Favourite Productivity-Boosting Tools for React Native Developers

React Native is gaining popularity among businesses due to its swift development turnaround, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. Developers are also drawn to this platform owing to its capacity to produce top-tier apps in a compressed timeframe. In this blog, we will look at various React Native resources engineered to facilitate developers in their tasks, by boosting efficiency and easing the process.

It is the benefits of using a React Native tool for development that appeal to programmers.

By employing a React Native tool, a software developer can enjoy multiple benefits. Access to cross-platform editors, text editors, static code analyzers, and other functionalities can increase efficiency, decrease errors, and simplify development processes.

Leading Resources to Construct Mobile Apps through React Native

Find the best React Native resources here to initiate, expand, and wrap up your next development project.


Atom is a text editor that works across multiple operating systems, such as Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux. It provides a range of functionalities, such as appealing themes, integrated package management, platform-agnostic editing, and intuitive autocompletion. Moreover, Atom’s numerous open-source packages empower developers to personalise the editor in keeping with their distinct requirements and inclinations.


Using Nuclide, an extensively adaptable integrated development environment (IDE), developers are empowered to upgrade the quality and functionalities of their projects. Equipped with a debugger, task runner, remote development, and health statistics, Nuclide’s various tools operate together to craft software that can keep pace with the evolving requirements of users.

The most recent iteration of this software supplies multiple additional functions engineered to expedite development, including error reporting, “jump to definition” button, and auto-completion. Moreover, it presents inherent support and a vast, dynamic community of developers, both of which are priceless when unanticipated roadblocks emerge.

Superb Text Editor

This text editor is an ideal choice when operating on a React project. Its features include code, prose and markup modification, extensive plugin library furnished by the community for supporting several languages, and the capacity to fashion mobile apps that are responsive and cross-platform compatible. Additionally, this code editor contains an API for Python and plugin integration functionalities.

Robust Code Editor

Dubbed as VS Code, Visual Studio Code is a potent code editor that backs a range of programming languages. It makes an excellent tool for beginners, featuring configurable snippets, bracket completion, code folding, and more. Additionally, the scope of Visual Studio Code is expandable through extensions that permit users to include themes, languages, code analysis, and various other extensions.


Expo is an all-inclusive, open-source solution that facilitates the development of native mobile applications for Android, iOS and the web using React and JavaScript. Developers can quickly create such programs by employing this software, which provides a solitary, comprehensive codebase that permits deployment across multiple platforms. Expo also supplies a suite of various development tools, exhaustive documentation, discussion channels, and a Slack channel to foster ease-of-use. Additionally, Expo utilises an accelerometer that is especially receptive and can detect even the slightest alterations in acceleration.

Expo enables swift and effortless publishing of updates from any device, irrespective of the underlying platform, by utilising the available APIs for that device. Moreover, this software can be applied to quicken service, sharing, building, and publishing processes.


ESLint is an advanced, static code analysing software that assists in swiftly and effectively identifying problems and discrepancies within the JavaScript code. This tool, deemed one of the most favoured debugging tools, examines code structure and syntax whilst also evaluating code quality and conformity. ESLint’s customized configuration is one of its appealing features, providing developers with the ability to tailor their set of regulations to meet their project’s unique requirements. This flexibility makes it an incredibly versatile tool that can be moulded to a wide range of projects and situations.

ESLint is explicitly fashioned to be compliant with the latest ECMAScript specifications, including any new specifications that produce experimental syntax. Furthermore, transpilers or plugins can still process JSX or TypeScript code.


Flow is a static type checker for JavaScript that supports developers in recognizing and correcting potential syntax issues before executing code in the browser. Flow offers developers an efficient debugging tool that facilitates rapid and accurate code writing, supplemented by a customisable type interface and prompt responses. Moreover, Flow’s static type annotations provide programmers with an expeditious and convenient approach to detecting bugs and other concerns in their code.


Jest is a testing tool that significantly simplifies and expedites unit testing in JavaScript. This tool is compatible with a variety of frameworks and languages, including but not limited to, React Native, React, Node, and TypeScript. No configuration is required, making Jest one of the most efficient React Native development tools. Jest streamlines the testing process and also comes with built-in code coverage reports, without requiring additional library support. Another added advantage of utilising Jest is the support for snapshot testing, which further works to refine the verification process.


NativeBase is a recommended option to create an adaptable and compelling user interface (UI). This open-source collection of components is intended to assist developers in producing native Android and iOS applications without re-writing their existing software. It comprises generalised components for React Native, facilitating the use of UI components that are consistent across multiple platforms, hence enhancing proficiency.

Vim Editor

Vim Editor, a robust and lightweight text editor, is exceptionally fast and can efficiently detect mistakes. This software is distinct because it does not necessitate the use of drop-down menus or mouse control, making it an excellent choice for developers seeking a highly customisable Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for text editing purposes. Vim Editor is worth considering.


Reactotron is a powerful software tool designed to aid React Native development and is supported by Windows, Linux and Mac Operating Systems. Reactotron grants developers with extensive tracking capabilities, which enables them to monitor dispatch tasks, application statuses, and other activities in real-time. Moreover, Reactotron supports event monitoring and provides a visual overlay to visualise dispatch actions, making it a highly valuable tool for React Native developers.

Instant-Response Navigation System

React Navigation has been created to aid developers in managing multiple views in mobile applications. It is an easily customizable and efficient solution, intended to simplify the programmer’s workload. React Navigation is a robust navigational tool, which operates effectively in both iOS and Android through its compatibility with tabbed and stack navigation patterns. In a nutshell, this tool is uncomplicated and effective, able to facilitate the seamless navigation of mobile apps.

Concluding Thoughts

To aid you in selecting the finest React Native utility, we have compiled a comprehensive list of some of the most valuable resources within the React Native ecosystem. This framework is vastly popular when it comes to creating mobile applications, and the market is saturated with various tools that facilitate the development, testing, and overall use of native applications for the platform. React Native emerges as as one of the best favourites in this regard.

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