Favorite Add-Ons for Visual Studio Code in 2023 to Increase Efficiency

Being a programmer is a challenging job, involving proficiency in numerous coding languages, debugging techniques, and platform-specific knowledge. A small error can cause an entire system to crash, causing immense frustration for developers. In this regard, Microsoft’s release of Visual Studio Code (VS) five years ago has proven to be an invaluable resource for programmers, offering a range of useful features. The development of novel and distinct VScode extensions over the last few years has also allowed developers to optimise their work to a great extent. As a result, Visual Studio Code has become an indispensable tool, empowering developers to work more effectively and with greater confidence.

Let’s Begin… What Exactly is Visual Studio Code?

If you’re in search of a cost-free source-code editor that is perfect for developing and debugging up-to-date web and cloud applications, then Visual Studio Code is the ultimate pick for you. It has been developed by Microsoft and can be used on Windows, Linux, and macOS, making it highly accessible. Moreover, its smooth integration with GitHub is especially advantageous for Git users and is merely one of the plethora of features that have contributed to Visual Studio Code’s prevalence as a text editor in the present day.

Features of Visual Studio Code

IntelliSense is a valuable tool for developers which suggests a variety of possible completions based on the current context, such as a variable’s type, the function that is being called, and any imported modules. As soon as the developer initiates typing the name of a function, IntelliSense will offer a range of potential completions, thereby saving time and reducing the need for manually finishing the task. This feature is supported for all programming languages due to the broad collection of extensions available for each.

When it comes to debugging, facing errors and bugs is a common occurrence, causing significant frustration both in the realm of computer programming and the real world. Fortunately,Visual Studio Code offers a broad range of debugging tools that enable developers to craft error-free codes. It also allows developers to engage with the debugger while their programmes are being executed, making it an incredibly valuable resource for developing successful and efficient codes.

Visual Studio Code facilitates code refactoring tasks, which involve modifying the structure and composition of existing code without affecting its functionality. Refactoring is a fundamental computer science skill for all programmers as it enables them to improve their code without impeding the programme’s operation. To better comprehend this, consider a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting – while adding chocolate chips would make it even more delicious, achieving this without superhuman culinary skills is unfeasible without refactoring.Computer science explains the significance of refactoring further.

The advent of split view functionality has significantly transformed the way developers work on projects. This feature enables developers to view two files in the same window side by side. This split-screen capability enables developers to have different editors open simultaneously while working on the same project, which significantly enhances productivity and efficiency. Additionally, Split Share provides customisable options for the user’s preferred layout, such as vertical or horizontal, ultimately amplifying the user experience by allowing developers to work in the most efficient and comfortable way.

The VS Code Extension Market is an online platform created to provide developers with a diverse array of add-ons to enhance their coding experience. Be it a Python add-on, Language Support for Java, or any other requirement, this platform caters to the needs of all developers, many of which can be accessed free of charge. As a result, with a broad range of programming languages available, the VS Code Extension Market serves as an excellent resource for developers to get precisely what they need.

2023’s Top Visual Studio Code Add-Ons List

Once you embark upon using Visual Studio Code (VS Code), you will soon realise the extensive support its numerous highly useful add-ons offer in streamlining your workflow. Due to the abundance of VS Code add-ons available, it can be challenging to determine which ones offer the most benefits to web developers. However, we’re here to assist you in this regard. By 2023, the following ten add-ons are expected to emerge as the most favoured add-ons for Visual Studio Code:

A Supplementary Bracket Pair Colorizer

When working on large projects with deeply nested programmes, developers often encounter difficulty in locating brackets. To combat this, Visual Studio Code provides an add-on that allows users to designate both the token and the color to be utilized when a match is found, simplifying the process to a great extent. By employing a colour-coded system to distinguish between various types of brackets, developers can considerably decrease the amount of time spent navigating through their programmes.

Live Server

Manually reloading a browser to implement code changes can be a tedious task over time. Thankfully, the Live Server add-on serves as a viable solution by enabling automatic browser updates whenever any alterations are implemented. This add-on is widely appreciated amongst programmers as it significantly enhances their productivity. It eliminates the need for manual page reloading while streamlining the testing and debugging process.

