Finding and Hiring a Skilled Full Stack Developer

It is evident that you have a well-thought-out concept. The process is now underway, with each team making progress using your guidance. Our marketing, content, and sales teams are ready to launch. However, an important element is missing; an integral part of creating the new online product. As suggested by the headline, we are in need of a full stack developer. Here are some tips on how to find a suitable candidate.

Let’s make a list of what you may expect before we go any farther. The following FAQs will be addressed in this article.

  • In what ways do full-stack developers contribute to a company’s success?
  • Why is it advantageous to employ a multi-skilled developer?
  • What are some desirable traits in a full stack web developer?

If you are aware of the duties and advantages of a full stack developer for your organization, locating the suitable one to hire should be straightforward. Until now, we have been stalled.

When asked what they do, people often want to know about “full stack” developers.

It is likely that many of our readers are aware of the role of a web developer, however, they may be unfamiliar with the role of a full stack developer. At Works, our IT recruitment team are well-versed in this area. The phrase ‘full stack developer’ may be confusing, creating an image of an advanced alien from the movie Avatar, with an unfamiliar language. While this is partially accurate, the only difference is that a full stack developer is not blue.

A Full Stack Developer is an individual with the expertise to develop both server and client applications. This includes both front-end and back-end frameworks, enabling them to take on any task related to your website or app. Not only are they adept at creating these applications, but they are also able to fix any issues that may arise.

This is what a full stack developer can achieve for you:

  • Create the underlying code for anything.
  • Build the user interface using HTML or JavaScript.
  • Produce validation test code for the app.
  • Make database queries and fix any bugs they may have.
  • You should monitor how well the user interface is working.
  • Eliminate errors via testing and maintenance.

It is evident that having access to a Full Stack Developer would be a great benefit to your company. However, one could also find specialised workers to do each of these functions. So, why is it preferable to employ a single person to do the roles of multiple specialists, rather than having a team of specialists? Having a Full Stack Developer simplifies many issues, as they are able to work across all the layers of the stack.

The advantages of employing a full stack developer are discussed.

My former school friend has achieved great success in the city as a ‘one man band’, proving to be a multi-instrumentalist, capable of playing guitar, harmonica and piano at the same time. It is likely that he not only played the guitar and sang, but also wrote the music and created the musical concepts for his performances. He would often take matters into his own hands during concerts and find innovative solutions to overcome any issues that arose.

A software developer who is experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of software development can handle the job independently. You can be confident that we will provide comprehensive support from the initial stages through to completion and beyond.

Other advantages of employing a full stack developer include:

  1. Adaptable is the hallmark of a Full Stack Developer.

    A Full Stack Developer possesses a comprehensive understanding of both front-end and back-end programming, enabling them to comprehend the requirements of the customer and provide pertinent solutions. Furthermore, due to their ability to work autonomously, full-stack developers are not a restricted resource. They can identify with the customer’s perspective and provide a viable solution.
  2. It’s safe to assume that a full stack developer has more industry experience than a whole tea

    A Full Stack Developer possesses comprehensive expertise in both the back and front end of development, granting them a differentiated perspective and the capacity to add greater value. They have the potential to increase the efficiency of a project and contribute valuable insights which will improve the value of the final product or service.
  3. A Full Stack Developer Can Represent Your Business Externally.

    The project would not have been possible without the hard work of the full-stack engineers. From the very beginning they worked to build the project from the ground up, and their presence is invaluable when it comes to the public’s perception of the company. Furthermore, they can provide a public face for the company and are knowledgeable about all aspects of the project, having created the entire universe.
  4. Paying for a Full Stack Developer Is Not Going to Break the Bank

    Hiring a full-stack developer can save businesses money by reducing the need to rely on multiple developers. A full-stack dev can take on the responsibility of several developers simultaneously, thereby avoiding the need to throw money around to source various specialists.
  5. A Full Stack Developer may work from anywhere and is far more efficient than the average programmer.

    The efficiency of a single full-stack engineer or a team of developers is unparalleled due to their broad technical and procedural knowledge. This eliminates the need for unnecessary meetings and group work. As these engineers can work remotely, productivity is increased without sacrificing quality. To summarise, a full-stack engineer or team of developers have all the skills and abilities necessary to deliver the best results in a short amount of time.

Having identified the advantages of employing a full stack developer, it is now time to consider the criteria for selecting a suitable candidate.

