Do You Need to Do a Whiteboard Interview?

Managers in both the editorial and IT fields utilise technical tests as a means of evaluating job candidates’ capabilities. Evaluating the writing skills of writers and the technical capabilities of programmers is a fundamental aspect of the hiring process that many job seekers encounter. The first step in identifying the perfect candidate for your project entails assessing their abilities. However, without the appropriate methodology, these assessments may be futile.

As the demand for software engineers continues to rise, the process of sourcing and hiring qualified candidates has become more difficult. Whiteboard exercises have become a popular tool for assessing a candidate’s coding proficiency during interviews. This testing method will likely be familiar to individuals familiar with the tech industry. The Bureau of Labour Statistics has forecasted a 22% increase in demand for software engineers between 2023 and 2029.

As the job market grows more competitive, whiteboard online is being adopted as a beneficial resource for recruiting highly qualified candidates. Nevertheless, some developers have expressed criticism regarding this assessment method. Although whiteboard interviews may seem like a dependable approach for identifying new developers, it is crucial to examine whether this is genuinely the case.

In simpler terms, what is a Whiteboard Meeting?

Whiteboard interviews are a type of technical evaluation in which hiring managers evaluate a prospective employee’s expertise by asking them to develop code for an issue that is beyond their traditional skillset.

The objective of a whiteboard interview is to evaluate a developer’s ability to rapidly conceptualise and resolve issues within a specific timeframe. This procedure is intended to evaluate the candidate’s skills outside their typical capabilities.

The reason why most tech companies employ whiteboard interviews is clear. Now, let’s consider the viewpoint of developers regarding whiteboard interviews. How frequently do you proofread your proposals or presentations for grammatical issues? Unless you are a non-native speaker, this task is often overlooked. Nevertheless, this can be advantageous to you. The same holds true for programmers and engineers.

Is it Possible to Accurately Judge Someone from a Whiteboard Interview?

While whiteboard interviews can be an effective method for assessing programming skills, it should be noted that the algorithms utilised in such assessments frequently differ from those used in complex software development projects. Thus, the aptitudes required to solve coding issues from memory are not the same as those generally utilised in contemporary development projects. Instead, developers often rely on existing libraries and concentrate their efforts on resolving specific project problems or bottlenecks.

It is clear that whiteboard interviews are an inadequate method for determining a candidate’s personality, attitude, or problem-solving abilities. On the contrary, they are practical for evaluating theoretical proficiency in coding rather than real-world experience.

A software developer’s fundamental abilities are unlikely to be retained if they do not apply their code to complex projects. In a hypothetical scenario of a zombie apocalypse, a programmer would probably not resort to writing code from memory, as there exist numerous libraries, open-source software, and online forums available for developers and engineers to leverage in order to resolve their problem.

Alternatives to Whiteboard Interviews

Professional developers consistently work to enhance their abilities through practice. Experienced engineers are adept at finding the necessary resources for completing a project successfully, even if they do not have the exact code memorised.

In addition, an experienced senior developer may not be able to consult manuals to remember coding techniques unless they are hiring a student or entry-level developer. As previously noted, seasoned programmers are unlikely to recall such elementary coding tips. While online whiteboard tests may be helpful in simplifying the recruitment process, they are not foolproof.

Thus, there are limited alternatives that can offer a more precise assessment of a prospective programmer’s talents and competencies if you are seeking to hire an experienced professional.

A Single Project

Candidates frequently find it difficult to code efficiently under the pressure of time constraints. To assess problem-solving and interpersonal capabilities more accurately, assigning a simple project to complete can be a productive method. This allows the examination of not only coding aptitudes, but also time management and overall performance. Moreover, it presents a chance to evaluate their communication skills and the quality of the final product.

Issues with the Testing Process and Bottlenecks

Assessing the candidate’s technical abilities could be more useful by providing them with a project that relates to the IT Department’s current work. Over the last few months, the developer may have resolved some problems and bottlenecks, resulting in increased satisfaction. Comparing the candidate’s approach to the same problems with your own could offer better insight into their potential and capabilities.

Meeting with Technical Experts of the Team, Third Method

Another potential option is to arrange an interview with team members. If the candidate’s performance on projects is satisfactory, their capacity to work with others in the workplace may be evaluated. By creating simulated scenarios, the candidate’s response to requests and their ability to collaborate with colleagues can be assessed.

The Most Efficient Hiring Method

Clearly, a comprehensive hiring process is vital in order to locate the top candidate for your project. The task of discovering new team members can be difficult, thus it is essential to devote sufficient time and attention to each stage, from reviewing CVs to conducting the final interview.

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