Effectively Using Engineers in the Works to Address Both Immediate and Future Improvements

As discovered by a US-based survey in 2022, 20% of Americans offer unpaid care to loved ones. Of this group, 26% claimed they faced challenges when arranging care services for their family members. Works’ Wellthy service is designed to provide tailored and compassionate care to individuals faced with long-term or chronic care needs. Specifically, the platform assists users in discovering suitable care providers, booking appointments, and managing the associated administrative tasks that come with administering care.

In the wake of a successful $35 million Series B funding round, Works’ Wellthy operation was determined to broaden its range of services and enhance existing designs. To achieve this objective, various development teams were assembled to address a diverse set of engineering requirements. The scopes of these mandates ranged from overall system overhauls and incremental improvements to the integration of advanced technologies such as PostgreSQL, message queues, caching, and React, alongside the implementaion of programming languages and frameworks including Python, Django, RESTful APIs, SOA, GraphQL, as well as HTML, CSS, UI/UX, single-page applications, and front-end architecture.

Thanks to our prompt and effective sourcing process, we were able to collaborate with several of Wellthy’s technology initiatives in a matter of weeks. With consistent guidance from Wellthy management, our engineering department was able to bridge any knowledge and expertise gaps present during the development phase, which enabled the swift creation of new teams.

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