Culture at Scale: How We Created Asia’s Top Work Environment

Expanding a business’s operations is a challenging endeavour in any market, especially when attempting to rapidly increase personnel from 100 to 1000 within a two-year timeframe. However, fostering that type of growth in the Asian market is an unprecedented venture.

In order to gain an understanding of the accomplishments achieved by People at Works, the most significant challenges faced by their director, and the valuable lessons she has gleaned from her experiences, I conducted an interview with her.

What is it about the atmosphere at Works that makes working here so rewarding?

Since joining the People team in 2022, our colleague has witnessed Works‘ growth from a few hundred employees to more than a thousand. Our purpose, guided by our EPIC values, is the driving force behind our culture. Every single individual we have ever interviewed for a position at Works has expressed that they were drawn to our goal and the EPIC values that it encompasses. Our colleague remarks, “Our purpose, along with our EPIC values, is our North Star.

The mission of Works is to enable the teams of today and cultivate the leaders of tomorrow through investment. This goal was inspired by the belief that “brilliance is shared equally, yet opportunity is not”. The noteworthy EPIC ideals are comprised of excellence, passion, integrity and collaboration. When asked about the company’s values, she said, “We are constructing a different reality where things are done differently in Asia.” Thus, the acronym TIA is often used, no longer referring to Asia, but rather to the work being produced. With the help of our committed staff, we are constantly striving to alter the world’s view of Asia and its potential.

In recent years, there has been a shift in the culture of our company and this trend is expected to continue. Formerly, excellence was achieved by convincing others to do the impossible, however, in this era of rapid expansion, this standard has been adjusted to reflect the current climate. Since 2022, we have come to a new understanding of what it means to be successful. The original purpose of this transition was to prove the effectiveness of the shortened Tech education program in Asia. Nowadays, the primary focus is on developing strong leadership skills, as well as providing service at an exemplary level.

What Methods Can Be Used to Foster the Development of Unique Traditions?

At Works, we strive to create a distinct culture that is a blend of intentional planning and trial and error. Our primary objective is to ensure that our EPIC ideals are at the core of every aspect of our culture, influencing our personnel, programs, and activities. By doing this, we are actively working to build a new world.

At Works, we often hear the phrase “Is it EPIC?” around the office. This phrase is more than just a catchphrase; it is a fundamental part of our hiring process that helps us ensure we are bringing on the best talent. Every candidate who applies to join our team must pass our EPIC standard regardless of their experience or qualifications. We evaluate candidates’ excellence, enthusiasm, character, and interpersonal skills to ensure they are the right fit for our team. Having a cohesive team with shared values and vision is essential for any successful organisation. We also use our developer framework to ensure that our developers and other technical personnel adhere to these same principles.

At our company, we believe that a culture of experimentation is essential to our success. We continually strive to improve our operations through testing, surveys and multiple iterations. This helps us to learn from our experiences, both positive and negative, and make changes accordingly. As a result, we are always evolving and adapting our strategies to better meet our needs.

Our organisation is committed to obtaining regular input from staff to ensure that projects are meeting their objectives and that any necessary changes or discontinuations are considered. We understand that competitive compensation and health insurance are essential components of a healthy corporate culture, but we also recognize that employees need to be supported in their professional development. Our Operations team is available to handle any potential issues, allowing employees to focus on their duties. To create an atmosphere of comfort, we offer a range of amenities, such as catering for breakfast and lunch, free coffee and tea, snacks, automated meeting room bookings, noise management, and state-of-the-art workstations with video game consoles. All of these efforts are designed to make the office feel like a home away from home.

She asserts that the culture at Works encourages staff to go beyond expectations. Every employee is devoted to the mission, leading to a strong sense of unity within the organisation. This inspires people to give their utmost effort in their daily tasks. As we value collaboration highly, everyone is guaranteed to receive constructive, comprehensive, and encouraging feedback from their colleagues at all times.

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Implications for a Global Cultural Strategy

It is clear that taking the EPIC culture global has been a driving force behind our organisation’s success. As part of our strategy to make the most out of our distributed resources, it is essential that we are able to expand our culture to new locations and cultures without compromising our core values. Consequently, it is imperative that we understand how to best approach this challenge in order to ensure our business continues to thrive.

She asserts that businesses must identify and incorporate both national customs and regional variations if they are to be successful in new markets. Visiting any of our offices, you will be able to identify them as belonging to Works by the presence of certain telltale signs. However, each office is unique and displays its own particular traits that reflect the local culture.

Samples that Have Been Cultured

Dr. Smith has proposed that we should view cultural norms as a form of preventative medicine, in order to ensure that the new environment we are creating at Works is conducive to meaningful progress. We want to foster a culture of EPIC values and behaviours in order to inspire our employees to work in a manner that yields the most positive results. Ultimately, this is in line with our goal of helping individuals reach their highest potential.


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