Enhanced Visual Appeal

For developers who frequently collaborate, Prettier is an indispensable Visual Studio Code extension. Irrespective of whether they work independently or as part of a team, it is imperative to maintain coding consistency. Regrettably, working in a team environment can become chaotic when the code formatting is inconsistent. This is where Prettier becomes invaluable: it allows developers to focus solely on writing the code without being concerned about its visual aesthetic. Prettier operates by initially creating an abstract syntax tree from the code, which is then leveraged to generate code in a divergent format. In other terms, Prettier relieves developers off their formatting duties, allowing them to write without worrying about its appearance. So long for now!

GitLens, The Obvious Choice!

The GitLens extension is a game-changing tool for programmers, with many wondering “Where have you been hiding all my life?” The power of GitLens lies in its capability to enhance a developer’s comprehension of source code. For instance, they can easily identify the individual who made changes to a specific section of the code, why they made these alterations, and where these adjustments were made. GitLens empowers programmers to gain an understanding of the repository’s history and development. Additionally, GitLens offers a range of supplementary features, such as:

  • Authorship Perspective via Code – Displays the number of authors and the date of the most recent commit at the top of files and/or code snippets.
  • GitLens’ sidebar facilitates multiple views, comprising of Repositories (allowing users to navigate through Git repositories), File History (enabling users to browse and view a file’s revision history), and Search Commits (enabling users to search commit histories by keywords such as messages, authors, files, etc.).
  • Quickly Implemented New Development markers for lines that have undergone modifications since the last commit.
  • Real-time Gutter Temperature Map labels that indicate the duration duration for which a line has been changed concerning all other modifications in the file and also to the current moment.
  • Strengthening Orders tool that provides in-depth access to repository data including commits, revisions, stash access, and status.

Quokka.js – The Ultimate JavaScript Playground

Quokka.js is presently the favoured JavaScript developer’s playground, boasting an impressive potential and power for prototyping, learning, and testing written in JavaScript and TypeScript. Utilizing Quokka, developers can instantly view the outcomes of their code, as each output is assigned a specific colour. Additionally, as programmers type their code, the runtime values are automatically reflected next to the code in the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This greatly simplifies the pipeline implementation testing and comprehension process.

JavaScript (ES6) Code Snippets – Simplifying Code Writing

The VS Code add-on designed for JavaScript programmers, akin to Quokka.js, provides a variety of features to boost and simplify the programmer’s workflow. The add-on integrates a minimal library extension that bundles all standard JavaScript functions, allowing the programmer to display the entire code written in the editor by using a shortcode. Additionally, the add-on has support for HTML, React.js, and TypeScript, including class optimizers, method triggers, and export/import capabilities. As such, it is an excellent choice for JavaScript programmers seeking to enhance their coding experience.


This add-on offers an automated code formatting service that helps maintain consistent coding standards for teams. It shares similarities with Prettier but also provides some distinctive advantages. For instance, EsLint is designed to notify programmers when errors are encountered in their code and offer possible solutions to the problem. Additionally, it can identify and flag any violations of code quality protocols, such as ‘no-unused-vars’, ‘no-implicit-globals’, and ‘no-extra-bind’.

Chrome’s Integrated Debugger – Simplifying Debugging in JavaScript

Experiencing significant frustration while debugging to locate errors is a common occurrence for developers. After investing a significant amount of time and effort in completing a project, discovering any overlooked flaws can be incredibly disheartening. This frustration is akin to feeling after completing a large jigsaw puzzle, only to realize that some pieces are out of place. Thankfully, Chrome’s debugger is an impressive tool for developers that can help save time. This add-on helps identify the exact lines and functions of code that are causing the problem, thus making it an essential tool for developers.


Live Share is a valuable inclusion to any development workflow, particularly when collaborating with other developers while editing code. When two developers take part in a shared session, they can both make necessary coding changes, access the same server, and participate in debugging sessions simultaneously. Our real-time collaboration add-on has been highly beneficial in facilitating effective collaboration among remote development teams.

Project Manager – Managing Projects with Expertise

The Project Manager is the third crucial position for developers. This add-on is highly recommended for individuals who juggle multiple projects simultaneously, as it enables them to switch smoothly between various projects without having to close or open additional windows. The add-on is also efficient in detecting Git, Mercurial, or SVN repositories automatically.

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