Having the Option to Work Remotely Is a Game Changer

We are delighted to introduce you to David, one of our esteemed developers at Works. In his latest blog post, David shares his top tips on how software developers can optimise their efficiency and effectiveness whilst working remotely. We highly recommend that you check out David’s insightful article for practical advice on getting the most out of your remote work environment.

What skills are most beneficial in a frontier environment?

In a remote working setting, effective communication is paramount due to the absence of face-to-face interaction with clients and supervisors. It is crucial to maintain an open dialogue and resolve any project-related issues as they arise. Furthermore, fostering a sense of unity within the team is vital for success, and it is essential to be proactive in seeking support from colleagues when needed.

Moreover, when dealing with complicated matters, it is often more advantageous to convey the information via a phone call rather than through email. Speaking directly to the relevant individual will allow for a more comprehensive discussion of the intricacies involved.

What factors influence your decision to collaborate?

As a developer, it is highly fulfilling to witness other developers using my work and adopting my programming approach. When we encounter obstacles, it is imperative that we work together and combine our resources to find a viable solution. Collaborating with my colleagues to overcome challenges gives me a great sense of achievement and satisfaction.

When working remotely, how do you manage cultural disparities?

Being the only Brazilian in my team, I have the special opportunity to share my cultural background and gain insights from my colleagues’ diverse perspectives. Engaging in this exchange of knowledge benefits us all, and I am appreciative of the chance to expand my worldview.

I carried out some preliminary research and courteously expressed my lack of familiarity with certain aspects of their culture. The situation caught me off guard, and I was uncertain about the proceedings, but I was satisfied with the resolution.

For instance, we have been assigning imaginative and distinct names to our sprints, the most recent being “over the bridge noodle”, a dish previously unfamiliar to me that originated in China. For our upcoming sprint event, I introduced Bibimbap, a Korean dish, to my team. Furthermore, I also shared with them the Brazilian delicacy of Paoca.

In both my current and past teams, including those with whom I have collaborated remotely, we hold weekly coffee sessions where we engage in conversations on diverse topics. This gathering is highly significant, and all team members participate. Despite not being in the Pacific Time zone, I still make it a point to join in the coffee break. Occasionally, we even play online games like Gartic or other similar games.

Working from home affords the chance to maintain a professional image from the waist up while enjoying the comfort of your own home. One of the significant advantages of remote work is that you can stay cozy by wearing your preferred slippers at any time of the day.

Have you ever tried working remotely while travelling?

Over the last month, I have been embracing the digital nomad lifestyle, which grants me the flexibility to work from any location I desire. Recently, I used this opportunity to pay a visit to my family, who reside around 300 kilometres away from Curitiba. This holiday season has provided ample opportunities for spending quality time with my loved ones, as well as exploring the stunning Fortaleza Beach in the northeastern region. The wonders of technology have made it possible for us to work remotely and travel to various destinations around the world.

Can you offer any tips on balancing work and personal life?

Maintaining a clear boundary between work and personal life is crucial, particularly when working remotely. To distinguish between work hours and non-work hours, consider changing into different attire and engaging in relaxation activities at the end of the day. Unless there are urgent demands that necessitate staying connected beyond regular work hours, it is advisable to shut down your computer and disable any associated notifications.

Failing to compartmentalize various tasks in your mind will hinder your productivity and ability to concentrate fully.

Can you share a humorous incident that happened to you while working remotely, something not typically experienced by those who work in an office?

In my hometown, where the populace is roughly 30,000, it is not uncommon to hear vehicles equipped with loudspeakers promoting various merchandise. Since I work from my parents’ house, I frequently find myself in meetings interrupted by advertising vehicles advertising eggs. In such scenarios, I typically interject and say, “Pardon me, that seems to be the egg vendor or possibly the fruit seller’s vehicle.”

In the summertime, our team of mobile vending vehicles offers refreshing delights for our clients. To create a pleasant ambiance, the vehicles sometimes play funk music spontaneously, which frequently generates an amused response from those who have encountered it previously, exclaiming in astonishment, “Wow! David, you did it again!”

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