Contribution Plan: Working Towards Closing the Gender Equity Gap in Tech for the Benefit of All

At Works, we partner with our clients to create a positive impact on the worldwide talent pool. By offering financial support and building alliances with organisations committed to elevating the number of women in technology leadership roles, we are making a concerted effort towards this goal.

Here at Works, we appreciate the significance of diversity in propelling an organisation’s success. We comprehend that the software sector heavily depends on fostering an atmosphere that is open towards people from diverse backgrounds and experiences, ensuring everyone feels valued and included.

Instilling hope in the hearts of aspiring talent worldwide

Women’s participation in designing the future is crucial. Regrettably, they only account for 14% of the software engineering workforce. The chosen organisations in this session of our programme will equip women and girls with the necessary resources to enhance their financial outlook and educational possibilities.

Education and vocational experience contribute to one’s knowledge, expertise and problem-solving abilities, without gender bias. Women offer a distinct outlook, role and experience, which allows them to develop an alternative worldview compared to men, offering unparalleled perspectives and comprehensive insights on the subject matter.

Establishing an environment that fosters synergy in the workplace necessitates a proactive approach towards the multifarious factors that shape it. When done appropriately, this empowers software development and engineering teams to efficiently and flexibly tackle any challenges that may arise. Learn more about this by reading our article.

It is essential to promote those who display a talent for their craft.

As such, we have suggested the following non-profit organisations to our clients, allowing them to donate gifts in their name.

  • Young Women in Engineering Programme

  • Coder Girls Programme

  • The Unwritten Rules Programme for Black Girls

  • Women in STEM Programme

  • Women of Latino Descent in Technology Programme

Significant Impact on Advancement of Software Engineers in their Respective Fields

Our Giveback Program was launched with the objective of making a tangible contribution towards the progression of software engineering. This initiative is an ongoing pursuit since we strongly believe that bridging the knowledge and opportunity gaps that hinder the development of women and people of colour in tech is necessary to advance as an industry. Our commitment is to support the next generation of leaders by providing funds for organisations that strive to increase diversity in computer science and engineering leadership positions.

Stay informed on the latest news about these programmes, which are making a significant and enduring impression on individuals globally, prior to the new release.

Explore our continuous efforts to contribute to the community and browse through our past publications.

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