Guide to Hiring Top Employees Through an Outsourcing or Outstaffing Company

As the demand for top software developers continues to increase, the industry group CompTIA reported in June that 263,000 IT positions were open, an increase of 42,000 compared to the previous month. This was largely driven by the 82,800 job postings for software and application developers. According to Dice, an online job posting website, employers are still actively seeking software developers and engineers, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

The Developer Hiring Catch-22

As the demand for highly skilled software engineers continues to outpace the availability of talent, the struggle of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to find qualified personnel has become increasingly difficult. This is especially true for those companies that are located outside of the major technology hubs. As a result, SMBs are in a difficult predicament: they can either move to a tech hub and compete with large companies that have deeper pockets, or they can set up shop in an area with fewer resources and hope that there is enough local talent available to meet their hiring needs.

In regions where there is a high concentration of experienced software developers but a limited number of jobs available, outstaffing companies have emerged to provide a solution. Nevertheless, not all of these firms actively seek to recruit experienced engineers.

Top-Notch Employee Recruitment Resources

If you are having difficulty filling essential positions, the best way to find a staffing agency that can supply you with the most qualified engineers in the area is to ask a few pertinent questions. By doing so, you can determine whether a recruitment firm has access to high-calibre talent and can offer team members who will have a positive impact on your organization.

  • The number of individuals applying to the company in comparison with the number of those accepted can offer interesting insights. It is likely that the company receives a high volume of job applications, far more than it is able to hire. This implies that the agency is viewed as a desirable employer, as many individuals are keen to join their ranks. On the other hand, if the acceptance rate is low, this could suggest that the company has high standards for its employees.
  • When it comes to criteria for selecting engineers, the hiring agency should consider more than just the number of years of experience. While experience is certainly an important factor, other skills such as leadership and communication are also key in determining an engineer’s overall suitability for the position. It is therefore important to ensure that applicants are evaluated based on a holistic assessment of their skills and attributes, rather than simply ranking them based on their years of experience.
  • Which parties conduct the interviews and make the final picks They will be your team’s engineers. Distributing tasks out of sight should be done by you, not a project manager.
  • Do the developers work solely for your company, or do they divide their time between your company and the employment agency or other customers? It is essential that clarity is achieved so that you can be sure that the service you were promised will be provided. Highly qualified engineers are looking for long-term opportunities where they can become integrated into your team, technology system, and processes.
  • To what degree does the outsourced work require only a minimal amount of time? It is highly recommended to stay away from short-term contracting firms as the majority of the most experienced and skilled developers are looking for reliable employment opportunities that allow them to sharpen their skills through challenging yet long-term ventures.
  • Engineers typically remain with a firm for a significant amount of time after they have been hired. The success of an agency’s dispersed team management in retaining both developers and clients can be determined by its retention rate. A high retention rate serves as evidence of an agency’s effectiveness in ensuring that everyone involved is content.
  • The agency provides a supportive environment for engineers and customers alike. Our top priority is to ensure engineers are offered guidance and assistance with their work. We understand that engineers need to be part of a team that holds them responsible for their tasks and makes them feel welcome. To ensure our customers access the necessary resources, we offer organised support programs for our engineers and provide dedicated engineering management.

When a company is unable to hire in-house expertise due to budgetary or location restrictions, it may turn to outsourcing as an alternative solution. There are two models available to organisations, a short-term fix for emergency situations, or a long-term model to fulfill ongoing development tasks. Highly sought after engineers prefer the latter, as they are able to work on more innovative projects over a longer period of time. To ensure the right agency is chosen to meet their software development needs, businesses should consider the following questions:

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