Dos and Don’ts of Working Remotely, According to Works

Remote work is no longer a passing fad, but a growing reality. Research by OWL Laboratories indicates that almost half of employees surveyed would consider switching jobs if their company reverts to the traditional office-based environment. The positive impact of hybrid and remote working on employees’ job satisfaction is apparent, and such flexibility allows individuals to pursue new prospects, even during volatile financial conditions.

Despite the benefits of remote working, there have been unforeseen difficulties. Workers operating remotely have experienced greater workloads and occasional loneliness, while some women have faced inequitable sharing of domestic duties, as per reports from remote workers.

Most people view remote working positively or are content with it, but a few measures can ease the transition and ensure that your requirements are satisfied.

Outlined below is our list of essentials and no-nos for remote work:


Create a Dedicated Workspace:
To enhance productivity, having a peaceful area, a supportive chair, and a dependable internet connection are crucial. Nonetheless, since personal and professional spaces are often the same, it is not uncommon for the boundary between them to become hazy. Factors such as lighting, temperature, and views, which can aid in concentration, should be worth considering when designing a workspace.

Set Boundaries:
Establishing clear boundaries with respect to yourself, your family, and your coworkers is critical when working from home. Prioritizing your needs and reaching mutually agreed-upon, realistic limits and expectations with those in your life is essential. You may find it helpful to schedule work hours, breaks, days off, and dedicated work periods on your calendar.

Conduct Virtual Meetings:
Meetings must emphasize cooperation, and participants should have their camera on and microphone muted unless speaking to guarantee a streamlined meeting. It is advisable to keep the camera turned on throughout the session unless everyone in the meeting agrees to turn it off, as turning it off may imply a lack of attentiveness, even if it is not the case.

Double-check Communication for Precision:
Remote work provides the luxury of additional time to contemplate emails and text messages before sending them. It is essential to assess the content, grammar, and tone of your writing to maximize this opportunity. Tools like Grammarly or Language Tool could be used to validate the accuracy of your communication.

Consider Cultural Variations:
When operating in a multiethnic or global team, it is critical to be aware of potential communication barriers. Knowing your own communication style and observing how others interact in meetings can help you decide whether to begin with small talk for the first 15 minutes or jump straight into the agenda. When meeting with individuals from foreign nations, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with current events in their country to select appropriate discussion topics.


Avoid Unnecessary Meetings:
Effective collaboration skills in an asynchronous environment, which allows you to work with individuals in any place without the burden of face-to-face meetings, are essential. To realize this, it is useful to take charge of the interaction, utilize the proper platform, prioritize problem-solving, and structure your day to achieve your targets.

Avoid Poor Manners:
Repetitive disruptions or disruptive background sounds can disrupt online meetings. To maintain a productive and professional environment, consider using the “raise hand” feature to speak and employing the chat function in large gatherings.

Avoid Ignoring Emails or SMS Messages:
Efficient communication is critical for success and productivity while working remotely. Without it, misunderstandings and mistrust may arise among colleagues and supervisors. Some employers may prefer a project management software to monitor progress, while monitoring hours is not always necessary. Keeping stakeholders updated and responding to all emails within 24 hours is a good habit to ensure clear communication. It is acceptable to advise if further information is necessary before providing a meaningful response, with a commitment to follow up on the matter.

Acknowledge Time Zone Variations and Adjust to Colleagues’ Schedules:
Creating a remote working culture that prioritizes work-life balance and job satisfaction for all team members requires considering your colleagues’ needs before your own. Prior to scheduling a meeting with a coworker, it is suggested that you verify their availability by reviewing their schedule or sending them a message.

Opting to work from home can be a wise decision for some. Our company has also made the transition to a remote work setting. To achieve success in this distinct environment from a traditional office, it is crucial to establish appropriate boundaries. This may involve recognizing that children and pets may occasionally interrupt video calls or other meetings.

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