Finding a Skilled Programmer in 2 Weeks

Despite our utmost endeavours to keep our top-notch programmer, such as raising her salary and offering compelling incentives, including agreeing to pick up her morning coffee en route to the office, she has chosen to explore other possibilities. We are saddened by her departure, however we honour her decision and extend our well-wishes for her future ventures.

Please do not worry; you have an entire month to find an appropriate successor once the current employee has given their notice period. We should have recruited the right candidate by the end of this week and the soon-to-depart employee can train them, minimising any disturbance to regular activities. Be assured that everything will fall into place. Take a deep breath and stay composed.

Although there is a slight delay in recruiting a replacement, the current median time taken to appoint a new employee is 26.5 days. This implies that even if we initiate the process without delay, the new employee would only work for a few days, which is unlikely to yield the intended results.

Do not worry; relax and leave this in our competent hands. We can recruit an exceptional candidate who will not only meet but surpass your expectations within a fortnight. Recognising your legitimate concerns, we are happy to clarify the process. Here’s how it works:

If You Require the Services of a Developer, Simply Inform Us.

By reaching out to us, one of our exceptional experts will be pleased to converse with you about your prerequisites. So as to gain a comprehensive perception of your organisation’s ethos and necessities, we will request a series of questions. We will continue our discussions until we have a complete understanding of both the necessary proficiency for the position and the characteristics of an individual who would blend in seamlessly with the team.

Here at Works, we recognise that the details of your prerequisites regarding remote working are as crucial to you as they are to us. Do you require your employees to log a particular number of hours each week? Additionally, which country’s national holidays must be observed if any of your remote workers are located abroad?

Our session will end with a lucid image of your preferred developer, enabling us to progress to the subsequent phase, which is…

We Are Currently Conducting a Global Talent Hunt

As most of the employees surveyed have evinced interest in remote working, we receive frequent requests to assist them in discovering a suitable job. Our roster of potential candidates serves as an outstanding launching point, but we do not stop there. In our endeavours to help our clients discover the ideal job opportunity, we always try to go beyond the norm.

At Works, we are dedicated to discovering the ideal candidate for your vacancy. To accomplish this, we will utilise the headhunting technique, specifically targeting individuals having relevant qualifications and experience to fulfil the demands of the position. Be assured; we will not be sending you any detached heads!

After receiving all the applications, we meticulously scrutinise them to verify that they fulfil the prerequisites. Our technical team is chosen on the basis of their technical expertise and their ability to render successful outcomes while working remotely. After that, we will schedule a discussion to confirm whether their expectations are in sync with yours. If they are, they will be considered for the final phase of the recruitment process.

The Ultimate Decision Still Rests with You

After being inundated with countless resumes, the anxiety of having to replace the star programmer is gradually subsiding. Now, it is the opportune moment to begin acquainting yourself with the prospective new team members by conducting interviews.

Here at Works, we are committed to assisting you in discovering the best candidate for the job. To assist you in this process, we provide the service of arranging video sessions with prospective candidates who have already passed our thorough screening procedures. This allows you to concentrate on getting to know the candidate on a personal level and evaluating their potential contributions to the team.

Generally, our clients may confer with various persons before arriving at their ultimate decision. If you are uncertain about what to inquire, then don’t fret – we have some suggestions for you. When the moment arrives, you can count on us to handle all the difficult work on your behalf.

We Manage All the Tedious Tasks

At Works, we comprehend the disruption that personnel changes can cause and the ramifications they can have on team management and project completion. To aid you in overcoming the transient issues related to such changes, we engage in other activities that will enable you to swiftly resume normal operations.

At Works, we will oversee the arrangement of contracts and ensure that all pertinent individuals are offered the opportunity to sign them. Additionally, we will create a cordial atmosphere for your remote developer, so that they feel like they are a part of the team. We can also handle payments and convert necessary currencies. With our vast experience in this field, you can be assured that we possess the requisite expertise to manage these tasks. This will enable you to devote all your concentration to the work at hand.

That’s All You Need to Do

In approximately two weeks, a new remote developer will be joining the team to replace the much-admired previous employee. To ensure a seamless transition and prevent any disruption to the project timeline, it is vital that the new hire is introduced in the most effective way possible. In no more than three weeks, you should have a comprehensible understanding of the new developer’s abilities and how they compare to their predecessor in terms of skill and excellence. Do you have any information about the previous holder of the post?

Does it sound good? Contact us immediately to have a new employee commence work in roughly 14 days!

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