Helpful Hints for Developers: 2023’s Most Popular Technologies

The forthcoming year’s employment forecast

The current job market is severely affected by a lack of skilled professionals. Many businesses are compelled to depend more on their current workforce to cater to the market’s requirements. Therefore, it is crucial to provide necessary training and certification to employees to fill in the gaps of the required job roles.

This is why platforms like Works exist to bridge the gap. Our primary goal is to link skilled professionals like yourself with companies that are keen to leverage your exceptional skillset. Just like the train in the popular film/TV series Snowpiercer, the technology sector is continuously evolving. As any business that fails to stay up-to-date with the latest trends will ultimately experience a hardship.

Given the ever-evolving nature of the technical sector, it becomes imperative for the workforce in this field to stay abreast of current trends and prepare themselves for plausible future changes. To meet the demands of the job market, polishing one’s skills and abilities is a must-have trait.

What skills will be highly sought after in the near future and beyond? Although this is not an all-inclusive list, if you wish to explore promising opportunities, do continue reading.

Salesforce Engineers

It is no longer uncommon for major corporations to employ Salesforce as their go-to tool for managing their client relationships. Therefore, there arises the necessity for skilled engineers to optimize and maintain complex systems. Established companies such as Spotify, Amazon Web Services, and T-Mobile are loyal Salesforce clientele and only hire top-notch developers to manage their infrastructure. This has led to soaring demand for Salesforce experts, with job roles available in administration, development, and consultancy. Knowledge of Java can prove advantageous for those willing to learn Salesforce Apex, the platform’s proprietary programming language.

Node.js and JavaScript

As JavaScript completes 25 years since its inception in 2022, the MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js) stack and its variations (MERN and MEVN) are predicted to retain their popularity. Node.js, a back-end JavaScript runtime environment that is free, open-source, and platform-independent, permits programmers to write their code in a single language. Tech giants like Microsoft, Paypal, and Netflix have been using JavaScript for ages due to its adaptability, scalability, and extensibility, especially in cloud settings. Thereby, indicating that expertise in this field will continue to remain high in demand in the future.


Golang has been gaining significant limelight among developers worldwide, with its consistent ranking among the top languages to learn. Developed by Google, this versatile programming language caters to web development, cloud services, and network administration, making it an ideal choice for programmers. With the increased adoption by major corporates, the prevalence of the Go programming language is projected to rise further in the coming years, leading to its heightened demand.

Combining All Ops, not just DevOps

The demand for professionals with expertise in DevOps, cloud operations, and security is widely acknowledged. Companies are increasingly adopting DevSecOps as part of their DevOps journey. Firms that have embraced cloud computing and automated technologies to a greater extent are more probable to have an already established DevOps setup.

The Lack of Interest in Them Cannot Always be Attributed to Their Age.

Despite the IT industry’s quest for the newest advancements, several classic techniques continue to hold relevance today. A long-standing joke implies that if a perplexed COBOL programmer was placed in a state of suspended animation, they could awaken years later and continue coding in the same language without any hindrance.

While Java has been in existence for a quarter of a century, it is witnessing renewed popularity owing to its contribution to powering the Internet of Things and big data.

With the industry increasingly tilting towards newer platforms, Ruby on Rails’ prevalence may not be as significant as it once had been. Nevertheless, the release of Ruby 3.0 towards the end of 2022 has rejuvenated interest in the language. It is still widely used by enterprises and amasses a considerable following among developers.

Product managers, program managers, product owners, user experience designers, and the various other professionals who guarantee successful outcomes for tech projects deserve recognition for their crucial roles. The demand for these skilled experts is predicted to stay robust in the upcoming years.

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