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Florida-Based Businesses Benefit from Nearshore Custom Software Development

Works, a Florida-based software development firm and member of the Nearshore Software Development Association, is your go-to for all your company’s IT needs. Our highly-skilled IT professionals are able to customize user experience and user interface designs for existing e-commerce applications, provide advice to startups on IT strategy, and even provide Miami software engineers for your in-house team. With our comprehensive range of services, you can be sure that your IT requirements will be met to the highest of standards.

At Works, we believe that our approach to software development in Florida sets us apart from our competitors. Our success is built on the expertise of our highly-skilled engineers, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each project. By taking advantage of our services, your business can benefit from reduced project risks, improved product security and faster progress towards your goals.

No matter the complexity of the endeavor, our commitment to creating lasting change which is aligned with a long-term strategy remains consistent. Our team of elite IT professionals enables us to expedite the process of getting our clients’ products to market.

Hot in Orlando, FL: These Are some of Our Most Popular Tech Services

For businesses in Florida, regardless of their size, from single-person operations to global corporations, we offer tailored services with comprehensive integration capabilities. Here you can discover specialist industry bodies and IT partners that possess the expertise and experience to deliver the highest quality outcomes. We can provide any type of digital product or technological solution. Our software development services span from e-commerce site design and application development to IT support operations and cloud consulting.

Creating Tailored Programs

At [Name of Company], we are proud to offer first-class software development services to organizations of all sizes in Orlando, Florida. Our highly skilled team are adept at creating a broad range of products that are tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of your business. We are also able to provide flexible options for our services, depending on your needs, such as hourly rates or fixed fees.

Testing and Quality Assurance for Software

Given our extensive knowledge of your business’s goals, processes and software, we are confident in our ability to provide you with the highest quality assurance through our independent and integrated testing services. With the combined efforts of Quality Assurance and Testing, we can more accurately manage the application’s quality; assess the product’s compliance with the initial specifications efficiently; and gain valuable insight into how the product is received by its end users.

Hosted Services

Due to the advancements in our cloud computing service, we have observed a significant increase in the productivity of our clients’ platform innovation, communication and data management operations. By augmenting system agility, lowering costs and streamlining IT, we are enabling a more effective digital transformation. Although adoption of cloud services is a challenging process, it is certainly worthwhile as it will provide improved security and reliability for data management and analysis.

Creating Software and Websites

At the core of our software development services is application development for all platforms. For more than ten years, we have been providing a variety of application services that have complete integration capabilities. Our experienced engineers understand that in today’s competitive landscape of mobile and web applications, it takes more than technical expertise for success. Our IT services, including website and application development, are designed to generate results that increase customer engagement and loyalty.

Maintenance and Help Desk Assistance in Information Technology

At our Orlando location, we offer complete, 24/7 monitoring, engineering, and maintenance services, with swift problem resolution and a committed support management team. Our three managed services tiers – monitoring, remediation and management – are designed to supplement or substitute your firm’s current internal system operations. To guarantee the security of sensitive data, we undertake regular risk assessments, provide ongoing assistance with potential threats and supply defenses against cyber criminals.

Statistics and Data Analysis

Our Data Science Engineers are dedicated to helping organizations make the most of their data by developing software products that leverage Big Data, Stream Processing and high-performance GPU-accelerated computing techniques. Our cutting-edge algorithms and workflows are designed to apply business intelligence principles to both structured and unstructured data in order to uncover and identify previously unknown patterns and insights. Consequently, organizations are better equipped to address their business needs and objectives.

Advisory Services for Blockchain Technologies

At Works, our Blockchain Consulting and Support Services are designed to help your organization to operate more efficiently and securely, while reducing risk exposure. We are a comprehensive IT support provider, offering a range of services, including smart contracts, data storage, audits and stock trading. Our blockchain engineering services can help to remove obstacles, enabling you to build reliable, verifiable networks which record all transactions in an immutable public ledger. This ensures the safety and transparency of your systems and enables you to benefit from the full potential of blockchain technology.

