Favourite Productivity-Boosting Tools for React Native Developers

Due to its short development cycles, high levels of productivity, and cost-efficiency, React Native is becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses. Developers also enjoy working with this platform due to its ability to help them create high-quality applications in a short amount of time. In this article, we will explore a selection of React Native tools designed to make the job of developers easier and more efficient.

The advantages of using a React Native tool for development are what attract programmers to it.

A software developer can reap a variety of advantages from using a React Native product. These potential benefits can include access to cross-platform editors, text editors, static code analyzers, and more. Such features can help to streamline development processes, increase efficiency, and reduce errors.

Top-Rated Tools for Building Mobile Apps with React Native

Find the finest React Native tools here to kick off, expand, and wrap off your next development project.


Atom is a cross-platform text editor that is available for use on a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux. It offers a wide range of features and capabilities that are sure to appeal to users, such as attractive themes, integrated package management, cross-platform editing, and intelligent autocompletion. Furthermore, Atom’s numerous open-source packages enable developers to customise the editor to suit their specific needs and preferences.


Developers have the opportunity to improve the quality and functionality of their projects through Nuclide, a highly customizable integrated development environment (IDE). Nuclide comes equipped with a range of essential tools such as a debugger, remote development, task runner, and health statistics, all designed to work in tandem to create programs that can keep up with the expanding demands of users.

The latest version of this software provides a range of additional features designed to facilitate development, such as auto-completion, inline error reporting, and a “jump to definition” button. Furthermore, it comes with integrated support, as well as the backing of a large, vibrant community of developers, both of which are invaluable when unexpected difficulties arise.

Magnificent Text

When working on a project that requires the use of React, a great text editor to utilise is this one. It boasts a range of features such as the ability to modify code, prose, and markup, in addition to incorporating a wide variety of plugins crafted by the community that enable it to be compatible with multiple languages. Furthermore, it offers programmers the convenience of creating mobile applications that are highly responsive and cross-platform compatible. This code editor also offers a Python Application Programming Interface (API) and the ability to integrate plugins.

Substantial Code Editor

Visual Studio Code (also known as VS Code) is an effective code editor that supports a variety of programming languages. It is a great resource for those just beginning with programming, featuring customizable snippets, code folding capabilities, and bracket completion. Furthermore, the functionality of Visual Studio Code can be further enhanced with extensions which allow users to incorporate additional languages, themes, code analysis, and more.


Expo is a comprehensive, open-source software solution that allows developers to easily create native mobile applications for the web, Android, and iOS using React and JavaScript. This platform is designed specifically to enhance the development process by providing a single, unified codebase which can be deployed across multiple platforms. Additionally, Expo offers a range of development tools, comprehensive documentation, discussion boards, and a Slack channel to further facilitate usage. Furthermore, its accelerometer is particularly sensitive, enabling it to detect even the slightest changes in acceleration.

Using Expo, it is possible to quickly and easily publish updates from any device, regardless of the underlying platform, by taking advantage of the APIs available for that particular device. Additionally, Expo can be used to facilitate service, sharing, building, and publishing.


Using ESLint, a powerful static code analyzer, problems and inconsistencies in JavaScript code can be identified quickly and efficiently. One of the most popular debugging tools, it not only checks the quality and conformity of code, but also examines the structure and syntax. What makes ESLint particularly attractive is its customizable nature, allowing developers to customise their own set of rules and tailor it to their specific project. This makes it a highly versatile tool that can be adapted to a range of different projects and scenarios.

ESLint is designed to be compatible with the most recent ECMAScript specifications, as well as any experimental syntax that is generated from newly created specifications. Additionally, code written using JSX or TypeScript can still be processed using a transpiler or a plugin.


Flow is a JavaScript static type checker designed to help developers identify and eliminate potential syntax errors before their code is executed in the browser. Flow is an effective debugging tool that enables programmers to write code with greater speed and accuracy while benefiting from features such as a customizable type interface and immediate responses. Additionally, Flow’s static type annotations provide programmers with a fast and convenient way to detect bugs and other issues in their code.


Unit testing in JavaScript is made much more efficient and straightforward with the use of Jest. This testing tool is compatible with a variety of frameworks and languages, including React Native, React, Node, and TypeScript. No configuration is required, making Jest one of the most effective development tools for React Native projects. Testing is made easier with Jest and it also has built-in code coverage reports that do not require any additional library support. An additional benefit of using Jest is the support for snapshot testing which helps to streamline the verification process.


If you are looking for an effective and versatile solution to create a user interface (UI), consider NativeBase. It is an open-source collection of components designed to help developers to create native Android and iOS apps without having to rewrite them. This is achieved by providing generic components for React Native, which makes it easier for developers to use UI components that are compatible across multiple platforms, thus increasing efficiency.

Editor Vim

The Vim Editor is a powerful yet lightweight text editor that is incredibly fast, making it easy to spot mistakes. It doesn’t require the use of drop-down menus or a mouse for control, making it an ideal choice for developers who prefer a highly customizable Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for text modifications.


Reactotron is an effective tool for React Native development, specifically designed to support Windows, Linux, and Mac computers. It provides developers with comprehensive tracking functionalities, allowing them to observe dispatch operations, application statuses, and more in real-time. Furthermore, Reactotron also enables developers to monitor events and visualise dispatch actions with the help of visual overlays. These features make it a valuable asset for React Native developers.

A Navigation System That Can Instantly Respond

The development of React Navigation was intended to make the work of programmers easier. This utility is designed to provide a straightforward and adaptable solution to the challenge of efficiently managing the multiple views often inherent in mobile applications. React Navigation is a powerful navigational aid that is compatible with the tabbed and stack navigation patterns utilised by both iOS and Android. In summary, React Navigation is a simple yet effective tool that facilitates the smooth navigation of mobile apps.

Final thoughts

In order to assist you in selecting the best React Native utility, we have created a comprehensive list containing some of the most valuable resources within the React Native ecosystem. React Native is a widely favoured framework for creating mobile applications and there are numerous tools available to help with the development, testing, and general use of the platform’s native applications.

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