Differentiating the Great from the Greatest: Interview Questions

It is important to ensure that any new hires you make to your organization are a good fit, not only in terms of their skills and experience, but also in terms of the culture of your company. By recruiting individuals who share your values and ethos, you are more likely to create a team that is invested in the success of your business. Furthermore, a more diverse, creative and dedicated workforce can be achieved by setting out your expectations and values clearly and communicating them to both new and existing team members. This can help to ensure a higher rate of employee retention, which in turn can benefit your company.

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The Issues

By referring to our prior article outlining the key characteristics of an effective remote worker, along with a set of questions to ascertain whether a candidate has these traits, you should be well-equipped to effectively filter out any irrelevant information when making a selection.

Expertise in Technology

In the world of computing, a whiteboard exam is a commonly used method for assessing a person’s proficiency. However, we believe that this does not provide a sufficient basis for evaluating a programmer’s abilities. Someone who has merely memorized the instructions may be assigned to you, yet lack the capacity to think creatively when tackling a task.

It is essential to ensure that the scope of the project and the developer’s responsibilities are clearly defined before any interviews take place. It is important to consider the technical expertise that will be required for the role. Will the developer be required to create new code, or modify existing programs? Will they be expected to deal with customer enquiries or fix any software issues? All of these tasks require different skill sets.

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  • Recount a successful case involving a project you managed. Where did you fit into that triumph?
  • Just describe a moment when things weren’t going as planned on a project. In what way did you cope with that?
  • Do you have experience working in an Agile team? (Or how you build things, if you will)
  • In your prior position, what kind of testing procedures did you employ?
  • How do you normally put up your modules and resources?
  • Please describe the steps you take while investigating an issue.

Harmony with the Local Culture

In recent years, the significance of an organization’s culture has become increasingly apparent, as younger generations look to secure employment with companies that share their values and principles. It is now essential to have a clear understanding of a company’s objectives and strategies, even if it means making changes that some of the more experienced employees may not necessarily be comfortable with.

When discussing culture, there are a number of factors to take into account. The culture of an individual team may be different from that of the organization as a whole. It is, therefore, important to look for an employee who not only shares the company’s vision and values, but who can also integrate into the team’s culture; whether that be through a shared sense of humor or a mutual appreciation for Taco Tuesday.


  • In your present position, what would you say the corporate culture is like? What, if anything, would you alter?
  • In what kind of office setting do you thrive?
  • When would you feel most productive?
  • Give me an example of a moment when you had to multitask like crazy. The question is, how did you manage it?
  • Tell me about the finest and worst attributes your bosses ever had.
  • Your motivation for wanting to work with us.

It would be beneficial to enquire about the organization’s core values. If you value assisting the local community and protecting the environment, it is worthwhile to ask the candidate about their involvement in these areas and the positive difference they wish to make.

Ability to Use a Remote Control

A failure to do so may

There are a multitude of factors that can influence an individual’s decision to pursue a career in working from home. The most common motivation is typically financial, as many people desire to make money, which is why they take on full-time employment. However, even those with jobs that permit working from home must be aware that slacking off and watching Netflix instead of working will be met with consequences; Netflix may be entertaining, but it cannot cover monthly mortgage payments! Despite this, individuals are often resilient, and can find ways to stay productive no matter what distractions they may face.


  • Give us the pros and cons of working from home.
  • At what hour of the day do you find that you are most productive?
  • How do you manage your time and projects?
  • How does your office look like?
  • Please describe an instance of miscommunication that occurred while you were working remotely. In what way did you manage to fix the problem?
  • What is your best piece of advice for avoiding interruptions?
  • When working from home, how do you maintain a healthy work-life balance?
  • What do you do if you encounter an issue that you just can’t handle on your own?
  • In what ways may time monitoring programmes be improved? (You may check out our opinions on it if you plan on using it)
  • Do you recall a situation where a colleague did not understand the implications of what you said? It is possible that they misinterpreted the message that you were trying to convey. Could you please provide me with more details on this incident?
  • What methods do you use to maintain contact with your current or former squad?
  • What are some of the tools you’ve used for managing versions of files?

Allow me to pre-vet

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