Do You Want to Have Better App Management at Your Company? Create a Marketplace for Company Apps

If your business has been growing and you have been investing in the necessary IT infrastructure, it is likely that you are utilizing mobile applications to streamline internal processes. It is possible that you have a variety of apps at your disposal, from those designed for planning and communication to those for monitoring and productivity. Depending on the complexity of your organization, you may even have a fully integrated mobile ecosystem.

Investing in specialized corporate mobile applications could be a game-changer when it comes to improving productivity. However, there are certain challenges to overcome, such as deciding which apps to create and how to effectively roll them out to the whole workforce. Paying close attention to app management is essential to ensure the most value is obtained from the mobile environment. For this reason, establishing an internal app store is highly recommended.

An explanation of what a “Enterprise App Store” is.

An Enterprise App Store (EAS) is a centralized repository for all of an organization’s mobile applications, regardless of platform. This includes applications for iOS, Android and any other platforms. The primary purpose of an EAS is to provide employees with a single location from which they can access all approved and regularly used business applications.

Due to the importance of optimizing the company’s mobile environment, an Enterprise App Store (EAS) is an essential part of any mobile application management strategy. Utilizing this will ensure that staff have immediate and unrestricted access to the updated versions of any required mobile applications.

Depending on the company’s approach to device management, an Enterprise App Store may service both corporate and personal devices. For security reasons, employees are only permitted to use cellphones and tablets that have been pre-approved by the EAS’s administrator. To access the applications, workers will need to provide passwords and other authentication methods if the server is also supporting personal devices (as part of a Bring Your Own Device policy).

It is important to note that an Enterprise App Store (EAS) is often used to provide access to the same applications to both contract workers and external vendors. In this way, the EAS acts as the hub for the administrative, provisioning, activation, and control of all corporate mobile devices, making it an essential part of mobile device management.

The Value of an Enterprise App Marketplace to Your Business

While there are potential rewards, developing an EAS may need some time and work. Among the most egregious are:

  • A comprehensive analysis of the mobile ecosystem and how it is used
  • Cost management for app development
  • Specialized protection for company-wide mobile applications
  • Comprehensive data about the mobile app market
  • The opportunity to create beta tester programmes with the purpose of making the best possible software
  • Impact on the company’s internal culture

It is evident that the implementation of an EAS offers significant benefits from the outset. However, it is essential to ensure that the system is designed and implemented effectively, taking into consideration the following factors, to ensure maximal return.

  • Excellent User Interface Design.

    The EAS should function without hiccups, have a friendly user interface, and provide enough functionality to satisfy its intended audience.
  • Specifics are given here.

    Your EAS should provide users with as much information as possible about the apps you upload, similar to what is offered in public and commercial app stores such as Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Each app should include a preview, a description and a review facility, so that users can provide their feedback.
  • Warnings and new information.

    It is essential that our company’s software is kept up-to-date, and therefore we require an Enterprise App Store (EAS). To ensure users are aware when updates are available, we should set up an alert system. Furthermore, an automated update system should be implemented to guarantee that all linked devices are running the latest version.
  • All kinds of devices can use it, since it’s compatible with them.

    Ensuring all of your company’s employees have access to the same devices is not essential for the Enterprise Application Store (EAS) to work as expected. It is, however, recommended to have two distinct download locations, one for Android and one for iOS, to enable employees to quickly and easily obtain the relevant applications for their devices.
  • Strict regulations.

    It is essential to have a secure authentication system in place to ensure that only authorised users can access your EAS. This ensures the confidentiality and safety of your system.

Should Businesses Use Private or Public App Stores?

Upon reading the above, you may be wondering why it is worth taking the time and effort to use an EAS instead of publishing your software on either the Apple App Store or Google Play. While this is an option, it may not be the most advantageous one. There are numerous benefits to utilizing an EAS that are not available with conventional retail outlets.

It is preferable that applications are accessible only to your own employees (and selected partners, if applicable). If an app is released to the public, it is accessible to anyone who wishes to download it and examine it, which can be a risk as it provides an opportunity for attackers to identify potential vulnerabilities.

The importance of practicality must also be taken into account. Whilst locating the relevant applications in public app stores may not be especially difficult, it could be a time-consuming task for your employees. Providing access to all of your applications through an internal system could still require users to navigate a substantial system to find what they require.

When releasing applications to the public, permission is an important consideration. Submitting applications to Google Play and Apple’s App Store requires adherence to their stringent procedures, which may be challenging and require a considerable amount of time to complete, especially when using specialist software. Additionally, Apple applies stricter restrictions and requires validation of applications upon each update.

Creating your own Enterprise Application Store (EAS) allows you to gain greater control over who can use your applications, how they are used and how they are uploaded and distributed. This is a major benefit compared to shopping in malls or grocery stores, as it provides a much more convenient solution.

The Top Choice for Controlling Business Programs

The use of an Enterprise App Store (EAS) can be highly advantageous for business purposes. An EAS allows organizations to have more control over their mobile environment, as well as being able to decide who has access to the applications they publish. Furthermore, the EAS can be tailored to suit the company’s preferences and the requirements of its staff.

A corporate app store can provide a more convenient and efficient way for businesses to provide their staff with the necessary tools and resources. This can be hugely beneficial for a growing company looking to improve mobile management. It is worth considering the potential benefits of a corporate app store or even taking the next step and speaking to a mobile development firm to discuss a tailored Enterprise App Store (EAS) for their business.

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