Have a Diverse Group of People Working on Your Development. The Rationale Is as Follows

While hiring a development team, technical expertise is a top priority for managers and HR personnel. Evaluating candidates based on their proficiency in various programming languages, frameworks, libraries, practical experience, past projects and soft skills such as communication and creative thinking is essential. However, it’s essential not to underestimate the potential benefits of having a diverse team, which is often overlooked.

Therefore, while hiring candidates via platforms like Works, it’s important to consider the advantages of having people with different cultural backgrounds, education, and life experiences. Such a diverse group can offer unique perspectives, innovative approaches, and new ideas to facilitate the team’s overall growth.

In today’s fast-paced and ambiguous climate, it’s crucial to acknowledge and appreciate the significance of cultural, ethnic, racial, and gender diversity in the workplace. It’s not only advantageous in terms of inclusivity and fairness, but it also gives a competitive edge over less diverse development teams. There are several benefits to having a diverse range of developers, some of which are detailed below:

1. Diversity enhances productivity and efficiency

Undoubtedly, meeting project deadlines and requirements can be taxing for development teams, leading to exhaustion over time and negatively impacting their productivity and efficiency. While diversifying the team cannot entirely mitigate such situations, it can help provide a buffer against the adverse effects of stress and potentially enhance their productivity and effectiveness.

There’s a general consensus that a team consisting of people from varied backgrounds and experiences are more likely to generate innovative and creative ideas and solutions. This is because diverse perspectives can lead to novel solutions to issues. Additionally, the existence of differing viewpoints can create a dynamic and stimulating atmosphere, as individuals challenge each other, thus preventing complacency.

To support this, consider the following statistic: Studies analyzing the financial performance of various companies have demonstrated that those with higher gender diversity and engagement levels have a considerable advantage of between 46% and 58% over those with lower levels of diversity and engagement.

2. Individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds tend to formulate new and innovative ideas.

In the continually evolving digital era, it’s crucial not to become narrow-minded and stuck on a single approach that may become outdated. Hence, it’s imperative to have a diverse team comprising individuals from varied cultural backgrounds. Such individuals bring a distinct viewpoint that can foster new ideas and facilitate progress.

If everyone on a team were to agree on everything, ideas for various projects can slowly become repetitive and unoriginal. Conversely, working with a diverse team allows one to listen to the unique requirements of each client and obtain multiple perspectives. This encourages individuals to think outside the box and devise innovative solutions, as well as explore new methods for tackling problems. Ultimately, diverse thoughts prove beneficial when brainstorming and creating new projects.

To support this, consider the following statistic: Studies have demonstrated that companies with above-average diversity witness a 19% increase in innovation revenues.

3. Involving users from diverse cultural backgrounds leads to a more resilient and versatile software.

When developing new software applications, apps, or platforms, designers and programmers must empathize with the end-users to ensure they have the best possible experience. To make software as versatile and inclusive as possible, having a diverse team of developers that includes UX designers and QA testers from various cultural backgrounds is advantageous. This is because diversifying the team leads to a better understanding of the end-users from different cultures, which is vital when it comes to providing a great user experience.

A diverse team can provide an array of benefits when it comes to analyzing and developing a product or service. The unique background, experience and perspectives of each individual can play a crucial role in ensuring the final product meets the client’s requirements and the demands of the end-users, which could be varied and extensive. Additionally, diverse thoughts can result in making the product more accessible to a larger audience or better suited to the changing preferences of customers.

To support this, consider the following statistic: Businesses that exhibit racial and ethnic diversity enjoy a 45% greater chance of acquiring market share.

4. Multicultural teams can lead to the exploration of new markets.

As previously highlighted, having a diverse team can be advantageous in recognizing new opportunities. The varied perspectives of the team help identify patterns and gaps in the market, which may have gone unnoticed otherwise. When introducing new software, there is always a risk of people using it for something other than its intended purpose, especially when launching it in a different market, either in another country or a different region within the same country.

A diverse team possessing varied perspectives, cultural insight, linguistic proficiency and local connections proves highly advantageous when launching a product in a new market. Such a team can ensure efficient marketing efforts, leading to greater earning potential. Additionally, software developed by a diverse team is more likely to be a well-rounded and appropriate adaptation for the new market.

To support this, consider the following statistic: In the past year, 70% more diverse businesses entered a new market.

5. Diversity facilitates the attraction and retention of top talent.

When operating in the software development industry, companies frequently hire employees from their competitors, as highly qualified professionals are in high demand. These professionals are presented with various opportunities that align with both their interests and professional aspirations. Financial compensation and other benefits are two key factors that influence their decision when it comes to choosing a job. Furthermore, diversity can be advantageous in this sort of environment since it can result in a range of new perspectives and concepts.

When assembling a diverse team, it demonstrates that you value and appreciate each team member’s individual opinions and experiences. This conveys a clear message that you are committed to creating an environment where everyone can contribute to their personal growth and the collective success of the team. Having a variety of individuals in the team results in a wealth of knowledge and creative ideas. Offering the right incentives will make your team an attractive place to work for skilled engineers who are eager to collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds.

To support this, consider the following statistic: Surveys have shown that two-thirds of job seekers consider workplace diversity a significant factor when seeking employment. Additionally, more than half of current employees prefer their companies to implement more initiatives aimed at promoting diversification.


When looking for suitable experts, assessing their fundamental credentials is a reasonable starting point; however, the present situation requires a more comprehensive approach. It is insufficient to only evaluate a potential candidate’s soft skills, it is also necessary to consider how you can contribute to the process.

Providing benefits like free food, remote work options and recreational areas cannot be compared in importance to having a diverse workforce. In fact, a team with varied composition can benefit everyone involved since it encourages the exchange of ideas, viewpoints and beliefs which might not be present in a team with uniform composition. Furthermore, this kind of expertise is becoming increasingly attractive to the younger generation, thus expanding the pool of qualified applicants.

Moreover, your organization (and you) will reap specific benefits from embracing diverse perspectives. Not only in terms of financial figures or profitability, but also in terms of different perspectives and awareness of the world. This, in turn, will have a positive impact on the quality of the software your company provides to the public.

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