Discussion on Work in a Global Ecosystem

Companies such as Works, Knotel, and PowerToFly are making significant strides in expanding the global talent pool, with initiatives that aim to make diverse talent more accessible. For example, PowerToFly has developed the world’s first platform dedicated to connecting successful female tech professionals with businesses. Similarly, Knotel has introduced company-sized workspaces to accommodate geographically dispersed teams. Finally, Works is helping to shape the future of Asian tech by cultivating the next generation of technology giants.

At the outset, we discussed the importance of diversity in the workplace. Three prominent organizations, PowerToFly, Works, and Knotel, are working to promote the representation of women in technology, provide greater access to global talent, and stimulate cross-company collaboration, respectively. Regardless of how an organization chooses to define it, there is a general consensus that diversity is far more than just a benefit.

The panel of experts discussed the challenges businesses face when attempting to employ the best personnel. It is a complicated undertaking to locate and retain such personnel, but the process starts by creating a work environment that caters to the needs of a wide range of individuals. To develop bespoke solutions and compete in the search for top talent, it is beneficial to have the appropriate organizational structure in place to accommodate a remote workforce. In this way, firms have the potential to access diverse talent with the capacity to expand their operations.

At the conclusion of the panel, the speakers expressed guarded optimism about the current status of diversity and inclusion in the digital and political realms. Although there are several challenges to overcome, these can be turned into opportunities if all members of the IT community collaborate to find solutions.

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