For Those Interested in a More Data-Driven Approach to Recruiting, You Should Check Out the New Works Platform

Since its inception in 2022, Works has remained committed to its goal of helping talented engineers find fulfilling employment opportunities wherever they may be. As we expanded to more than 100 countries, we saw the need for a new platform and a refreshed look and feel which would enable professionals from all around the world to access our services more easily. We are proud to say that, through our efforts, we have become a successful marketplace that brings together professionals and clients for mutually beneficial exchanges.

We are delighted to announce the rebranding of Works and the launch of our new self-service recruitment platform. This will help to enhance the company’s capacity to draw and appoint outstanding technical talent. Our modernised platform, which is powered by data, helps technical professionals to discover roles that are suitable for them, not just in terms of their technical skillset. Additionally, we are now welcoming designers, product managers and data experts to join our community.

Our newly developed system utilises data-driven technologies and algorithms to provide suitable match suggestions to talented individuals across the world, enabling them to join some of the most interesting companies. By streamlining the hiring process, our self-service platform improves the user experience for technologists who can now be matched to roles more quickly, without the need for lengthy contract periods or unnecessary calls with sales teams. Our network prioritises connecting qualified engineers with employers who provide attractive job opportunities and competitive compensation packages in a timely manner.

The self-service system is now user-friendly. With a profile on Works, firms are provided with a list of technicians who have the appropriate qualifications for advertised positions in a timely manner.

Technologists will be able to gain insight into their compatibility with different roles by viewing an informative, straightforward graph which illustrates the correlation between their skills and specific positions.

The Works self-service platform is continually growing its database in order to provide more tailored suggestions to each user. As customers submit more detailed information at various stages of the recruitment process, the platform is better able to respond to their bespoke requirements.

Works, the innovative employment platform, has developed a new system designed to place technologists in the most suitable positions. Our CEO and co-founder, Glenn Tay, commented, “From the way we buy to the way we consume culture, Amazon, Apple, and Netflix have revolutionised our entire existence, making customisation an essential feature.” To enable talented people to find meaningful employment beyond their technical abilities, we have created this new platform as an alternative.

As we launch our new self-service, Works has undergone a comprehensive brand development process. This has given us a more modern design whilst strengthening our commitment to being a human-centric organisation. Since establishing our world-class talent network in Asia, the Works community of technologists has grown to over 175K, with further expansion into Europe and Latin America. It was important for us to create an identity that reflects our current and future development, so we have rebranded with a fresh look while staying true to our original mission.

Our branding has been refreshed with new logos, colours, typefaces and a consistent tone of voice. We have remained focused on our core mission of connecting talent with opportunities for growth throughout.

Our new logo symbolises the power generated when people collaborate through Works to bring about positive change. It is a portal to an improved future. Discover how our company’s branding has evolved over time.

It has been a challenge to modernize a well-known brand in the market. Software engineers from around the world who believe that genius is everywhere have been inspired by the Works name. Nevertheless, it is essential for brands to evolve with the organisations they represent. We are delighted with the team’s efforts and cannot wait to reveal the updated Works to the public.

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