Could 5G Work for Your Company?

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States, the implementation of 5G technology presents numerous advantages, such as enabling medical and municipal resource management, supporting virtual and augmented reality, and facilitating the use of autonomous vehicles. Click on this video for a detailed explanation of why 5G triumphs over 4G technology in terms of benefits.

It is essential for CEOs to understand that transitioning to 5G technology does not occur instantaneously or without any prior preparation. Companies need to take proactive measures to ensure that they are adequately equipped to tackle any unforeseen delays or related issues that may emerge during the implementation process. For those who want to prepare for 5G, this article presents several points that IT managers should take into account while devising their plans.


In light of the diverse array of activities which can be facilitated by 5G technology, it is crucial for businesses to initiate the transition process by evaluating their fundamental needs, especially those of their customers. By adopting this methodology, transition leaders can identify the areas that warrant maximum attention. For instance:

  • Businesses that expend resources on automated processes ought to prioritize the development of artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Individuals who frequently utilize analytics tools should ensure that they are up-to-date.
  • For businesses which dispatch technicians and other staff to render on-site services, the ability to convey information and manipulate machinery from a distance may offer substantial advantages.
  • For companies that suffer frequent network disruptions, it is advisable to investigate whether 5G technology can deliver the desired degree of connectivity.
  • For organizations that rely on remote or hybrid personnel, it is recommended that they evaluate their systems for suitability with prevalent productivity software and hardware.
  • The transition to 5G technology will bring substantial benefits to cloud services, enabling businesses that depend on them to leverage them to a greater extent. As mentioned earlier, this represents a crucial factor for remote teams.

If you are contemplating where to initiate the implementation of 5G, it may be worthwhile to consider the potential return on investment (ROI) and data generation within your organization. These domains could be optimal for establishing 5G coverage.


Given the heightened cost of 5G equipment, many businesses might prefer a gradual transition that leverages both 4G and 5G technologies. It is not essential to choose between the two. Cradlepoint, a networking equipment provider, suggests that companies could invest in “E-UTRAN New Radio – Dual Connectivity” to prepare strategically for the introduction of 5G, while still exploiting existing LTE networks in the short run. In such situations, it is vital to ensure that 5G hardware is compatible with 4G networks.

Lightyear, a producer of networking technologies, has observed that 5G is emerging as a viable substitute for internet connectivity, particularly for secondary network nodes like branch offices and retail locations. Companies contemplating this option should consider the benefits, such as time savings, against the drawbacks, which could include higher costs.

The Skill of Expectation Management

IT executives must ensure that their peers in leadership are adequately equipped to confront the hurdles that may arise when incorporating 5G. Interference problems may initially impede the speed of 5G, making it important to disseminate timely updates on the situation and to establish a plan for when any remedial measures can be implemented to enhance network performance. As part of this, comprehending the use of high-performance radio frequency (RF) filters is crucial. These devices preserve the radio spectrum from unwanted signals and protect network bandwidth.

It is the responsibility of the IT team to apprise senior management about the security vulnerabilities posed by the rising count of interconnected devices. As the number of access points for hackers multiplies, the entire network structure of the organization becomes susceptible to risk. Inventive solutions must be proffered to business leaders to ensure that potential security arrangements do not impinge upon other functional areas of the enterprise.

It is crucial to educate employees about the forthcoming transformations that 5G will introduce to the workplace. As per Forbes, it is imperative for workers to comprehend 5G and how technology can assist the organization in achieving its objectives while also improving collaboration and communication. Through adequate training, teams can become more cognizant of the potential benefits that 5G can offer the company. IT leaders should collaborate with staff to ensure that the new tools are compatible with the current infrastructure.

Organizations that interface with the public must ensure that their customers are apprised of the potential ramifications associated with the advent of 5G. The 5G rollout will not transpire immediately, and hence, consumers will not immediately reap the full benefits of the technology. It is the responsibility of sales and marketing teams to keep consumers abreast of what is forthcoming and when, and to publicize any new products and services that 5G may afford. The implementation of these elements necessitates active involvement from the company’s leadership and IT departments.

Create a Course of Action

To execute a seamless transition to 5G, meticulous planning beforehand is crucial.

  • Areas of proficiency, outlined in the Capabilities section.
  • A comprehensive implementation strategy with a timeline and a delineation of the activities that will transpire at each stage.
  • Determining the individuals responsible for various tasks at each phase.
  • A timeline and financing strategy for procuring any requisite new equipment.
  • Potential hazards could emerge at any phase.
  • Any essential modifications to service provision upon conclusion of each stage.

It is advisable for small businesses to prioritize robust collaborative partnerships with other organizations. As the company expands and the demands of employees become more intricate, ZDNet proposes obtaining the aid of a partner who can assist with device and connection management.

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