Finding Great Developers Who Are Also Excellent Leaders: It’s Not All About the Code

The transition to engineering from a remote environment has highlighted a previously hidden yet rapidly growing requirement in the software sector. Successful software engineers must possess both managerial aptitude and technical expertise.

Joanna York, a careers writer, has asserted that successful leaders possess a blend of soft skills, such as decision-making, honesty, problem-solving, and the ability to mentor and educate others. The difficulties of the pandemic lockdown have presented the perfect conditions to assess and strengthen these traits.

In search of Prominent Coders

In the current circumstances, businesses looking to grow their development teams are confronted with a difficult dilemma: how can they locate engineers who are both skilled in leading and proficient in programming when they are unable to recruit or meet them in person?

In order to source highly-skilled software engineers in remote locations, many companies are now turning to nearshore outstaffing services. However, these businesses have vastly different standards for selecting and placing professionals. Unfortunately, few businesses prioritise the identification and cultivation of software engineers with strong leadership capabilities.

Problems With The Work

Since its inception, Works has been focused on providing exceptional remote engineering leadership. We understand that recruiting, onboarding, and delivering the best results require more than just having experienced Ruby, Python, or React developers on the team. What truly sets our engineers apart is the initiative and creativity to make remote collaboration a successful endeavour. Our engineers are empowered to take the lead in providing suggestions and offering advice, rather than simply waiting to be instructed.

At Works, engineers are selected for employment based on a comprehensive assessment of their qualifications, skills and personality traits. To evaluate the potential of each candidate, a 45-point engineering competence framework is utilised, which is industry-validated and has been designed to account for seniority and stack. Additionally, a 30-question proprietary rubric is incorporated into the evaluation process, and a behavioural and situational assessment is carried out to gauge the individual’s leadership abilities.

Prepared to Lead and Code

Works engineers are well-equipped to move quickly and respond to issues efficiently due to their sharpened coding skills and leadership capabilities. This was discovered by Erik Fogg, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of ProdPerfect, an automated QA software developer. According to Fogg, the involvement, creativity, and critical thinking of Works engineers allows them to resolve challenges more rapidly than if the team was comprised of only coders.

Furthermore, Works‘ commitment to the development and progression of its engineers does not come to an end when they begin their contracts. To guarantee the success of the teams, internal engineering managers provide regular guidance and constructive feedback to the engineers, teaching them how to enhance their technical and leadership abilities while working with external stakeholders. Works is renowned for its focus on leadership training and career progression, which is how the company is able to attract some of the most talented software developers.

ProdPerfect’s Fogg expressed his enthusiasm for the unique opportunity software engineering offers: the ability to rapidly increase a team’s capacity and capability by making a single phone call. This level of convenience and efficiency has never before been seen in the industry.

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