Guide to Hiring Top Employees Through an Outsourcing or Outstaffing Company

The demand for skilled software developers is on the rise, as revealed by CompTIA’s June report indicating a surge of 42,000 IT job vacancies, totalling to 263,000 openings. Software and application developers drove the industry growth, contributing to around 82,800 job postings. Dice, an online job posting website, reported employers’ continued pursuit of software developers and engineers, indicating that this trend is not expected to decelerate anytime soon.

The Predicament of Hiring Developers

The shortage of highly skilled software engineers has consequently made it strenuous for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to secure competent staff. Location also poses a challenge, particularly for companies operating beyond major technology hubs. This leaves SMBs with two arduous choices: either move to a tech hub and compete with large companies that have deep pockets, or set up shop in areas with fewer resources, hoping that the local talent pool is sufficient to meet their hiring needs.

Outstaffing companies have arisen in regions with a substantial number of skilled software developers but restricted job opportunities, offering a resolution. However, not all of these enterprises actively seek to recruit experienced engineers.

Premium Resources for Employee Recruitment

If you face challenges filling vital positions, finding a staffing agency that can provide you with the most qualified engineers in the region, involves asking specific questions. Through this, you can evaluate whether a recruitment firm can provide access to high-level talent and deliver team members that can make a valuable impact in your organization.

  • An interesting perspective can be gained by comparing the number of individuals applying to the company with the number of those actually hired. If the company receives a vast number of job applications, far exceeding its hiring capacity, it signifies that the agency is held in high regard by job seekers, with many aspiring to join the organization. However, if the hiring rate is low, this may indicate that the company sets high standards for the caliber of its employees.
  • When evaluating engineers for a role, the hiring agency should not solely base their judgment on the number of years of experience but instead consider several other factors. Although experience is undoubtedly essential, skills such as leadership and communication are also vital in determining the engineer’s overall suitability. Therefore, it is crucial to undertake holistic assessments of applicants’ skills and attributes rather than relying solely on their years of experience.
  • Who conducts the interviews and makes the final hires?

    These will be your team’s engineers. It is important that you, not a project manager, oversee tasks distribution to ensure team coherence.
  • Is it guaranteed that the developers will work exclusively for your company or will they split their time between your company, the employment agency or other clients? Clarity is vital to ensure that the promised service is delivered. Highly skilled engineers prefer long-term opportunities that allow them to integrate into your team, technology systems, and processes.
  • What is the extent of the outsourced work required? It is advisable to avoid short-term contracting firms, as the most experienced and skilled developers prefer reliable employment opportunities that offer long-term challenges for honing their skills.
  • Once hired, engineers tend to remain with a company for a significant period. A high retention rate reflects an agency’s ability to effectively manage its remote teams, which contributes to both developer and client retention rates. It also indicates that the involved parties are content with the arrangement.
  • Our agency provides a supportive environment for both engineers and clients. Our primary objective is to furnish engineers with guidance and assistance for their work. We recognize that engineers require a team that can keep them accountable for their tasks while also fostering a welcoming atmosphere. To guarantee our clients receive adequate support, we offer structured support programs for our engineers, led by dedicated engineering management personnel.

Outsourcing can be pursued as an alternative solution if a company faces challenges in hiring in-house expertise due to budgetary or location limitations. Two models are available for organizations – a short-term fix for emergency situations or a long-term approach to meet ongoing development needs. In-demand engineers prefer the latter option due to the opportunity to engage in more innovative projects over an extended period. To ensure the selection of the appropriate agency to cater to their software development necessities, businesses should evaluate the following questions:

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