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TypeScript is a significant improvement over JavaScript, and those with a good understanding of JavaScript can appreciate its advantages. At present, JavaScript developers are sought after by companies across the globe who create websites. Despite this, many experienced programmers view JavaScript with a degree of scepticism due to its flaws, bulkiness, and limitations. Therefore, now is an opportune time for TypeScript developers to progress, taking advantage of the issues with JavaScript.

In order to gain a thorough understanding of the relationship between JavaScript and TypeScript, it is important to be familiar with concepts such as ECMAScript. Developed by Ecma International over the last three decades, ECMAScript provides standardisation documentation for a range of electronic products. TypeScript can be thought of as JavaScript plus ECMAScript 6 and 7, which have been designed to address varying aspects of JavaScript in different versions. As a result, many people refer to TypeScript as a ‘superset’ or extension of JavaScript. TypeScript developers will benefit from several features, such as its capacity to shift between static and dynamic typing and its compatibility with JavaScript. This means that while those with TypeScript expertise can do whatever a JavaScript programmer can do, the opposite is not true.

This essay will discuss the most significant issues for TypeScript programmers, including the advantages of TypeScript, potential job roles and interview questions for those looking to recruit TypeScript developers.

Add-Ons for the TypeScript Community

It is not possible to list all of the new features of TypeScript due to the frequent updates, but it is important for all TypeScript developers to be aware of the most significant additions.

TypeScript provides a number of useful features, such as:

  • Annotation of type:

    TypeScript utilises type annotations to achieve static typing. Although developers working with TypeScript may choose to take advantage of static typing, they are not obligated to do so and may instead opt for dynamic typing.
  • The Declaration File Interface:

    Declaration files serve a similar purpose to the header files used in C and C++ programming languages. Once TypeScript code has been compiled to JavaScript, they act as interface components.
  • Generics:

    Generic programming is a technique enabled by the use of software constructs that allow functions to be written as templates, with the data types being specified at a later point. This approach is not exclusive to TypeScript, as a number of languages use similar terms to refer to it, demonstrating its polymorphic nature. Its primary use is to reduce redundancy.
  • Namespace

  • Modules & Classes

What the Future Holds for TypeScript Programmers

Microsoft, the firm that developed TypeScript, has put out a roadmap for the language on the code hosting service github.

Included are changes and updates made at 6-month intervals beginning in 2023. Plans for the future and additional user manuals are also provided.

When hiring a Typescript developer, what qualities should you prioritize?

For developers wishing to work with TypeScript, it is essential to have several years of experience with JavaScript. When selecting a developer for complex applications, preferably in TypeScript, it is important to request evidence of prior experience in such tasks.

Due to TypeScript’s extensive usage, locating a specialist and knowledgeable developer who specialises in the language ought to be straightforward. JavaScript forms the basis of the language, so any programmer with knowledge of Java should be able to learn it rapidly. This does not imply they will be able to start scripting TypeScript code instantly, but it will be of assistance.

Still, everyone benefits from the growing number of developers who are interested in picking up TypeScript.

Positions Available for Developers Skilled in TypeScript

A knowledge of TypeScript alone may not be enough to secure employment with a company, whether as a freelancer or employee. It is important for employers to look for prospective TypeScript developers who have a diverse range of interests, and workers should strive to develop a broad range of skills.

In addition to this, the following are the most probable places to get work as a TypeScript developer:

  • Designers of the User Interface (UI):

    TypeScript is a beneficial skill for both front-end and back-end developers, so the phrase ‘web developer’ may be too broad for some teams. However, TypeScript programmers tend to excel when they are used at the front end of a website. This is understandable when taking into account its origins.
  • Complete Stack Programmers:

    Although a Full Stack Developer is responsible for both the front and back ends of a website, it is possible for a TypeScript Developer to find employment in this area, depending on their skill set. TypeScript is beneficial to all Developers, regardless of whether they work on the front or back end, due to its ease of integration with other systems.
  • Engineers of Mobile applications:

    TypeScript developers benefit from its suitability for building web applications rather than just web pages, unlike its predecessor, JavaScript.
  • Others:

    TypeScript developers may not initially recognise the potential benefits of transitioning into other roles, but the language provides plenty of scope for development and improvement. Indeed, even amongst freelancers, where individual responsibilities may alter over the course of a project, the pursuit of a more suitable alternative to JavaScript will always be ongoing.

Typical Interview Questions for TypeScript Developers

Due to TypeScript’s relative novelty, many businesses are yet to determine the questions they should ask prospective candidates to assess their comprehension of TypeScript syntax. This is in comparison to established languages and frameworks, including Python, MySQL and JavaScript. This poses an added challenge for job seekers who lack the relevant experience, making the situation all the more difficult.

In order to assess their capability and knowledge, I have compiled a list of key points/questions which can be used to gauge their abilities.

Interviews for entry-level positions commonly involve questions designed to assess a candidate’s understanding of language and terminology; however, theoretical knowledge is not necessarily an indicator of practical capability, as even seasoned developers may resort to online sources when they are uncertain about grammar or other facts. This is equally applicable to those who work with TypeScript.

Use-cases are deemed more appropriate than unit tests when assessing the capabilities of software engineers, including those who work with TypeScript. Working with software often requires fast reaction times and the ability to address problems, failures and special client requirements. Being able to design solutions, identify errors and propose alternative solutions using documentation alone is an essential skill.

Average Annual Wage for a TypeScript Developer

The salary of a TypeScript Developer is dependent on a number of factors, such as the location, degree of responsibility, employer, and level of academic qualifications and training, which is the same as for other professions.
The average compensation of a TypeScript developer in the United States is as shown below.

  • The median income is $10,417 a month.
  • Salary ranges from $9167 to $11,050 per month.
  • The maximum feasible pay each month is $12513.

Common Places to Look for TypeScript Programmers for Hire

A few of the top places to find qualified TypeScript programmers to hire are:

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Arguments and viewpoints often heard in relation to Typescript and its developers

Many developers, including those working in Typescript, often express their opinions, ideas and perspectives in public forums. It can be difficult to identify reliable sources as some arguments may be presented as if established fact. Therefore, it can be difficult to compare different points of view in an entirely objective way.

  • TypeScript is more of a framework than a real language:

    It is not a valid argument to dismiss TypeScript as a full language simply because it needs to be compiled into another language. However, there may be other factors, such as JavaScript’s emphasis on web-development, which could be seen as grounds to disqualify it. Nonetheless, this does not apply to TypeScript, as its scope has expanded beyond that of JavaScript.
  • TypeScript just slaps duct tape over a flawed language:

    JavaScript has been criticised for its poor design, leading to its reputation as a tool best avoided. TypeScript, however, has been likened to duct tape due to its improvements and capabilities. Though this perception does have some truth to it, the modern TypeScript programmer has more options to explore the features of the language.
  • Assertion:

    It is evident that there has been a bias against JavaScript, which has in turn had an impact on TypeScript’s reputation. However, this sentiment has been disproven and it is clear that TypeScript is a well-constructed language, given that it was designed to address the shortcomings of JavaScript. Therefore, no professional should look down upon developers who work with JavaScript or TypeScript, as they are equally qualified as those who work in a different language.

In Conclusion

Finding qualified IT professionals can be a challenging task, but one of the main factors is that employers may not be searching in the right locations. If you possess exceptional IT skills, you should consider seeking opportunities around the world. To aid in the search for competent Typescript developers, we have compiled a list of recommendations.

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