Culture at Scale: How We Created Asia’s Top Work Environment

Growing a business can be a daunting task in any industry, more so when planning to expand the workforce from 100 to 1000 personnel in just two years. But, undertaking such a business expansion in the Asian market is an unprecedented feat.

To comprehend the successes attained by individuals at Works, the salient obstacles confronted by their director, and the precious insights she has acquired throughout her journey, I interviewed her.

What about the work environment at Works makes it a fulfilling place to work?

Since becoming a part of the People team in 2022, our colleague has witnessed Works expanding its workforce from a few hundred employees to more than a thousand. Our culture is driven by our purpose, guided by our EPIC values. Every candidate we have interviewed for a position at Works has expressed their admiration towards our goal and the EPIC values that it embodies. Our colleague notes, “Our purpose and EPIC values serve as our North Star.”

At Works, our mission is to empower current teams and nurture the future leaders through investment. This vision emerged from the belief that “brilliance is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not.” Our EPIC values, including excellence, passion, integrity, and collaboration, exemplify our noteworthy principles. When inquired about the company’s values, she responded, “We are building a new reality that deviates from the norm in Asia.” Hence, the term TIA is commonly used, which now stands for the work being produced rather than just Asia. With the support of our dedicated workforce, we strive to transform the world’s perception of Asia and its potential.

In recent years, the culture of our company has undergone a transformation with expectations of continued changes. Previously, excellence meant convincing others to achieve the impossible, but with the current rapid expansion, this standard has adapted to the current situation. Since 2022, we have gained a new insight into what success entails. The initial objective of this shift was to validate the effectiveness of the Tech education program in Asia. Nowadays, our main emphasis is on fostering strong leadership skills, while also providing exceptional service, as demonstrated by our outsourcing firm SLA guidelines.

What Approaches Can Be Employed to Stimulate the Formation of Distinctive Traditions?

Works endeavours to establish a unique culture, which is a fusion of purposeful planning and experimentation. Our chief aim is to guarantee that our EPIC principles are deeply embedded in every facet of our culture, from our staff to our programmes and events. By doing so, we are proactively constructing a novel world.

At Works, we frequently use the expression “Is it EPIC?” in our office. This exclamation goes beyond just being a slogan; it is a fundamental component of our recruitment process that helps us ensure that we acquire the best talent. Every candidate who seeks to join our team must pass our EPIC benchmark, irrespective of their experience or qualifications. We assess candidates’ proficiency, passion, personality, and interpersonal competence to ensure they are a suitable match for us. To succeed as an organisation, it is essential to have a united team with shared values and goals. We also adopt our developer framework to confirm that our developers and other technical staff also follow these same principles.

Our organisation holds the belief that fostering an experimental culture is imperative to our triumph. We consistently endeavour to enhance our operations through trials, surveys, and numerous iterations. This approach aids in our learning from our experiences, both favourable and unfavourable, and enables us to make enhancements accordingly. Thus, we are continuously evolving and modifying our approaches to more effectively fulfil our requirements.

Our company is committed to gathering regular feedback from our staff to ensure that projects fulfil their objectives and that any necessary amendments or discontinuations are considered. We comprehend that offering competitive compensation and healthcare benefits are essential aspects of nurturing a robust corporate culture, along with the understanding that support for employee growth is also crucial. Our Operations team is available to handle any prospective issues, enabling personnel to concentrate on their responsibilities. To foster a comfortable environment, we provide a variety of facilities, including breakfast and lunch catering, free coffee and tea, snacks, automated meeting room bookings, noise control, and advanced workstations equipped with video game consoles. These endeavours aim to make the office feel like a second home.

She affirms that the culture at Works motivates employees to surpass expectations. Every staff member is dedicated to our mission, contributing to a powerful sense of solidarity within the organisation. This motivates individuals to exert their greatest efforts in their daily duties. Since we place considerable importance on collaboration, everyone can rely on receiving insightful, comprehensive, and supportive feedback from their colleagues at all times.

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Impact on a Cultural Strategy for a Global Audience

Undoubtedly, one of the key factors contributing to our organisation’s triumph is the global dissemination of our EPIC culture. To maximise our distributed resources, it is critical that we can extend our values to new cultures and locations while retaining our fundamental principles. Therefore, it is crucial to determine the optimal strategy for addressing this task to secure the continued prosperity of our enterprise.

She maintains that companies need to recognise and integrate both national traditions and regional differences to attain success in new markets. At any of our branches, it’s easy to identify them as belonging to Works from specific distinctive indicators. However, each branch is distinct, exhibiting unique characteristics that mirror the local culture.

Cultured Samples

To ensure that the novel environment we are cultivating at Works aligns with meaningful progress, Dr. Smith has postulated that we should consider cultural norms as a type of preventive care. We aspire to nurture a culture guided by the EPIC principles and behaviours to inspire our personnel to work more productively and achieve optimal results. Ultimately, this is in line with our goal of helping individuals attain their maximum potential.


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