What a Full-Stack Web Developer Needs to Know

When looking for a full stack developer, it is important to ensure they possess the necessary technical abilities to meet your requirements. Though it may be tempting to opt for a self-proclaimed “full stack” developer, not all of them will be able to provide the services you need. Finding a suitable remote developer can be challenging, but with the right research it is possible. To help you in this process, we have compiled a list of technical abilities necessary for a full stack developer.


The use of Git is essential. Having a GitHub profile is advantageous. To assess a developer’s overall capabilities, this is the ideal metric to use.

Formatting Languages: Cascading Style Sheets and HTML

HTML and CSS are used to format web page content, enabling user interaction with the UI and UX. An understanding of advanced technologies, such as AngularJS, Bootstrap and Jquery, demonstrates an individual has significant experience in web and app development.


Server-side code may be written in JavaScript. When hiring a full-stack developer, make sure they have solid JavaScript skills.

Methodologies and Languages for Back-End Development

A full stack developer should be proficient in languages such as Ruby, PHP, and Python in order to effectively manage user authentication and database tasks. It is also essential to have knowledge of frameworks like Laravel for PHP, .Net for C#, and others to build applications.

Data Management and Storage Online

An experienced full stack developer should be conversant with.

  • Database management solutions like MySQL or another reputable alternative.
  • Information storage that doesn’t waste time or space.
  • Planning the database structure.

Extra abilities

A proficient knowledge of web servers such as Apache and Nginx are essential for a Full Stack Developer. The ideal candidate should also have experience with operating systems such as FreeBSD and Ubuntu and be familiar with the challenges of server security.

It is essential to look for qualities which will enhance the successful completion of the project, in addition to the technical skills required. It is not sufficient to merely hire someone with strong technical knowledge, if they lack the managerial capabilities necessary. A test should be conducted to assess the technical capabilities of applicants.

Besides the aforementioned technical abilities, you should also consider the following:

  • It is important for employees to be willing to work remotely. The impact of the pandemic has been significant, and if the reports of unidentified flying object sightings are to be believed, we are aware of what extraterrestrial forces are capable of. Therefore, it is prudent to minimise potential risks.
  • Candidates must have a sincere enthusiasm for their job. Full stack developers face immense responsibility, and they must be willing to take on the challenge and embrace the role of a hero.
  • It is important to be open to new information and to seek out colleagues who are willing to learn and consider new ideas. Surrounding oneself with people who are unwilling to learn or accept new perspectives can be limiting.

Here Are the Top 5 Interview Questions for Full Stack Developers

Here are five essential questions to ask a full stack developer candidate to see whether they are a suitable fit for your team.

1. Why do we need pair programming?

Two programmers working together on a single terminal are referred to as ‘pair programming’, with one programmer acting as ‘driver’ and the other as ‘navigator’, responsible for reviewing the code.

2. How dissimilar are REST and GraphQL, exactly?

A key difference between REST and GraphQL is that in GraphQL, the resource type and the method for obtaining it are independent. This means that the way in which the resource is retrieved does not affect its description.

3. How will you optimize a website to make it more efficient and scalable?

A full stack developer may enhance a website in several ways:

  • To stay away from URL re-directs.
  • Trying not to think about any pictures.
  • DNS lookups are being sped up.
  • Using the srcset attribute to achieve responsive image behavior.
  • It is essential that assets be hosted on a cookie-free website.

4. What is the meaning of CORS?

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is an acronym for a method which facilitates access to content from multiple domains. Through the use of CORS, web scripts can now incorporate content from a primary domain and other domains, thus improving the integration of online services.

5. Why do we use the Bridge Pattern?

The Bridge Pattern is used to separate an abstraction from its implementation. This approach utilises an interface as an intermediary to allow access to the functionality of concrete classes, without relying on the classes that implement the interface. This enables changes to be made to one class without impacting the other.

Invest in a Skilled Full-Stack Programmer

Now that you are aware of the benefits of hiring a full stack developer, you may be wondering what infrastructure is necessary to support this. Remote working is the standard practice for organisations, not only in the field of full stack development, but for any role which does not require the physical presence of the employee, except in exceptional circumstances.

Remote work has become increasingly popular due to its numerous advantages. For example, what if a full stack developer only needed one laptop, rather than several? Furthermore, you would not have to pay for any additional expenses that they would incur while working, such as 20 cups of coffee per day. Taking this into account, you could save up to $400 over a 10-day period, as there is only one overhead cost for each worker. It is clear that remote teams offer a cost-effective solution.

We recommend you work with a specialist agency like ours to experience the full benefits of remote staffing. At Works, we ensure your needs are met and we can help you find the perfect people to create your website.

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