Developers that Are Proficient in Ruby on Rails May Expect Competitive Pay in some of the World’s Most Desirable Outsourcing Hubs

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This piece offers an outline of the top spots to outsource a team of Ruby on Rails developers, accompanied by remuneration comparisons and suggested sources to save costs.

What’s the Standard Salary for a Ruby on Rails Developer? Where is the Ideal Place to Hire One?

Several factors influence the salary of a Ruby on Rails developer:

  • The Economic Climate and Situational Factors
  • Level of Expertise
  • The Influence of Tech Industry Growth on Culture and Wages
  • Distinguishing between In-House and Outsourced/Remote Development

In Summary, the Location and Economic Climate

Everyone knows that there are two categories of nations: developed and developing/underdeveloped nations.

The economy and standard of living in several prosperous nations are unparalleled, and as a result, they usually offer higher salaries.

In the economies of emerging and underdeveloped nations, low salaries are common due to the lower standards of living and limited economic strength of these regions.

The salary of a Ruby on Rails developer can differ significantly depending on where they work. To give you an idea of the wage range for Ruby on Rails engineers in various locations, we compared data from Glassdoor and Salary Explorer.

East vs West

Glassdoor and Salary Explorer data show that Ruby on Rails engineers can receive an annual income of more than $50,000 USD in the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

Countries such as Ukraine, India, Brazil, and Mexico have the lowest living costs, with annual incomes of less than $25,000.

Western Europe vs. Central and Eastern Europe

Recruiting Ruby on Rails developers in the United Kingdom, Norway, France, Italy, and Germany can be costly, with full-stack Ruby on Rails developer salaries averaging over $35,000 USD per year in these countries.

Compared to Western Europe, Central European countries such as Bulgaria and Romania have a lower cost of living, and their annual income is less than $40,000.

In Eastern Europe, salaries are much lower, usually around $20,000 per year.

South and Southeast Asia vs. Central and Eastern Europe

According to Glassdoor and Salary Explorer data, Ruby on Rails developers in Central and Eastern European countries typically earn over $15,000 USD each year, while those in South and Southeast Asian countries such as India and the Philippines earn less than $10,000 USD each year on average.

Ruby and Rails development can be most affordable in Asia, especially in the South and Southeast, and Europe, notably in the Central and Eastern regions.

In the end, the choice is yours. Opting for a country in Eastern Europe could be beneficial if having a cultural connection is important to you.

Level of Expertise

If you are a startup seeking to hire Ruby on Rails engineers, expertise is crucial.

For any business seeking to attract investors, having an attractive Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is crucial. In the end, the worth of a company’s MVPs will be deciding factors when it comes to success.

If your product is subpar, investors are unlikely to take a chance on your company.

To avoid this, you need to hire Ruby on Rails developers who have a proven history of developing high-quality MVPs.

As a startup, you may understandably worry about the cost of hiring experienced programmers.

To assist you in choosing a developer who fits your budget in terms of salary and hourly rate, we have analysed pay rates and hourly wages of Ruby on Rails programmers with varying levels of expertise from different countries and regions.

1. This Region of the Americas

Map of North America

Region Seniority Level of Ruby on Rails Developer Avg. Hourly Rates in USD Avg. Salary in USD
North America Junior

2. “Western Europe” is its Counterpart in the West.

Comprehensive Map of Western Europe

Region Seniority Level of Ruby on Rails Developer Avg. Hourly Rates in USD Avg. Salary in USD
Western Europe Junior

3. An Eastern Region of Europe

Map of Eastern Europe

Region Seniority Level of Ruby on Rails Developer Avg. Hourly Rates in USD Avg. Salary in USD
Eastern Europe Junior

4. Asia

Map Illustrating Asia

Region Seniority Level of Ruby on Rails Developer Avg. Hourly Rates in USD Avg. Salary in USD
Asia Junior

Regardless of Your Skill Level, the East is always a Good Choice

The salaries and rates for Ruby on Rails developers with variable expertise levels indicate that working in the East is relatively affordable.

In Eastern Europe, junior Ruby on Rails developers can expect to earn an annual salary ranging from £19,000 to £27,000 or £25 to £35 per hour. As for senior Ruby on Rails developers, their annual salary can range from £17,000 to £21,000, and their average hourly rate can range from £40 to £65 – significantly higher than the starting salary of £12,000 to £14,000 for entry-level Ruby on Rails developers.

In Asia, the median annual salary for junior Ruby on Rails developers is between $8,000 and $15,000 and their hourly rate typically ranges from $20 to $30. For senior Ruby on Rails developers, the annual wage typically falls within the $26,000 range, and the hourly rate is usually between $40 and $60. This represents a significant increase from the salaries of junior Ruby on Rails developers, which range from $19,000 to $26,000.

