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Those with a sound understanding of JavaScript can appreciate the benefits of TypeScript, which is a notable improvement over JavaScript. Companies worldwide that develop websites are currently seeking JavaScript developers. Despite this, many skilled programmers have an element of doubt and mistrust concerning JavaScript due to its imperfections, size, and restrictions. Subsequently, it is an ideal time for TypeScript developers to progress, capitalising on the deficiencies of JavaScript.

In order to grasp the relationship between JavaScript and TypeScript thoroughly, it is essential to understand concepts such as ECMAScript. Over the last thirty years, Ecma International has created standardisation documentation for various electronic products. TypeScript can be considered as JavaScript combined with ECMAScript 6 and 7, with each version addressing different aspects of JavaScript. Due to this, many people refer to TypeScript as an extension or ‘superset’ of JavaScript. TypeScript developers can benefit from numerous features, such as its capacity to switch between static and dynamic typing and its compatibility with JavaScript. As a result, those with expertise in TypeScript can execute anything that a JavaScript programmer can do, but the converse is not accurate.

This article will cover the key topics concerning TypeScript developers, including the benefits of TypeScript, potential job opportunities, and questions during interviews for companies seeking to hire TypeScript developers.

Enhancements for the TypeScript Community

Due to the regular updates, it is impossible to provide a complete list of all the new features of TypeScript, but it is crucial for all TypeScript developers to be familiar with the most important additions.

TypeScript offers multiple beneficial features, including:

  • Type Annotation:

    TypeScript utilises type annotations to implement static typing. TypeScript developers can opt for static typing, but it is not a strict requirement as they can choose dynamic typing instead.
  • The Declaration File Interface:

    Like header files used in C and C++ programming languages, declaration files serve the same function. Once TypeScript code has been compiled to JavaScript, declaration files act as interface elements.
  • Generics:

    Generic programming is a method that enables the creation of functions as templates, with the data types being defined at a later stage, via the use of software constructs. This methodology is not exclusive to TypeScript, as several languages use related terms to describe it, highlighting its polymorphic nature. The main purpose of generic programming is to reduce duplication.
  • Namespace

  • Modules and Classes

The Future for TypeScript Developers

The creators of TypeScript, Microsoft, have released a roadmap for the language on the code hosting platform Github.

The roadmap includes modifications and upgrades to be made every 6 months, starting in 2023. Additionally, it outlines plans for the future and supplementary user guides.

What are the key attributes to look for when recruiting a TypeScript developer?

If you are interested in working with TypeScript, it is critical to have several years of experience with JavaScript. When choosing a developer for intricate tasks, particularly those involving TypeScript, it is advisable to seek proof of prior experience in these areas.

Because TypeScript is so commonly used, it should be relatively easy to locate a skilled programmer who specializes in the language. Since JavaScript is the foundation of TypeScript, any developer with proficiency in Java should be able to learn TypeScript quickly. This, however, does not imply that they will be able to immediately start producing TypeScript code, but it may be beneficial.

As a result, the growing number of developers interested in learning TypeScript is advantageous for all.

Job Openings for Proficient TypeScript Developers

Possessing knowledge of TypeScript alone may not suffice to obtain a job with an organization, whether as a freelancer or employee. Employers should seek potential TypeScript developers with diversified interests, and employees should aim to attain a broad scope of skills.

Furthermore, the following are the most likely places to find job opportunities for TypeScript developers:

  • User Interface (UI) Designers:

    Because TypeScript is a valuable skill for both front-end and back-end developers, some teams may find the term ‘web developer’ too general. However, TypeScript programmers frequently excel when working on the front end of a website. This is understandable given its origin.
  • Full Stack Programmers:

    While Full Stack Developers are accountable for both the front and back ends of a website, a TypeScript Developer may be able to secure employment in this field based on their expertise. TypeScript is advantageous to all Developers, regardless of whether they specialize on the front or back end, due to its seamless integration with other systems.
  • Mobile Application Engineers:

    TypeScript developers benefit from its suitability for creating web applications, not just web pages, unlike its predecessor, JavaScript.
  • Other Opportunities:

    Initially, TypeScript developers may not realize the potential advantages of transitioning into other positions, but the language offers many opportunities for growth and advancement. Even among freelancers, where individual responsibilities may shift throughout a project, the search for a more appropriate alternative to JavaScript will continue.

Common Interview Questions for TypeScript Developers

Because TypeScript is comparatively new, many companies have yet to establish the appropriate questions to ask potential candidates to evaluate their grasp of TypeScript syntax. This is in contrast to established languages and frameworks such as Python, MySQL, and JavaScript. For job seekers without relevant experience, this presents an additional obstacle, adding to the difficulty of the situation.

To evaluate the capacity and knowledge of TypeScript developers, I have created a list of important points/questions that can be utilized to measure their skills.

For entry-level roles, interviews typically feature questions crafted to evaluate a candidate’s comprehension of language and vocabulary. However, theoretical knowledge does not necessarily imply practical competency, as even experienced developers may turn to online resources when unsure about grammar or other details. This holds true for those working with TypeScript as well.

When evaluating the abilities of software engineers, including those who specialize in TypeScript, use-cases are considered more appropriate than unit tests. Working with software often necessitates swift response times and the ability to tackle issues, malfunctions, and specific client demands. Being able to design solutions, identify errors, and suggest different solutions using only documentation is a critical skill.

Typical Yearly Salary for a TypeScript Developer

The pay of a TypeScript Developer is influenced by several factors, including location, level of responsibility, employer, and degree of academic qualifications and training, similar to other professions.
Below is the average remuneration for a TypeScript developer in the United States.

  • The median salary is $10,417 per month.
  • Typical pay ranges from $9167 to $11,050 per month.
  • The highest possible monthly salary is $12,513.

Typical Sources to Find TypeScript Developers for Recruitment

Some of the best locations to look for skilled TypeScript developers for recruitment are:

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Common Opinions and Perspectives Regarding TypeScript and its Developers

Numerous developers, including those working with TypeScript, frequently express their viewpoints, concepts, and perspectives in public platforms. It can be challenging to differentiate trustworthy sources as several arguments may be presented as established facts. Hence, it can be hard to compare different perspectives in an entirely impartial manner.

  • TypeScript is more akin to a framework than a genuine language:

    It is not a valid argument to disregard TypeScript as a complete language solely because it needs to be compiled into another language. However, other reasons such as JavaScript’s focus on web development could be viewed as plausible rationales for disqualification. Nevertheless, this does not pertain to TypeScript as its domain has surpassed that of JavaScript.
  • TypeScript only covers up the flaws of an imperfect language:

    JavaScript’s inadequate design has resulted in its notoriety as a tool to be avoided. On the other hand, TypeScript has been likened to duct tape due to its enhancements and capabilities. While this perception is partly true, contemporary TypeScript developers have many possibilities to explore the language’s features.
  • Statement:

    It is evident that there has been a bias against JavaScript, which has subsequently affected the reputation of TypeScript. Nevertheless, this notion has been invalidated and it is apparent that TypeScript is a well-structured language intended to tackle the limitations of JavaScript. Therefore, professionals should not belittle developers who work with JavaScript or TypeScript, as they are equally proficient as those who work with a different language.

Concluding Thoughts

Locating proficient IT experts can be a daunting task, with employers often failing to search in the most suitable locations. If you possess exceptional IT skills, it is advisable to explore opportunities worldwide. To assist in identifying skilled TypeScript developers, we have curated a list of recommendations.

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