Finding Great Developers Who Are Also Excellent Leaders: It’s Not All About the Code

The software industry, transitioning to remote work, has exposed an increasingly urgent need for individuals who can excel in both technical practice and leadership. Software engineers who can manage and develop technical projects are in high demand for success.

According to careers writer Joanna York, soft skills such as decision-making, honesty, problem-solving, and mentorship abilities are crucial ingredients in successful leadership. The challenging conditions of the pandemic lockdown have created an ideal opportunity to evaluate and improve these traits.

Looking for Remarkable Coders

Amidst the present scenario, businesses aiming to expand their development teams are facing a daunting challenge: how can they find engineers who possess both leadership skills and technical proficiency when they cannot conduct in-person recruitment or meetups?

To acquire highly proficient software engineers in remote locations, numerous companies are opting for nearshore outstaffing services. However, the benchmarks and methods these firms use for hiring and placing professionals vary greatly. Unfortunately, only a few of these businesses prioritize discovering and nurturing software engineers with strong leadership skills.

Issues with the Work

Works has always prioritized exceptional leadership in remote engineering. We recognize that successful recruitment, onboarding and delivery require more than just having experienced Ruby, Python or React developers on board. What truly sets our engineers apart is their initiative and creativity in making remote collaboration a successful endeavor. Our engineers are encouraged to take the lead in providing suggestions and offering advice, rather than simply waiting to be directed.

Works employs a rigorous evaluation process to select engineers based on their qualifications, abilities, and personality traits. A 45-point engineering competence framework, validated by the industry and designed to account for seniority and stack, is utilized to assess the potential of each candidate. The evaluation process also includes a 30-question proprietary rubric, and a behavioral and situational assessment is conducted to determine the individual’s leadership capabilities.

Ready to Lead and Code

Works engineers possess both superior coding skills and leadership capabilities that enable them to act swiftly and address issues effectively. ProdPerfect’s co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Erik Fogg, discovered this while interacting with automated QA software developers. Fogg noted that the involvement, creativity, and critical thinking of Works engineers enable them to tackle challenges faster than an all-coder team ever could.

In addition, Works believes in the continuous development and growth of its engineers even after they begin their contracts. For the success of the teams, internal engineering managers offer regular guidance and constructive feedback to engineers, teaching them how to improve their technical and leadership skills while collaborating with external stakeholders. Works is highly regarded for its emphasis on leadership training and career advancement, which is how the company attracts some of the most talented software developers.

ProdPerfect’s Fogg expressed his excitement for the exceptional possibility that software engineering offers: by making a single phone call, a team’s capacity and capability can be expanded rapidly. This level of convenience and efficiency has never been witnessed before in the industry.

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