Even if Remote Work Is Difficult in Certain Areas, We at Works Are Here to Help

With the coronavirus pandemic leading to a surge in remote work, several outsourced engineering firms have been exposed for their shortcomings. Reports suggest that inadequate provision of portable computer equipment, unreliable internet connectivity, and insufficient security measures have impeded their ability to facilitate stay-at-home orders for their employees.

Businesses across the globe employ millions of individuals in India and the Philippines for customer service and IT support roles. According to the Wall Street Journal, these workers have been directed to work from home amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. However, to enable this shift to remote work, clients must renegotiate or suspend their contracts with these employees.

A recent study by Gartner has revealed that over half (54%) of businesses in India lack the technological capabilities to facilitate remote work for their employees. The concerning aspect of this is that these businesses do not possess the necessary infrastructure needed for remote work, including desktop and laptop computers, dependable internet connections, and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) backup systems.

In addition, there have been reports of certain businesses violating India’s mandatory 21-day lockdown by instructing their employees to report to work.

Works would like to provide reassurance to its esteemed business partners that our technical teams have smoothly transitioned to remote work in compliance with all local regulations. This transition was crucial for the protection of our employees’ well-being as well as the continued prosperity of our partners.

At Works, we specialise in distributed engineering, which makes us well-equipped to handle any disruption to business operations without any disruption to our service. Our engineers are fully capable of working remotely and effectively, thereby ensuring that our projects remain on schedule. Furthermore, our development teams strictly adhere to protocols which guarantee the continuity of our operations by taking all necessary measures to safeguard them.

  • The company provisions all its engineers with MacBook Pro computers, which can be wiped clean remotely whenever needed.
  • Works’ technical departments are backed up by the company’s IT security teams who are available 24/7.
  • Works’ security team is committed to implementing and enforcing any partner-specific security measures to uphold compliance with our internal policies. This is especially critical since our team members are frequently embedded into our partners’ businesses.
  • Works’ engineers are entitled to a stipend that can be utilised to cover expenses such as high-speed internet connection, backup electricity, and any future coworking area available.
  • Works provides optimal practices for distributed development and technical support. Our proficient staff has extensive knowledge of the tools and processes required for remote work. Moreover, to foster teamwork, we ensure that all domestic businesses have a daily five-hour time span during which they can work in tandem with their remote teams.

Works departs from the traditional IT outsourcing model, which generally relies on low-wage employees. Instead, we espouse a distributed engineering approach to provide U.S. businesses with access to highly skilled engineers, irrespective of their location. Our engineers function as an extension of our customers’ in-house development crews, and to optimise this collaboration, we have invested in the necessary back-end infrastructure and business procedures.

The option for outsourced engineers to work remotely can significantly impact your engineering projects. Works offers both short-term solutions and long-term assistance, based on your specific requirements.

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