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Nearshore Custom Software Development: The Perfect Solution for Florida Businesses

If you’re a business in Florida looking for top-notch IT services, look no further than Works – a software development firm based in the state and an esteemed member of the Nearshore Software Development Association. Our skilled IT professionals excel in customizing user experience and interface designs for existing e-commerce applications, offering valuable IT strategy advice to startups, and even providing software engineers based in Miami to join your in-house team. With our wide-ranging services, you can be confident that your IT needs will be fulfilled at the utmost level of quality.

At Works, we take pride in our unique approach to software development in Florida, setting us apart from our rivals. Our highly skilled engineers, with their abundant knowledge and experience, are the cornerstone of our success, delivering exceptional outcomes on every project. Our services not only help mitigate project risks and enhance product security, but also accelerate progress towards your business goals.

We are committed to delivering sustained change, closely aligned with a long-term strategy, irrespective of the complexity of the project. With our elite team of IT professionals, we are able to accelerate the process of taking our clients’ products to market.

Top Tech Services in Orlando, FL by Works

At Works, we provide customized services with inclusive integration capabilities to businesses of all sizes in Florida, ranging from single-person ventures to multinational corporations. We collaborate with expert industry entities and IT partners who have the necessary knowledge and experience to deliver first-rate outcomes. We offer a broad range of digital products and technology solutions. Our range of software development services includes designing e-commerce sites and applications, cloud consulting, as well as providing IT support operations.

Bespoke Program Creation

Works takes pride in delivering top-quality software development services to businesses of all sizes based in Orlando, Florida. Our exceptionally skilled team possesses expertise in creating a wide range of products that cater to the specific requirements and objectives of your enterprise. We offer flexible service options, including hourly rates and fixed fees, to accommodate your needs.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Leveraging our in-depth understanding of your business objectives, processes, and software, we assure you of top-notch quality assurance through our integrated as well as independent testing services. By combining the efforts of quality assurance and testing, we can effectively manage the quality of applications, efficiently assess adherence to initial specifications, and gain invaluable insight into end-user reception of the product.

Managed Hosting Services

Our advanced cloud computing services have led to significant increases in productivity across our clients’ platform innovation, communication, and data management activities. By boosting system agility, reducing costs, and streamlining IT operations, we facilitate more efficient digital transformation. While the adoption of cloud services may be a challenging process, the end result is improved data management and analysis through enhanced security and reliability.

Software and Website Development

Application development across all platforms lies at the heart of our software development services. We have been delivering a broad range of application services with comprehensive integration capabilities for over a decade. Our skilled engineers recognize that success in today’s competitive mobile and web application industry requires not just technical expertise, but also results-driven IT services such as website and application development that enhance customer engagement and retention.

IT Support and Maintenance Services

At our Orlando facility, we provide continuous 24/7 engineering, monitoring, and maintenance services along with a responsive support management team to resolve issues efficiently. Our three managed services tiers – monitoring, remediation and management – are designed to complement or replace your in-house system operations. We conduct regular risk assessments, offer ongoing guidance on possible threats and provide cyber security defenses to ensure that sensitive data remains secure.

Data Analysis and Statistics

Our team of Data Science Engineers is committed to maximizing organizational potential by developing software products that utilize Big Data, Stream Processing, and high-performance GPU-accelerated computing techniques. Our state-of-the-art algorithms and workflows apply business intelligence principles to structured and unstructured data, revealing previously undiscovered patterns and insights that enable organizations to better address their business requirements and objectives.

Blockchain Technology Consulting Services

We at Works offer comprehensive Blockchain Consulting and Support Services designed to enhance organizational efficiency and security while mitigating risk exposure. Our range of services includes smart contracts, data storage, audits, and stock trading, making us a full-service IT support provider. Our blockchain engineering services eliminate obstacles, enabling you to build secure and verifiable networks that record all transactions in an immutable public ledger. This enhances system security and transparency while unlocking the full potential of blockchain technology.

