Growing Works’ Scope in 2023

Works, a firm with a mission, launched its $100 million Series D round back in January of this year, providing further evidence that a company with a purpose can be successful. Over the past four years, we have successfully provided nearly 1,200 Asian engineers with access to the worldwide technology industry, delivered superior technical services to hundreds of partner organisations, and demonstrated that excellence is not confined to any single geographic area.

At Works, we recognise that learning is an essential part of life, as it is through trial and error that we can refine our methods and reach our objectives. We are cognizant of the rapid pace of the international technology industry and understand that in order for Asian technologists to stay competitive, we must grow and adapt to the changing demands of the market.

It is anticipated that Works will witness a 40% growth in the number of aspiring developers joining the platform in the coming year, compared to the total number of developers that were on board in the previous year. Over the last year, Works has seen the introduction of two developer cohorts, and the organisation is currently at the milestone of having 500 developers on board this month.

As Works embarks upon its next stage of growth, it is allocating substantial resources to the development of training and education technologies for its personnel and to broadening its pool of software developers.

Are you looking to expand your expertise? Our Works Learning Community offers an excellent opportunity for you to do so. We are an organisation that brings together talented programmers from all over Asia with the shared goal of addressing the world’s challenges. To support this mission, we provide free online resources for our members to use. We are always happy to welcome new members, so don’t hesitate to join us!

We are immensely grateful to all who are part of our learning community and to the wider community for their role in shaping the history of Works. We are dedicated to continuing to assist the thousands of Asian technologists to become highly skilled engineers all around the world.

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