Growing Works’ Scope in 2023

Earlier this year, Works, a purpose-driven enterprise, initiated its Series D round worth $100 million. This serves as testament to the notion that companies with a clear vision can achieve remarkable success. During the duration of four years, we proficiently enabled almost 1,200 Asian engineers to enter the global technology realm, furnished countless partners with exceptional technical solutions and proved that brilliance knows no geographical boundaries.

Works understands the significance of learning in our lives, as it is through experimentation and error correction that we elevate our skills and accomplish our goals. We acknowledge that the global technology sector is moving at a swift pace, hence, we know that for Asian technologists to remain competitive, we must evolve and tailor our approach to conform to the market’s dynamic needs.

Works is projected to experience a 40% increase in the enrolment of enthusiastic developers in the upcoming year, in contrast to the number of developers that joined the platform last year. Within the past year, Works successfully introduced two developer groups, and this month, the firm marks the milestone of achieving a total of 500 developers on board.

As Works sets out on its next expansion phase, it is committing considerable resources towards the creation of training and educational technologies for its staff and expanding its base of proficient software developers.

If you aspire to expand your skillset, our Works Learning Community presents an outstanding opportunity to do so. We are an organisation that unites skilled programmers from across Asia, striving to address global challenges. To fulfil our mission, we offer valuable resources for free to our members via our online platform. Feel free to join us, as we warmly welcome newcomers!

We express immense gratitude to all individuals who contribute to our learning community and the broader society for their impact on shaping Works’ history. We remain committed to supporting the development of numerous Asian technologists into highly proficient engineers across the globe.

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