For the Foreseeable Future, Software Development Will Be the Single Most Important Technical Occupation

Recent data suggests that software development is poised to become the most significant IT occupation.

Some highlights of the survey are as follows:

  • As much as 37% of software developers and IT managers agree that programming is the most sought-after specialty in the IT industry.
  • A recent study has revealed that software engineering is the second most essential technology career path for the future, with 36% of participants ranking it as such. As a result, the position of software engineer is a highly sought-after one.
  • The study encompasses a range of essential technical roles, including Workplace Manager, Digital Workplace Program Director, Head of Automation, Remote Control Centre Supervisor, Machine Learning Engineer, and more. Each of these positions plays a vital role in the successful completion of the project.

As a developer, what are the most valuable skills you can acquire?

Are you aware of the most sought-after technological abilities in the present job market? In 2022, U.S. employers will be looking for individuals who possess a range of technical skills and expertise in various programs. To make your resume stand out, it is important to demonstrate proficiency in the following information technology (IT) programs and skills:

  • Security In light of the ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine, organisations around the world are emphasising the importance of software security. It is essential that you are familiar with measures such as data encryption, firewalls, ethical hacking, penetration testing, PCI-DSS and other industry compliance standards, in order to be able to identify and address any cyber security threats to the company’s internal systems and applications.
  • Programming If you aspire to become a software developer, it is essential to have an understanding of a variety of programming languages and software development frameworks, including React JS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby on Rails, HTML, and CSS. These languages serve as the bedrock of many software and website development projects. Are you interested in knowing more about the most in-demand jobs in front-end development? Learn about the five most sought-after occupations in front-end development.
  • Analysing the Data If a programmer is looking to evaluate the success of their software, data analysis is a key component. Through the analysis of data, developers are able to pinpoint any issues or flaws within their code that may be affecting performance, as well as identify potential vulnerabilities. Utilising tools such as SQL, Statistics, and Python can provide an effective means of gathering the data and performing the necessary analysis.
  • DevOps DevOps is the combination of two traditionally separate teams: software development and IT operations. By unifying these two departments, developers who are skilled in DevOps have the ability to foster greater communication and understanding between them. In order to be successful in a DevOps role, engineers should be knowledgeable and proficient in the following areas:
    • Programming languages that use scripts, such as Python, Ruby, C, etc.
    • Any of Docker or Kubernetes
    • Controlling the Cloud
  • Technology that runs on the internet’s cloud Cloud computing is an increasingly popular technology that is transforming the way data is stored and websites, applications, and other digital infrastructures are built and operated. For a software developer to be successful in today’s modern landscape, it is essential to be well-versed in the fundamentals of cloud computing and the most popular cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure (MS Azure), Oracle Cloud, and other available solutions. With the right understanding and usage of cloud computing, one can unlock a world of possibilities to optimise their operations and maximise their productivity.

In addition to possessing a comprehensive knowledge of traditional programming techniques, it is expected that software developers in 2022 will need to be well-versed in areas such as machine learning, system and networking, deep learning and other related fields in order to stay up-to-date with the constantly evolving technology landscape.


In recent years, due to the increasing demand for software developers and engineers to create new products and enhance operational efficiency, some of the most successful businesses in the United States have been actively searching for these professionals. Unfortunately, this has created a skills gap, leading to a greater need for remote workers from all over the world. This presents a great opportunity for individuals with the necessary skills and qualifications to contribute to businesses on a global scale.

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