pair programming activities to assess and document potential engineers’ coding abilities. Based on this information, we can determine the optimal role and seniority level for each engineer, creating a comprehensive profile detailing their capabilities and what they can contribute to our partners.

Verifying Claims

At Works, we utilise cutting-edge code-review-as-a-service technologies like HackerRank to evaluate potential engineers. Alongside comprehensive interviews, we conduct a 30-question exam that aligns with a 45-point engineering competence framework tested and certified by the industry. To ensure the accuracy of our engineers’ expertise, we thoroughly examine their career and educational history and conduct criminal record checks. This guarantees that we deliver authentic and verified engineering expertise to our partners.

Effective Communication and Leadership

Works administers tests and surveys to assess various interpersonal skills, including leadership and communication abilities. We acknowledge that the success of software projects requires evaluating numerous “soft skills,” such as the capacity to work with stakeholders, establish and achieve goals, communicate efficiently with other team members, take accountability for tasks, and incorporate others’ knowledge. Collaboration necessitates each team member’s full investment in the company’s success, making these skills crucial. For this reason, we conduct evaluations to ensure engineers possess these vital interpersonal abilities.

The Mindset of a Successful Service Provider

As managers, our primary objective is to guarantee timely product deliveries and the success of long-term plans. To ensure the success of engineering teams within our organisation, we have devised a comprehensive set of procedures. These procedures encompass various areas, including but not limited to:

  • Designing a comprehensive onboarding process consisting of twenty-four steps has been facilitated by our vast experience linking over a thousand engineers with multiple companies.
  • The Works Engineering Management and Support Group comprises roughly fifty senior engineers who are responsible for providing guidance and support to Works engineers assigned to partner teams. For more information, please see our blog post on supporting digital transformation with off-site engineers.
  • Works has implemented an information sharing and assistance system among its engineering staff.For further information, please visit our website at

Accountability is Key

At Works, our engineers are devoted to delivering the same level of service as your in-house engineering team. Unlike other employment models, our engineers work exclusively for you and report directly to you, making our system perfectly suited for specialised knowledge projects requiring a dedicated team. This is why we consider it a “partnership” rather than a one-time task solution. Hiring freelancers provides an efficient means of quickly expanding your team’s capacities without the usual delays and costs associated with acquiring new employees.

Scalability and Flexibility

Works recognises that a software engineering team’s quality contributes to its success. As a result, we work to enhance team performance by teaching both hard and soft skills that have been shown to be effective. Furthermore, we assist our partners in adjusting to new business environments by emphasising product standards and reducing delivery times. Our services incorporate scalability and adaptability to changes in the roadmap and priorities, allowing us to collaborate with hundreds of companies in creating distributed engineering teams. For further details, please see our blog post on the rise of the distributed team in software development.

Transitioning to a Remote Staff

Since our company’s inception, our engineering team has established successful partnerships with numerous organisations across the United States. When shelter-in-place measures were implemented, our personnel were able to easily transition to remote work by using our established procedures. Our engineers have honed their communication, collaboration, and cultural skills, which not only accelerates product delivery but also improves it. This makes them exceptionally skilled in assisting teams who are new to remote working. To learn more about our experience with remote work, please see our blog post on learning from Finland’s remote work culture.

Rapid Movement Capacity

Organisations must possess the ability to adapt quickly to changing economic circumstances, particularly in the face of the current pandemic and its long-term implications. Works’ software engineering staff augmentation program provides access to experienced personnel immediately. Our personnel are prepared to begin working as soon as they are required, and our systems are designed to provide them with the necessary tools and resources promptly. For more information on our software engineering staff augmentation program, please read our blog post on optimizing the growth of your engineering staff: the choice between in-house workers and third-party vendors.

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