Greatest Gifts for Telecommuters to Receive at Christmas time

As the year draws to a close, we must express our gratitude to our remote staff. This year has been demanding, and remote operations have been necessary for most companies. We have curated a choice of the finest Christmas gifts specifically for remote employees, so you can appreciate their hard work from the comfort of your own home.

10 Present Ideas for Telecommuters This Festive Season

Gifts during the holiday season are an excellent means of showing your team that you recognise and value their efforts, regardless of whether your company is just starting out or has been operating remotely for a while.

We have compiled 10 Christmas present suggestions that are guaranteed to “put a smile on their face,” as Joker would say in Batman.

A Delightfully Made Cup

For telecommuters, coffee is as necessary as fuel for a vehicle. While it may be a joke, it is accurate that beginning the day without coffee can leave a remote worker feeling hopeless.

It’s crucial to avoid making assumptions; still, many remote workers like hot beverages, so a customised mug may be a fantastic Christmas present. Think about having mugs made with the company logo or a unique message for each team member.

The customised mugs from Works helped to unite us despite our remote locations.

An Exceptional Read

The holiday season is a great opportunity to gift your team members an exceptional book, particularly if they enjoy reading. You could consider giving them a non-fiction work to broaden their knowledge, a science fiction piece, or your personal favourite – the one you think everyone should read at least once in their life.

As 2023 is dubbed the ‘Year of Remote Working’, presenting them with a book on this subject would equip them with the essential skills to excel in a digital ecosystem.

If you are searching for a manual on telecommuting, ‘Surviving Remote Work,’ the acclaimed bestseller by Works‘ President Sharon Koifman, is an excellent option. With over 10 years of experience in managing and working with remote teams. Sharon’s book is a valuable source of knowledge on the crucial elements of remote working.

Sturdy and Stylish Slippers

There is a widely held assumption that remote staff may be less efficient because they may choose to dress casually while working from home. However, this is not always the case, as telecommuters can maintain a professional demeanour and productivity level that is equivalent to those who work in a physical office.

There is a tremendous variety of slipper designs to choose from, including dad slippers, slippers with cartoon characters, dinosaur feet, or references to pop culture.

Charitable Donation Card

If you’re having difficulty selecting appropriate gifts for your remote team, gift cards are an excellent option. With the variety of preferences among your staff, it may be challenging to find something that everyone will appreciate. Moreover, you may not have enough time to search for personalised gifts for each individual.

Gift cards are a practical solution for any circumstance. You can easily acquire gift cards to stores that you believe your staff will love. For instance, if someone has a fondness for sweets, you could get them a gift card to a local chocolate store. An Amazon gift card is also an excellent alternative.

Exercise Gear

One of the biggest challenges of working remotely is making time for regular physical activity. Thus, it is crucial to provide your team with access to exercise equipment if you aim to lead a healthy way of life in 2023. Purchasing a yoga ball, mat or weights could be an excellent way to inspire your remote staff to prioritise their wellness within their homes.

Video games and fitness gadgets can be advantageous for remote staff to integrate into their everyday routine. The Remote Work Fit Challenge, established by Sharon Koifman, is an excellent means of enjoying oneself while keeping fit.

Essential Home Office Supplies

As this has been a trying year for many, it may be tough to find Christmas gifts for colleagues. However, gifts do not have to be extravagant to express appreciation and thankfulness. For remote staff, there are numerous cost-efficient alternatives that can offer practical advantages to the workplace.

Research has shown that having plants in the office setting can potentially boost productivity by as much as 15%. If team members are not keen on taking care of plants, providing them with office supplies like calendars, mini whiteboards, agenda notebooks and coloured pencils could serve as daily inspiration. Moreover, a mouse and mousepad could be practical additions to their home workspace.

Learning Membership

Instead of typical Christmas gifts, why not explore purchasing your remote staff a membership to a learning resource? This could be something they have expressed interest in, or something that could boost their efficiency in their job. Another option could be enrolling them in a learning platform where they can research a subject of their choice, such as the history and craft of beer brewing. Did you know that there are even courses that teach you how to make beer at home?

Online education platforms such as Udemy, Coursera and MasterClass offer a broad selection of courses with the potential to obtain certification.

Spill-proof Glassware

Have you ever felt the dread of spilling coffee or water on your laptop? With remote work becoming increasingly popular, it is commonplace for individuals to enjoy beverages while working from home. However, one small mistake can lead to having to buy a new computer. Fortunately, there are laptops that can withstand minor spills.

Hence, an anti-spill glass could be a practical present for remote staff this holiday season. This would enable them to relish their beverages without any concern of spilling them on their laptop.

Essential Home Office Supplies

Appropriate equipment is indispensable for an efficient home office setup while working remotely. This year, numerous workers were not properly equipped with the essential tools for working from home. Inadequate quality visuals and audio, such as a blurry camera or low-quality microphone, can be distracting and interrupt significant conversations and meetings with coworkers.

Your team may already possess some fantastic home office equipment, but there is always room for improvement. Investing in the right equipment can have a profitable effect on posture, like headphones, microphones, standing desks, and laptop stands.

Assortment of Snacks

Snacking is a vital aspect of life. Offering a variety of wholesome snacks can assist in enhancing productivity and concentrating on crucial tasks. This could be anything from a bowl of peanuts, dried fruit or even a box of chocolates.

The holiday season is typically synonymous with a variety of delectable, sugary delights. From gingerbread houses to Christmas cookies and minty drinks, there is an abundance of delectable treats to relish. Furthermore, on Christmas Day, the indulgence of these treats is reasonable, as there is no need to count calories.

Presenting your remote team with a snack basket filled with their preferred snacks is an amazing way to demonstrate your concern towards them as they step into 2024.

Preparing for the Year 2023

2023 has been a challenging year for several companies, and their staff has worked diligently under the given circumstances. As the year comes to an end, Christmas gifts can be an excellent way to express your gratitude for their contributions. Whether it is an iPad or a simple appreciation note, a thoughtful gesture will illustrate your thankfulness for their hard work throughout the year.

As 2023 is rapidly approaching, now is an opportune time to ensure that your business is adequately staffed with a robust team. We offer a broad spectrum of skilled remote professionals, all of whom are proficient in your company’s norms and culture. Additionally, if you require superior remote IT talent, our remote recruitment agency can supply proficient personnel within two weeks. Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance or advice.

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