Finding the Right Software Outsourcing Partner for Your Business

From Unprocessed to Usable

Producing software is a lengthy and arduous task, and finding and recruiting the right team to work on the project can be just as daunting. This is something that companies must consider if they want to turn their concept into a functioning piece of software. Software is becoming increasingly important for modern businesses, and the demand for software engineers with the right skillset is only increasing. The technology industry already has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, which further highlights the need for experienced software engineers.

In order to address their lack of personnel, many organisations are turning to software outsourcing services for assistance. These services offer a range of options that enable businesses to swiftly expand their capacity and complete intricate projects without having to make any long-term staffing commitments. There is a wealth of excellent service providers in this sphere, however, it is still fundamental for businesses to do their research before committing to any one. Managers will find this guide useful, as it explains more about outsourcing, allows for the development of an effective project strategy and offers guidance on how to select the most appropriate outsourcing partner for the requirements of their organisation.

Various Outsourcing Structures

It is essential to fully appreciate the range of services offered by software outsourcing firms before making a final decision. A popular form of outsourcing is IT staff augmentation, which involves bringing in a small number of external contractors to work in tandem with existing in-house software developers. Companies with large in-house teams may use extended teams such as these to fill necessary roles during key phases of the software development cycle such as coding and quality assurance, without the need to engage a permanent employee.

Autonomous delivery teams are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to in-house software development departments. These end-to-end teams offer businesses the benefit of high-quality, bespoke software solutions, without the need for constant oversight and without taking up valuable time and resources of the internal engineering teams. This allows upper management to focus on the company’s overall strategy, sales figures and other important tasks, rather than having to manage the day-to-day aspects of the software project. Outsourcing to an autonomous delivery team is, therefore, a great way for businesses to benefit from expert software development, without taking away from other important areas of the business.

Evaluating Ourselves

Before considering any software outsourcing firms, it is essential that a company undertakes a thorough and honest assessment of its current development capabilities. This needs to encompass the size of the internal engineering team, the level of expertise of the personnel and if the leadership team is adequately prepared to oversee a long-term software development project. Moreover, the research should reveal if the current programming staff is able to handle a new, large-scale project while still maintaining the quality of their existing work.

It is essential to arrange a meeting with all parties who have an interest in the proposed software, such as upper management, relevant departments and the end-users. This meeting should carefully outline the development phases of the project, the issue it is intended to address, and how it will be achieved. Companies can benefit from this preliminary assessment in two ways – they can obtain a better understanding of the scope of the project, and they can rule out some of the less suitable IT outsourcing companies from consideration. A reliable outsourcing partner will collaborate with their customers to refine the assessment and provide valuable feedback, ideas and help to develop more reliable cost and time estimations.

Beyond the Numbers

When outsourcing software development for the first time, one of the most common mistakes managers can make is to simply select the most cost-effective option without taking any other factors into consideration. While it is true that outsourcing can help you to save money, the true benefit lies in being able to access highly-skilled software specialists from anywhere around the world. If managers limit themselves to the most affordable option, they risk having limited access to talented developers, and this could potentially lead to disastrous outcomes during the development process.

In order to maintain competitive rates, some providers may opt to recruit inexperienced developers who have difficulty communicating in English. It is therefore essential to thoroughly research potential outsourcing partners to ensure they can deliver high-quality, secure code; communicate proficiently and consistently in English; and have a proven track record of developing user-friendly and secure software. By doing so, you can be certain that the quality of your outsourced project will not be compromised.


Managing successful software development projects relies heavily on effective and timely communication. One of the most commonly cited issues when it comes to outsourcing software development services is the lack of high-quality, fully bilingual software engineers. English is not widely spoken in East and South Asia – the regions where many outsourcing companies are based – making it difficult for Western in-house development teams to collaborate with supplementary programmers. To ensure successful cross-cultural collaboration, it is recommended that managers look to collaborate with a software development partner based in Latin America, where it is easier to find talented engineers who are fluent in English.

In order to ensure an effective outcome for outsourced development projects, it is essential to have open lines of communication between upper management and the development team. This means that it is important to discuss communication and reliability with any prospective software outsourcing businesses before signing a contract. It is also important to establish what hours their team will be working each day, especially if the business is located outside of the Western Hemisphere. Establishing these factors will enable all relevant parties to be kept up to date with the project’s progress, as well as ensuring that any feedback can be incorporated.

Profession-Related Experience

When looking for a reliable and long-term outsourcing partner to help with a substantial software development project, it is essential to evaluate their track record of success. Managers should make sure to ask the right questions to assess a potential partner’s experience in implementing similar technologies in the past. This includes gathering information such as the identity of the customer, the scope of the project and the precise role that the outsourcing business played. This will provide assurance that the company is well-equipped to handle the task at hand and can be a trusted partner for years to come.

It is important to remember that a company’s age and the length of time its senior executives have been in their positions may not necessarily be indicators of the success of any specific initiative. In the IT industry, where outsourcing companies operate, the quality of their staff is a major factor in determining how successful they will be. Therefore, when searching for a long-term business partner, it is important to ask questions about their recruitment policies, selection criteria for contractors, and the turnover rate of software engineers; this will provide invaluable insights into the quality of their workforce, as well as their corporate culture and the happiness of their employees.

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