The Increasing Popularity of Modern Technology

The cost of technology is decreasing as it becomes more widely used. Companies are aware of this trend, which is why Ruby is still regarded as a powerful option despite not being as established as other languages like Python, C++, or Java. With Ruby on Rails, it’s easy to enhance your services, and many of the services you use daily have external APIs to expand their capabilities. We suggest checking out our tutorial on how to create an API in Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails is an outstanding platform for building webpages that are visually appealing and highly functional. The success of this platform is largely due to its unique set of features, collectively known as the Ruby on Rails Gems.

The competition for entry-level roles often compels developers to shift towards a dependable and commonly used technology, which can fuel innovation in that field. However, such positions may lack the necessary expertise and therefore may not meet the desired results.

With the shortage of Ruby on Rails developers, you can be assured that any candidate you choose will be a highly proficient programmer capable of producing reliable Ruby code.

Outsourcing to the West will necessitate paying wages comparable to those in Silicon Valley, thereby increasing your expenses.

The results of the Stack Overflow 2023 poll analysis show that Ruby is an incredibly lucrative technology, delivering valuable market insight.

For startups and smaller companies operating on a tighter budget, it may be prudent to consider hiring Ruby on Rails programmers from the Far East to help control costs.

Comparison between In-House and Outsourced/Remote Programming

We have now come to the final stage of our discussion, where we will evaluate the benefits of in-house development as compared to utilizing an outsourced company or a remote developer.

1. Internal Creation

Developing in-house can be an expensive affair due to the cost of recruiting new employees and providing competitive salaries and benefits such as health and life insurance, paid leave, overtime, pension plans, National Insurance, Social Security and unemployment insurance, all of which contribute significantly to an organization’s overall expenditures.

Recruiting employees, renting office space, purchasing equipment, maintaining infrastructure, paying utility bills, purchasing furniture and other administrative expenses can result in creating in-house being a significant expense.

Several Advantages of In-House Development

  • Complete Design Authority
  • Increased Progress
  • Transparent Information Flow
  • Reduced Incidences of Security Breach
  • Immediate Actions

2. Remote Programming/Designing Offshore

Remote work has become a popular trend, enabling organizations to engage professional Ruby on Rails engineers from any part of the world.

Outsourcing or remote development could be an effective way to minimize expenses associated with recruiting, training and supporting a development team.

Undoubtedly, remote development can enhance productivity levels and produce superior quality products, while simultaneously lowering costs. Moreover, AI and ML technologies can be employed to monitor development, and make required adjustments in case of remote or outsourced development management.

Moreover, the salary of a remote Ruby on Rails developer is lower than that of an in-house developer.

Benefits of Outsourcing or Remote Development

  • Affordable Growth
  • Complete Design Authority
  • Select Your Own Development Group or Team
  • 24/7 Available Help Desk
  • Global Talent Pool
  • Tech Experts of Silicon Valley Calibre
  • Simultaneous Product Development Across Time Zones
  • Fewer Legal Obstacles
  • Flexible Scalability
  • Prototype Phase
  • Moreover,

How to Find a Trustworthy Remote Developer or Outsourcing Partner?

Works is a platform that grants access to the top 3% of developers worldwide. Our team comprises highly skilled developers who have been carefully selected from prominent organizations and tech firms, allowing us to offer you exceptional services.

We recognize the importance of your time and resources, therefore we endeavor to present you with developers within 48 hours of your first contact. This will help you expand your team swiftly to meet your needs.

Works provides a thorough screening procedure for its international talent pool, which includes technical evaluations, video interviews and assessments of communication skills to guarantee the most suitable candidate for your needs.

If time zone or cultural disparities are a concern for you, fear not; we employ contemporary techniques and hire the most skilled personnel from North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

Benefits of Using Works

  • Affordability
  • Efficient Hiring
  • AI-based Automatic Profile Matching
  • Expert Engineers akin to Silicon Valley Specialists
  • Reduced Legal Issues
  • Flexible Scaling as Per Requirements
  • Two-Week Trial Phase
  • Full Design Control
  • Regionally Aligned, Culturally Suitable Programmers
  • Additionally.


Since Ruby on Rails developers are in great demand, their pay is commensurate with the demand. Entrepreneurs who wish to broaden their business and establish themselves as a global frontrunner should contemplate procuring Ruby on Rails development services from Works to remain competitive in the market.

Outsourcing/Remote development, or an equivalent option, can help you take your product development to new horizons and provide similar benefits.

Skilled manpower and cost-effective labor are the prominent reasons for considering the East for outsourcing. For companies seeking to expand their reach globally, Works, as a talent marketplace, offers a comprehensive solution to gain access to a diversified workforce.

Contact our Director of Engineering to discuss the particulars of your project.

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