Experts and Cons of Hiring a Web Developer to Work Remotely vs. Hiring a Web Developer to Work Freelance

When it comes to choosing between a freelance web developer and a remote web developer, what factors should you consider?

With the growing trend of remote work and online commerce, user-friendly interfaces are gaining more significance than ever before. In light of this, you may be on the lookout for a proficient and seasoned web developer. But, the question remains – would it be more economical to hire a freelance web developer or an in-house employee for the role? Would you concur with this evaluation?

Table of Contents

  • What distinguishes a full-time remote developer from a freelance developer?
  • Pros and Cons of Utilising a Freelance Programmer
    • Multiple Advantages of Collaborating with Freelancers
    • Obstacles Faced During Contract Web Design and Development
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing Web Development
    • Advantages of Hiring a Full-Time Software Developer
    • The Drawbacks of Hiring Remotely
  • Examining the Contrasts Between Hiring a Full-Time Remote Web Developer and a Freelance Web Developer
  • Which Option Aligns Better with Your Company’s Requirements?

To sum up, it’s crucial to differentiate between a freelance web developer and a remote web developer during the hiring process. However, let’s begin with the fundamentals.

Could you elaborate on the idea of a remote developer?

A full-time remote web developer is an indispensable member of your team who remains updated on your projects’ progress and performs the same duties as an in-house programmer. The significant difference is that your remote developer isn’t seated in your office.

For those who are not familiar, could you explain the definition of “freelance developer”?

A freelance web developer can work with your team on a contractual basis, typically for a single project. Nevertheless, it’s vital to note that the agreement will play a significant role in determining the type of relationship you will have with a full-time remote developer in contrast to a freelancer.

This post will juxtapose the offerings of freelance web developers and full-time remote web developers, deliberating on the advantages and disadvantages of each to assist with deciding which is more suitable for a specific project.

What Distinguishes a Full-Time Remote Developer from a Freelance Developer?

In the event that your team lacks proficiency in web development, there are two solutions available.

  1. You can engage the services of a freelance web developer, who will construct your website for a fee or hourly rate without requiring you to recruit them full-time.
  2. Full-time remote web developers can be employed to perform the same responsibilities as any other employee.

Hiring a web developer on a contractual basis can be an economical option with few obligations or demands. This setup avoids the necessity of coordinating with human resources or guiding a freelancer through a long onboarding process.

Prior to making a decision, let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of both these setups and determine which is more suitable for your business!

The Pros and Cons of Employing a Freelance Programmer

Freelance web developers are independent professionals who craft websites for multiple customers and receive compensation for each project. Since they run their own operations, they can establish their own hourly rate and take on more customers without raising their workload.

Assessing the pros and cons of such a collaboration is a worthwhile exercise.

Multiple Advantages of Collaborating with Freelancers

Cost Savings

Collaborating with a freelancer on an hourly basis can aid in lowering staffing expenses for your company. Engaging a freelancer removes the need to provide health insurance, retirement savings, and other benefits. Furthermore, freelancers are typically compensated either on an hourly rate or per project, with no need to cover overtime or holiday expenses.

Flexibility and Independence

Since freelancers can manage their own hours and workload, they can be a valuable addition to any team. Their flexibility allows them to handle multiple tasks simultaneously or to adjust to changing management schedules. It is important to note that the company does not need to provide any workspace or equipment; they should only be considered when organizing team meetings or coordinating work.


Engaging a freelancer can be a wonderful option when you require help with a specific aspect of your website but lack access to permanent staff. Most independent web developers tend to specialize in one or a few areas. Since freelancers are usually self-motivated, there is no need to invest in additional training or ongoing supervision.

Difficulties of Web Design and Development Contracts

The idea of working with a freelancer may be appealing at first; nevertheless, there are several downsides to hiring a freelance web developer that may become more apparent over time. For instance, one problem is…

Exceptional Outcomes

It can be challenging to verify a freelancer’s statements about their coding and design expertise from their portfolio. Evaluating a freelancer’s skillset may be difficult, and any shortcomings may not become apparent until the project has advanced considerably.

Determining if a freelancer is utilizing the most current software and hardware, or if they are still using an outdated coding interface or communication app, can be difficult. This may appear to be a minor issue, but it can result in delays in website development, particularly when collaborating with a dispersed team. Instead of focusing on the job at hand, your freelancer may be preoccupied with attempting to learn new software and hardware.

Not Your Employee

It has been established that contracts with freelancers are often based on projects. They are free to select their own working hours, which might result in delays with your project. This could be exceedingly frustrating in terms of managing time and meeting deadlines.

Company culture is vital in ensuring the creation of exceptional output. By fostering an environment of connectivity and inclusivity, employees are more likely to be committed and dedicated to their work.

Freelancers may pose a greater risk as they may not feel as committed to the company, which could lead to lower quality work. When all parties involved in a project adhere to the same procedures and share the same beliefs, progress can be achieved rapidly and effectively.

Trust is a vital aspect of any successful business partnership. Regrettably, some freelance contractors may be untrustworthy and may leave a project unfinished or abandon it entirely.

