Finding, Hiring, and Managing Top-Level Talent in the Engineering Profession in 2023

This is the year that you will recruit engineers without ever meeting them.

As the virus spread and remote work became the norm in 2022, strategic plans for recruiting, personnel, and retention were scrapped.

In 2022, managers in the engineering field anticipate regaining control of a drastically altered workforce.

In order to gain insight into the developments currently influencing the engineering sector’s ability to acquire and retain talented personnel, we conducted a survey of engineering managers and professionals. Through this survey, we sought to uncover the three most relevant factors that are having an effect on the sector’s ability to attract and retain talented workers.

  1. Spreading the use of tools that facilitate communication and cooperation across great distances
  2. Building a solid company culture is a top priority for remote groups.
  3. Importance of diversity initiatives both in and out of crisis situations

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