Future of Work: Leveraging the Advantages of Telecommuting

As technology evolves, remote work is gaining traction, offering tech professionals more autonomy and flexibility.

Over the past couple of years, the way we work has gone through significant transformations. Even though few companies had already embraced remote-first principles before the COVID-19 outbreak, such companies were few and far between.

Leading global enterprises are now inclined towards remote employees as their primary source of delivering services, in a significant shift that has become more pronounced in recent times.

The question that arises is what exactly does it mean to be a “remote-first” company? Does it imply that such businesses do not have any physical office space?

Enterprises that value their remote workforce leverage cutting-edge infrastructure and systems that enable employees to complete their work duties efficiently from anywhere with a stable internet connection. This implies that regardless of an individual’s location, be it Stockholm, Budapest, Nigeria, or Argentina, their work atmosphere would be homogeneous to that in London.

While certain enterprises offer flexibility by having extensive physical office spaces, others may entirely depend on remote workers to get the job done.

Putting Individuals First

The worth of remote work is increasingly appreciated by companies, as it not only caters to the flexible requirements of employees but also expands businesses’ access to a pool of expertise on a global scale. This translates to a highly accomplished workforce and reduces office expenses. Besides, studies reveal that when individuals are granted the autonomy to decide their work location, their productivity levels surge.

Accounting for the aforementioned benefits of remote working, the Works Technology Network came into being, intending to connect skilled individuals with enterprises, irrespective of their geographical location.

Until recently, remote employees were often regarded by employers as a temporary alternative to hiring in-house expertise. But things have changed, and now businesses are proactively scouting for engineers to bring on board as permanent staff, thereby augmenting their IT team’s skillset.

According to members of the Works Technology Network, working from home has led to better quality of life, heightened productivity, and increased creativity. The Beyond team has also seen a drop in travel expenses and an increase in work schedule discretion.

Enterprises that emphasise remote employees adopt a distinct approach to teamwork and communication. In-person meetings are preferred when team members are in close proximity, but when adopting a remote-first philosophy, meetings are structured to enhance the participation of those working remotely.

Revamp Your Communication Strategy

Remote teams can gain from implementing an asynchronous mode of communication. This empowers them to exchange information with their colleagues and stakeholders without the need for synchronous contact scheduled for a particular time and location. The advantages of implementing such business practices cannot be overestimated.

The second significant transformation concerns storage and dissemination of information within an enterprise. We foresee that textual and digital communication will grow in importance, allowing individuals to participate in training sessions at their convenience rather than requiring them to physically leave work to gain knowledge through traditional training methods.

The Essence of Works

At Works, we staunchly believe that individuals should have an equal chance to work for the most prominent global enterprises, irrespective of their location. That is the driving force behind why we established our platform — to unite skilled technicians with the organisations that require their expertise. We have been fortunate to be financed by pioneering companies.

Our mission at Works is to encourage businesses to adopt a “remote-first” philosophy by connecting proficient IT professionals from around the globe and ensuring their seamless and secure collaboration. This grants them access to superior talent, regardless of their physical location.

Do you aspire to develop your career in software engineering as a developer? Submit your hiring request with us at https://www.works.so/hire-talent.

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