For Those Interested in a More Data-Driven Approach to Recruiting, You Should Check Out the New Works Platform

From its establishment in 2022, Works has been dedicated to assisting skilled engineers in securing gratifying job prospects, regardless of their location. As we broadened our scope to cover over a hundred nations, we identified a necessity for a fresh interface that would facilitate easy access to our services for professionals worldwide. We take pride in our achievements, working tirelessly to establish a thriving marketplace where clients and experts come together for mutually advantageous transactions.

We are thrilled to declare the rebranding of Works and the launch of our novel self-service hiring platform. This will aid in augmenting the company’s ability to attract and appoint exceptional technical professionals. Our revamped interface, which leverages data, assists technical experts in discovering suitable job opportunities not only on the basis of their technical skill set. Moreover, we are now extending a warm welcome to designers, product managers and data specialists to become a part of our community.

Our freshly designed system deploys data-driven technologies and algorithms to recommend well-suited job opportunities for proficient individuals worldwide, enabling them to join some of the most captivating enterprises. The hiring process has been streamlined through our self-service platform, enhancing the user experience for technologists who can now be matched with roles quickly, without the hassles of prolonged contract periods or unnecessary interactions with sales teams. Our network places chief importance on connecting eligible engineers with employers that offer appealing job prospects and lucrative remuneration packages in a time-efficient manner.

The self-service platform is now designed to be user-friendly. Firms possessing a Works profile are now furnished with a prompt list of technical professionals possessing the required qualifications for advertised vacancies.

Technical professionals will now be able to gain valuable insights into their compatibility with different roles through a straightforward, informative graph that illustrates the relationship between their skill set and particular positions.

The Works self-service platform is continuously expanding its database to offer more personalised recommendations to each user. As customers provide more comprehensive information at different stages of the recruitment process, the platform is better equipped to cater to their unique demands.

Works, the innovative employment platform, has developed a novel system that facilitates the placement of technical professionals in the most suitable job opportunities. Our CEO and co-founder, Glenn Tay, remarked, “From the way we purchase to the way we consume art, Amazon, Apple, and Netflix have transformed our entire being, making customisation a fundamental aspect.” In order to offer skilled individuals the prospect of identifying meaningful job opportunities beyond their technical proficiency, we have devised this cutting-edge platform as an alternative.

Works has recently launched its state-of-the-art self-service platform, accompanied by a comprehensive brand development process. This has granted us a more contemporary design while consolidating our commitment to being a people-oriented organization. Following the establishment of our world-class talent network in Asia, the Works community of technical professionals has surged to over 175K, with further expansion into Europe and Latin America. It was important for us to generate an identity that reflects our present and future progression, which led us to rebrand with a modernised appearance while remaining true to our original mission.

Our branding has been revitalised with novel logos, colours, typefaces, and a uniform tone of voice. Throughout these alterations, we have continued to remain loyal to our fundamental aim of bridging the gap between talented professionals and opportunities for growth.

Our fresh logo represents the force that comes into being when individuals partner through Works to bring about constructive transformation. It serves as a gateway to a better tomorrow. Explore the evolution of our company’s branding over time.

Revamping a well-known brand in the market has posed an arduous task. The name Works has ignited inspiration amongst software engineers worldwide who believe that ingenuity exists everywhere. Nevertheless, brands must advance in step with the organisations they represent. We are thrilled with the team’s hard work and eagerly anticipate revealing the renewed Works to the general public.

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