Web of Things (WoT) Technologies

Our Internet of Things (IoT) department is dedicated to developing and executing critical IoT initiatives for both public and private-sector organizations. These initiatives include smart cities, smart buildings, industrial monitoring, telematics, sensors, parking and traffic solutions, and more. The integration of IoT in businesses offers important benefits, such as crucial data gathering, enhanced user satisfaction, intelligent cloud computing, and improved productivity.

User Interface and Experience Design

Our experienced team of UX/UI designers and engineers specialize in developing bespoke solutions for corporate systems, business websites, mobile applications, and other software solutions. We prioritize implementing state-of-the-art approaches to front-end development, ensuring the end product is visually appealing and enhances brand visibility while meeting customer expectations.

Development of MVP (Most Valuable Player)

Works can help transform your company’s ideas into a Minimum Viable Product, rapidly delivering only essential features and functionalities required for testing and validation. We also offer a Proof of Concept Design service that provides valuable insights for selecting optimal solutions for your company’s user value and overall strategy.

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We Offer More Than Just Software Development – We Create Memorable Events

Finding the right software development company in Florida can be challenging, but nearshoring can be the perfect solution for bringing your app concept to life. At Works, we are committed to delivering on-demand software engineers and other staff of the highest quality, while ensuring customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing our customers with innovative solutions and services that meet their unique requirements.

What Is It Like to Work With Works?

A Team of Skilled Programmers Working in Tandem

Through partnership with Work’s Dedicated Team of Florida developers, businesses can harness internal resources and foster unprecedented growth opportunities. Our multi-site approach grants us access to a diverse range of global and local talent which empowers us to custom build teams to match the unique requirements of each project. With a team of industry experts at our disposal, we assure that your business is in capable hands for all its development needs.

Every development team in Florida is overseen by a senior software engineer with over a decade of experience and vast expertise in numerous technologies. This guarantees that our clients can leverage this knowledge to optimize their core business operations, without compromising attention and resources on their primary enterprise.

Augment Your Employees and Access Talent On-Demand

Works’ Extended Team solution empowers our clients to expand their in-house capabilities by tapping into the expertise of highly-skilled IT professionals. This enables them to scale and progress rapidly, while upholding their commitments to deliver superior products on schedule. Our solution delivers the required speed, technological expertise, and flexibility required to assemble a successful team in Florida.

Bespoke Software Outsourcing Solutions

Leveraging our extensive expertise in digital and technical domains, we offer end-to-end software outsourcing services, taking projects from concept to fruition. Works provides comprehensive software development, IT strategy management, and consultancy services to our clients.

How to Select a Dependable Software Development Company

The Best-in-Class Engineer Roster

At Works, we take pride in our exceptional approach among Florida companies. We exclusively recruit the most talented software engineers in the state – specifically, the top one percent. Our pool of applicants exceeds 240,000 annually, making ours the largest in the region. Only the crème de la crème (less than 1%) successfully pass our rigorous evaluation process. Thus, by partnering with the industry’s top talent, we enable our clients to complete projects in a cost-effective, timely, and proficient manner.

Mastering Efficient Information Communication Skills

Seamless communication lies at the core of effective software development. Without it, there is a risk of misunderstandings and confusion, leading to significant roadblocks in progress and success. By collaborating with an expert nearshore provider, businesses can harness the skills of proficient engineers who help create streamlined feedback loops, thereby accelerating the development process.

Specialized Knowledge in the Field

Prospective clients ought to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of a technology firm’s background along with customer feedback to determine their potential for success. This entails reviewing the scope of their prior projects, along with other significant information that offers insight into the company’s abilities and contributions to a given undertaking.

Stringent Safety Protocols

Adhering to the stringent benchmarks established by the relevant industry is crucial in maintaining all cybersecurity measures. In order to safeguard their business operations, corporations should incorporate pre-accreditation, software testing, quality assurance testing, and compliance testing as part of their overall risk management strategy.

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Works connects the top 1% of remote developers and designers with the leading brands and startups around the world. We focus on sophisticated, challenging tier-one projects which require highly skilled talent and problem solvers.
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