Web of Things Technologies

At our Internet of Things (IoT) department, we are devoted to creating and implementing major IoT projects for both the public and private sectors. These projects include smart cities, smart buildings, industrial monitoring, telemetries, sensors, parking and traffic solutions, and more. The introduction of IoT into businesses has numerous advantages, such as the gathering of vital data, improved user satisfaction, cloud computing intelligence and enhanced productivity.

The Art of User Interface and Experience Design

Our experienced UX/UI design and engineering team are experts in creating customized solutions for corporate systems, business websites, mobile applications, and other software solutions. We are dedicated to providing cutting-edge approaches to front-end development, ensuring the end product is not only pleasing to customers, but also increases the visibility of your brand.

Development of Most Valuable Player

At Works, we will take your company ideas and quickly turn them into a Minimum Viable Product, supplying only the features and functions that are necessary for testing and validation. We also provide a Proof of Concept Design service that will provide insight that will guide you in selecting the most advantageous choices for your company’s user value offer and overall strategy.

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Identifying the right software development company in Florida can be a challenge, but nearshoring is the perfect solution for businesses that have an app concept in mind and want to bring it to life. At Works, we are committed to providing the highest quality of on-demand software engineers and other staff, as well as guarantee customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to offering our customers innovative solutions and services that meet their needs.

What’s It Like to Work with Works?

Staffs of Expert Programmers Working Together

By collaborating with Works’ Dedicated Team of Florida developers, businesses can optimize their internal resources and create invaluable growth drivers. We have adopted a multi-site approach which provides us with access to a wide range of global and local talent, enabling us to tailor our teams to the specific requirements of each project. Our team of experts comprises some of the brightest minds in the industry, so you can rest assured that your business is in safe hands.

Each development team based in Florida is managed by a senior software engineer with more than 10 years of experience and a wealth of practical knowledge in a range of different technologies. This ensures that our clients can utilize this expertise to enhance their core business operations, without having to distract attention and resources from their main enterprise.

Services to Supplement Employees and Supply Talent on Demand

Works’ Extended Team solution provides our clients with the opportunity to increase their in-house capabilities by gaining access to highly-skilled IT professionals. This allows them to grow and develop quickly, while ensuring they are able to deliver high-quality products on time. Our solution provides the speed, technological expertise and flexibility they need to build a successful team in the Sunshine State.

Customized Options for Outsourcing Software

With our extensive expertise in digital and technical areas, we are able to offer complete software outsourcing services, from inception to completion. At Works, we provide comprehensive software development and IT strategy management, as well as consultancy services.

Tips for Choosing a Reliable Software Development Company

Staff Engineers of the Highest Caliber

At Works, we are proud to be unique amongst Florida companies; we only recruit the most talented software engineers in the state – namely, the top one percent. Every year, more than 240,000 applications are submitted to us, making our applicant pool the largest in the region. Of these applications, only the very best (less than 1%) make it through our demanding selection process. By partnering with the top minds in the industry, we are able to assist our customers in completing their projects in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Skills in Conveying Information Efficiently

Effective software development is reliant upon clear and open lines of communication. Without this, there is a risk of confusion and misunderstanding, which could significantly impede progress and success. By partnering with a nearshore provider, organisations can access talented engineers who can help to create efficient feedback loops, thus speeding up the development process.

Domain Expertise

Companies should thoroughly investigate a technology firm’s past work and customer feedback to determine the likelihood of future success. This should include examining the scope of prior projects and any other information that can provide insight into the firm’s capabilities and how they can add value to a given project.

Maximum Safety Measures

It is essential that all cyber security measures adhere to the rigorous standards set out by the relevant industry. In order to ensure the safety of their business operations, companies should include quality assurance testing, software testing, pre-accreditation and compliance testing as part of their broader risk management strategy.

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