Developing a Strong Team Culture and a Generous Generosity Among Software Developers

Until recently, corporations have overlooked the two main factors that entice top software engineers: flexible work hours and the freedom to choose their own projects. However, the past year has witnessed a spike in support for this notion, which has been championed by advocates for a while now. Our recent survey of software developers reinforces this stance: talented and self-motivated programmers prefer the ability to schedule their own work hours and determine the projects they work on.

Our team carried out a survey of engineers to understand the elements that contribute to their job satisfaction and professional growth, what they perceive as meaningful work, and the abilities they aspire to enhance. Our results are presented below.

The most significant concern for engineers is the team dynamic within the company.

Our examination revealed a noteworthy difference between the elements that inspire engineers to hunt for new job opportunities and the elements that motivate them to accept such offers. The possibility of receiving higher pay can occasionally trigger the job search; however, whether or not to accept the position ultimately hinges on the worker’s evaluation of the team and culture within the company.

The significance of efficient communication in establishing a solid team dynamic is heightened while working remotely. Engineers require both verbal and written communication to efficiently disseminate information and promote cooperation among co-workers; for instance, issuing written guidelines for a specific procedure.

Works Technical Delivery Manager, Oluwatobi Akinseye recommends that communication must be intensified in a remote working environment. Numerous companies advise their engineers to inquire extensively and guarantee that they possess comprehensive information and knowledge, because complex systems are frequently implemented, which may require some time to comprehend. Therefore, it is crucial to inquire sufficiently and make an effort to be updated.

To ensure that team members are in harmony regarding product road maps and other essential strategic goals, it is crucial to cultivate candid and transparent communication. Moreover, engineering teams that encourage open communication can furnish one another with useful criticism. Insufficient communication can lead to stagnation.

Nowadays, engineers aspire to augment not only their technical expertise but also their “soft” skills

As engineers, it is crucial to regularly enhance our skills and knowledge to stay abreast of the swift technological advancements.

Simon Mbatia, a seasoned backend engineer at Works who has 11 years of experience in Java and other technologies, stated that, “In my opinion, there are two aspects to consider if you want to excel as a software engineer: technical competence and soft skills.” He stressed that, “Apart from becoming adept in the chosen language and framework, one should also possess qualities such as empathy, consistency, punctuality, and professionalism in every interaction with clients and colleagues.”

As per Mbatia, developing soft skills like empathy, consistency, punctuality, and efficient communication is equally important as acquiring technical expertise to attain prosperity in an engineering profession. Therefore, engineers are attracted to companies that value these attributes.

When asked about their preferred learning areas, engineers considered upskilling and enhancing their soft skills on the same level as any other field. However, formal education offered by institutions and universities was seen as the least preferred option. This mirrors broader shifts in the engineering industry, with the importance of conventional education being progressively questioned.

Nearly 50% of the surveyed individuals are searching for job opportunities where they can create an impact and assist others.

The importance of networks and mentoring in the IT industry is beyond doubt. While entrepreneurs in sectors like business and finance might feel uneasy about fresh entrants and choose to safeguard their trade secrets, scientists recognize the necessity of fostering the next generation of talent. Engineers are usually generous and, owing to the industry’s wide-ranging opportunities and the scope of their skills, they are constantly enthusiastic about contributing positively to the world.

Engineers are eager to expand their professional and personal networks, hone their leadership and management abilities, and improve their standing in the industry. Firms that offer engineers the opportunity to publish technical content and deliver presentations at webinars and conferences to complement their salaries can distinguish themselves from their rivals.

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