HackerRank conducted a survey in 2022, polling 36,000 engineers which revealed that the primary difficulties faced by employers when recruiting for open positions were a shortage of qualified job seekers and lack of diversity.

Numerous companies have been using a dispersed model to tackle the current recruitment challenges that businesses face. Gusto is one such instance, who publicly committed to introducing diversity to their engineering team. To achieve this goal, they opted for a distributed model and collaborated with Works to hire the finest engineers from across Asia.

Works partnered with Gusto, a platform that provides businesses with a flexible and effective solution for managing payroll, benefits, and human resources, in September 2022. Initially, Works had a solitary developer, Femi, who focused solely on developing salary calculators and survey tools compatible with other websites.

Gusto ventured into distributed working with Works. As a result, they expanded their workforce, opening a secondary developer role and acquiring a significant new office in Denver, Colorado. After examining the backend of Works and visiting their Singapore headquarters in December 2022, Gusto decided to enlist two additional developers in the span of three months, bringing the total up to four developers working across two teams.

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