Finding, Hiring, and Managing Top-Level Talent in the Engineering Profession in 2023

One significant change this year is the ability to recruit engineers without any physical meetings.

2022 saw a rise in virus infections, leading to remote work becoming the new normal. This change forced many companies to abandon their strategic plans for recruitment, personnel, and retention.

As we move into 2022, managers in the engineering industry are preparing to regain control over a workforce that has been significantly altered.

To gain insight into the current developments impacting the engineering industry’s ability to acquire and retain skilled personnel, we surveyed engineering professionals and managers. By conducting this survey, we aimed to identify the three most crucial factors that affect the industry’s capacity to attract and retain skilled workers.

  1. Encouraging the adoption of collaboration tools that effectively enable communication across large distances
  2. Remote teams place a high priority on establishing a strong company culture.
  3. The crucial role of diversity initiatives during both crisis and non-crisis situations.

If you’re looking to invest in IT infrastructure or new talent, we recommend checking out “Are Future Workforces Prepared for the Revolution in Remote Work?” for valuable insights.

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