Discussions with Tresarti’s Chief Technology Officer on How to Optimize a Decentralized Workforce

During Web Summit 2022, we had the opportunity to interview Alessandro Cavinato, Tresarti’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. Tresarti, a digital tailor that combines Italian mastery with cutting-edge technology to create bespoke shirts for smartphone owners worldwide. Alessandro, along with a team of ten individuals spanning the US, Italy and Switzerland, shared insights on their approach to team building, scaling and remote tools during our conversation.

For effective remote work, the use of suitable technology is crucial

Alessandro emphasises that Tresarti has been successful in maintaining outstanding communication and engagement among team members. One of their main obstacles is coordinating with individuals dispersed across various time zones, which can pose challenges in meeting deadlines. To resolve this, Tresarti employs diverse software selections to manage projects and communication, including Jira to track technical issues and Trello for business affairs. Furthermore, they employ other communication channels to ensure everyone is aligned with one another.

Before expanding your workforce, identify the top performers

For Tresarti, scalability is a critical aspect, and they prioritize finding individuals with the right fit for the company. According to Alessandro, they often begin by outsourcing a specific project to evaluate if the individual and Tresarti have compatibility. Once they have a successful interviewing process, they typically proceed with hiring the individual.

Meet in person and enjoy

In light of the pandemic difficulties, a team of 10 is planning a gathering in Rome to enhance their relationships and have fun. Alessandro conveyed their enthusiasm for experiencing various cultural and leisure activities during their trip. Subject to COVID and limitations, the company aims to hold bi-annual staff gatherings to facilitate connections.

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