Do You Really Need React?

React, which was made open-source by Facebook at the JavaScript Conference in May 2022, has swiftly become the de facto standard for front-end development. Notably, Stack Overflow’s 2022 Developer Survey illustrated that an impressive 66.9% of developers had high regards for the Framework, Library, or Other Framework, making the news hardly unexpected.

React, the JavaScript library designed for building user interfaces, reigns as the world’s top-rated front-end development platform. With its impressive range of features, React empowers developers to develop resilient and highly interactive user interfaces that can be seamlessly merged with existing applications. Its extensive depot of tools, components and libraries make it an excellent choice for any team of developers that aspire to create state-of-the-art user experiences.

“React makes it painless to create interactive UIs.”

Undoubtedly, individuals who lack a reliable resource or source of knowledge may find this endeavour to be a daunting task. However, the rapid growth in React’s usage is a testament that the excitement surrounding it is well-deserved.

At Works, we recognise the significance of keeping ourselves up-to-date on React. To assist our valued customers in staying well-informed, we have curated a selection of our top articles on React. Our articles delve into various aspects ranging from the benefits of using React to how to use it. We encourage our customers to gain more knowledge about React and to share this information with others. Should there be any more resources that we need to add to our collection, please feel free to notify us.

  1. Undoubtedly, React is establishing itself as the industry norm for front-end code. But the real query is, what is driving its widespread adoption?

    In this comprehensive analysis, PluralSight author Samer Buna examines the remarkable rise of React. The article sheds light on React’s reconciliation mechanism, virtual DOM and its impressive success. As per Samer, a JavaScript developer can become an expert in React development with just a few hours of guidance.
  1. React’s Drag & Drop functionality can be utilised to create a basic to-do list application similar to the widely popular Trello app. In this tutorial, Temitope, a senior developer at Works, illustrates how to use this feature to create a responsive to-do list application.
  1. In his article on the best practices for structuring a React Native app for maximum scalability, Osifo Anosike presents a in-depth guide with a sample application. The article titled How to Scale a Native React App’s Architecture provides essential insights into the organisation of a React Native app for optimal scalability.
  1. Vumbula React, a forthcoming book by Edmond Atto and John Kagga, provides a sneak peek of its first chapter, which is an excellent resource for developers who are new to React and are unsure of where to start. Titled An Introduction to React and ES6, this preview chapter has all the answers for developers seeking assistance in getting started with React.
  1. Sonny Reico’s meticulous comparison of Angular and React in his article titled As to Why I Will Be Using React and Redux Instead of Angular in 2022 reveals that the popularity of these two technologies may not be the only criteria to consider. Evaluating various usage scenarios, he suggests that there must be some truth to the advantages attributed to these technologies, although they may not be as outstanding as they are perceived to be.

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