Discussion on Work in a Global Ecosystem

Leading companies such as Works, PowerToFly, and Knotel are significantly broadening the global talent pool through targeted schemes to increase accessibility to diverse talent pools. PowerToFly, for instance, has introduced the world’s first platform exclusively dedicated to linking accomplished female tech professionals with companies. Similarly, Knotel has established office spaces of sufficient capacity to support widely-distributed teams. Lastly, Works is advancing the Asian technology sector’s future by nurturing the next generation of technology leaders.

In the initial stages, we emphasized the value of a diverse workforce. Knotel, Works, and PowerToFly are three outstanding enterprises that are committed to encouraging gender parity in technology, expanding the reach of international expertise, and promoting inter-organizational cooperation. While each corporation has its interpretation of diversity, there is widespread agreement that diversity is more than merely beneficial to a company’s success.

The expert panel delved into the difficulties corporations face when recruiting the most qualified staff. Finding and retaining the right employees is a multifaceted process, starting with the creation of a work culture that fulfils the unique needs of a diverse pool of candidates. It is advantageous to have the proper organizational infrastructure in place for a remote workforce to devise bespoke solutions and stay competitive while seeking top talent. This way, companies can gain access to a diverse range of talent with the potential to scale up their business operations.

As the panel came to a close, the presenters expressed cautious but hopeful sentiments regarding the state of diversity and inclusivity in the digital and political arenas. While there are undoubtedly significant hurdles to surmount, these obstacles can be transformed into opportunities with the assistance of all members of the IT community working together to find solutions.

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