Minor Changes Only

A freelance web developer may not be able to offer comprehensive support after a website has been launched. Therefore, making modifications to the site after it goes live may be more challenging. This may be particularly difficult if the freelancer has already been compensated for their work on the project.

For a website to gain momentum, it necessitates effort and maintenance. It is the designer’s responsibility to guarantee the website is kept up to date. Without a recognized working relationship with the company, the individual may not have access to the essential post-launch resources.

If changes need to be made to the site, your freelance developer may not be accessible to complete the task at the desired time. This may result in having to locate a substitute freelancer, which can be a time-consuming process. Furthermore, even seasoned programmers may find it difficult to comprehend the code of other developers. Is it truly worthwhile investing the time and resources, which could be perceived as a squander of money?

Search for a Freelance Marketplace

Locating a trustworthy freelance web developer can be a challenging undertaking, particularly if you lack contacts in the industry. To find a suitable candidate, you may need to peruse a freelancing marketplace. These online marketplaces are usually busy, with individuals offering a variety of services for low fees in exchange for positive reviews on their profiles. However, it is essential to keep in mind that you often receive what you pay for when it comes to web developers.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing Web Development

What exactly is the role of a full-time remote web developer?

Upon evaluating the various possibilities, it is evident that appointing a full-time remote developer to design and administer a company website is the optimal choice. With a freelance contractor, the project may be finished quickly, but they will not be a permanent member of the team. Remote work is a distinct lifestyle, so it is critical to consider workplace dynamics, employee benefits, and meeting times when hiring a remote developer. This person will be an integral member of the team and will be expected to comply with the prescribed standards.

The Advantages of Hiring a Full-Time Software Developer


A full-time remote web developer, working for your company, takes on additional responsibility for the organization. This will entail familiarizing themselves with your company’s values, standards, and procedures.

Set of Skills

It is conceivable to gain additional insight into the skills of a full-time remote web developer either prior to recruitment or during their initial employment period. It may also be necessary to offer training in certain essential skills over time. Hiring a remote web developer is a more cost-effective option than employing a local web developer, and if you can locate one with exceptional self-discipline, time management abilities, and proactive reporting capabilities, they can prove to be a valuable asset to your organization, both for the present project and the future.

A Vital Member of the Team

A full-time remote web developer can play a pivotal role in the success of your team. They are readily available to provide any additional modifications, such as website maintenance or new implementations, that may be necessary. The developer possesses a thorough understanding of the company’s policies, regulations, and internal procedures, as well as a wealth of knowledge about the website itself.

Employing an Offshore Web Designer or Developer

Recruiting a remote web developer can be a simple process. At Works, we have proficient headhunters who can promptly find the appropriate candidate for your vacancy. To expedite the process, just provide us with the job specifications, and we will present you with a pool of appropriate candidates within two weeks. Furthermore, you won’t be required to pay until the person commences employment with you.

As per the Duke/CIBER Booz Allen survey, 70% of companies now hire remote workers due to the wider selection of qualified candidates accessible, rather than for cost-cutting reasons. This movement has been spurred by the favorable effects remote employment has had on employee retention, productivity, and commitment.

If you require a website to be constructed, you should reconsider hiring a freelance contractor and, instead, hire a full-time remote web developer from a different country.

The Disadvantages of Remote Recruitment

An Affinity for Other Cultures

Hiring remotely offers numerous advantages, such as access to a larger talent pool. However, there are also various aspects to consider. In addition to potential cost savings, cultural, linguistic, and methodological differences may exist. It is crucial to evaluate the demeanor and personality of a potential hire throughout the recruitment process, as a long-term employee should be someone who can seamlessly integrate with the existing team and has the potential to develop alongside them. Additionally, it is essential to ensure that all appointments and projects are arranged for times that are mutually agreeable.


Maintaining discipline is a vital aspect of ensuring successful outcomes for remote collaboration. Web developers working remotely may find it challenging to sustain concentration and discipline over time, potentially resulting in missed deadlines or subpar quality in their work. In order to ensure that all remote team members remain informed and on the same page, additional effort may be required from the team leader.

Additional Costs

Hiring a full-time remote web developer is an investment in your organisation, as it entails bearing expenses such as salary, leave time, and other human resource-related costs. Despite the initial capital outlay may appear high, it will always be more cost-efficient over time to recruit a full-time worker. This will ensure that the developer can develop with the company and continue to offer valuable insights and expertise.

Let’s Compare Hiring a Full-Time Remote Web Developer to a Freelance Web Developer.

Let’s examine the key differences between on-site web developers and freelance contractors.

Which One Would Suit Your Company’s Needs the Best?

When seeking a freelance or remote worker, locating the most appropriate individual can be challenging. It is important to remember that skilled developers are in high demand and may already be employed, making them unlikely to accept a low salary.

Maximising your time is crucial, which necessitates finding an effective approach to locating qualified programmers without having to search through multiple online marketplaces. Identifying top-tier developers necessitates genuine headhunting. Alternatively, you can engage a team of experienced recruiters to locate the most competent remote web developers for your project. If you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will assign the most suitable developer to your project.

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