Do You Want to Have Better App Management at Your Company? Create a Marketplace for Company Apps

As your business expands and you invest in the required IT infrastructure, it’s probable that you’re utilizing mobile applications to optimise internal procedures. You may have a range of apps to choose from, including ones for communication, planning, productivity, or monitoring. Depending on the size of your organization, you might even have a completely integrated mobile system.

Optimising productivity through investing in specialised mobile applications for business can be a game-changer. However, it comes with its own set of challenges, including deciding which apps to develop and how to deploy them effectively to the entire workforce. To get the most out of a mobile environment, paying close attention to app management is crucial. Establishing an in-house app store is therefore highly recommended.

An elucidation on the meaning of “Enterprise App Store”.

An Enterprise App Store (EAS) is a centralised database for all mobile applications belonging to an organization, regardless of operating system. This incorporates apps for iOS, Android, and other existing platforms. The EAS’s main objective is to give employees a consolidated location from which they can find and use all approved and commonly utilized business applications.

In order to optimise your company’s mobile environment, an Enterprise App Store (EAS) is a necessary element of any mobile application management plan. This guarantees that employees have direct and unrestricted access to the latest versions of all necessary mobile applications.

An Enterprise App Store might cater to both personal and official gadgets, depending on a firm’s device management strategy. In the interests of security, workers can only utilise mobile phones and tablets approved by the EAS administrator. To access the applications, employees must provide passwords and other authentication techniques if the server also supports personal gadgets (as part of a Bring Your Own Device policy).

It’s worth emphasizing that an Enterprise App Store (EAS) is frequently employed to give access to identical applications for both external suppliers and contract staff. Accordingly, the EAS functions as the hub for the administration, provisioning, activation, and monitoring of all official mobile gadgets, which establishes it an indispensable aspect of mobile device management.

The Significance of an Enterprise App Marketplace for Your Business

Though there are potential gains, setting up an EAS may require considerable time and effort. Some of the most significant ones include:

  • A thorough assessment of the mobile environment and its usage
  • Expense management for app development
  • Dedicated security for organisation-wide mobile applications
  • Extensive information about the mobile app industry
  • The chance to establish beta testing initiatives with the goal of producing optimal software
  • Influence on the internal culture of the organisation

It’s apparent that the adoption of an EAS proffers noteworthy advantages right from the start. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to ensure that the system is developed and executed efficiently, bearing in mind the following factors, for a maximum return.

  • Superlative User Interface Design.

    The EAS must operate seamlessly, possess a user-friendly interface, and offer ample functionality to meet the needs of its target users.
  • Details are mentioned below.

    Your EAS ought to furnish users with comprehensive information regarding the apps you upload, akin to what is presented in public and commercial app stores such as Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Each app must incorporate a preview, description and review feature for users to give their feedback.
  • Notifications and fresh insights.

    Keeping our company’s software up-to-date is crucial, and that’s why an Enterprise App Store (EAS) is necessary. To ensure that users are notified about updates, we must establish an alert mechanism. Additionally, an automated update system should be deployed to ensure that all associated devices are operating on the recent version.
  • It’s compatible with all device types.

    Having uniform devices among all of your organisation’s employees isn’t a prerequisite for the Enterprise Application Store (EAS) to function optimally. Nonetheless, it’s advisable to provide two separate download locations, one for Android and another for iOS, to enable employees to easily and promptly download the appropriate applications for their devices.
  • Stringent guidelines.

    It’s crucial to implement a robust authentication system to guarantee that only authorised users can access your EAS. This ensures the security and confidentiality of your system.

Private or Public App Stores- Which One Should Businesses Adopt?

After reading the above, you might be pondering why it’s worthwhile to invest time and resources into using an EAS instead of releasing your software on either the Apple App Store or Google Play. Although this is an option, it may not be the most favourable one. There are multiple advantages of leveraging an EAS that are not feasible with traditional retail stores.

It’s better to ensure that applications are exclusively available to your own employees (and selected partners, if required). If an app is launched to the general public, it’s accessible to anyone who wants to download and scrutinise it, posing a risk by creating an opportunity for attackers to discover potential vulnerabilities.

The significance of practicality must also be considered. Although discovering the appropriate applications in public app stores might not pose a major challenge, it could be a time-intensive assignment for your employees. Even if an internal system provides access to all of your applications, users may still have to navigate through an extensive system to locate what they need.

When releasing applications to the public, consent is a vital factor to consider. Submitting applications to Google Play and Apple’s App Store necessitates compliance with their stringent processes, which might be arduous and time-consuming, particularly when utilising specialized software. Moreover, Apple imposes more rigid restrictions and necessitates application validation for each update.

Developing your own Enterprise Application Store (EAS) empowers you to exert greater authority over who has access to your applications, how they utilise them, and how they are uploaded and disseminated. This is a significant advantage in comparison to shopping in malls or grocery stores, as it delivers a much more convenient resolution.

The Optimal Option for Governing Business Software

The utilization of an Enterprise App Store (EAS) can be extremely beneficial for business objectives. An EAS enables organisations to exercise greater command over their mobile environment, in addition to determining who has authorisation to access the applications they release. Furthermore, the EAS can be customized to align with the company’s inclinations and the necessities of its personnel.

A corporate app store can offer a more convenient and efficient approach for businesses to equip their workforce with the necessary tools and resources. This can be immensely advantageous for a burgeoning company seeking to enhance mobile management. It’s worth contemplating the potential gains of a corporate app store or even taking the subsequent step and consulting a mobile development company to discuss a personalized Enterprise App Store (EAS) for their enterprise.

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