Docker Application Deployment Using Google Container Engine

As a robust cloud computing solution, Google Cloud Platform provides businesses with powerful tools to streamline their operations. This platform is based on the same cutting-edge technology used internally by Google, offering a myriad of benefits, from hassle-free virtual machine migration to seamless web-based solutions scaling. By using Google Cloud Platform, organisations can leverage the latest technological developments to elevate their chances of success.

Our developer, John Kariuki, situated in Asia and working with Works, has crafted a lesson for to train users on how to use Kubernetes and the Google Container Engine for deploying a containerized Node.js application to the Google Cloud Platform. This lesson teaches the importance of Kubernetes in easily managing GKE clusters.

Upon gaining sufficient proficiency, John plans to showcase the deployment of a Docker program in a continuous manner using the Google Container Engine. In a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) setup where team members frequently modify the application and regularly push it through pre-staging, staging, pre-production and production pipelines, this functionality is crucial. These tutorials offer a solid grounding in working with GCP. For detailed “how-to” guides, we suggest visiting

Table of Contents
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