Helping Others Through Tech ‘Works’ Donation Portal

As a technology-driven enterprise, we have observed the immense potential of technology to enrich people’s quality of life and trigger progress in societies. With this in mind, we decided to take a meaningful step towards positively impacting our local community during the holiday season. As a team, we recognise the responsibility to contribute to the world and help foster a brighter future.

Towards the end of 2023, Works launched the Donation Hub initiative, which involved the entire company and was customer-oriented, with the aim of contributing to society. We compiled a list of charities and organisations that utilise ground-breaking methodologies to improve the lives of individuals with the least resources and elevate their conditions. As part of this drive, customers were given the opportunity to select charities for Works to donate to, resulting in a collective contribution of $35,500. This initiative was a huge success and has had a positive impact on the communities in our area.

Standout Choices Among Charitable Organisations

Developed by Women

Operating at a worldwide level, Girls in Tech is a non-profit organisation dedicated to eliminating the gender disparity in the technology field. Aspiring to provide women who are enthusiastic about technology with professional development prospects, this group extends coding lessons, bootcamps, hackathons and startup contests to people of all ages and walks of life. Girls in Tech strives to assist women in technology by offering indispensable resources and an encouraging community.

Established in 2007, Girls in Tech has had its roots firmly planted in San Francisco. With a vast presence of 47 regional branches located in 33 countries, the Girls in Tech community has, to date, expanded to encompass a staggering 62,000 women globally. Every branch exclusively caters to its members’ specific requirements and interests, delivering bespoke initiatives and events.

Equipping Every Child with a Laptop

With an aim to provide educational opportunities to the most underprivileged children worldwide, One Laptop Per Child is a not-for-profit organisation. Their goal is to ensure that every child has the chance to avail themselves of an affordable, long-lasting laptop that can be brought home from school. This has a beneficial impact on the entire household, as it enables them to enjoy the benefits of having a computer at home.

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project is geared towards providing educational support to primary school pupils between the ages of 6 and 12. The undertaking has been devised to supply suitable hardware, content and software that responds to the learning requirements of these young learners. To this end, OLPC aims to foster an environment in which pupils can learn together in an enjoyable and empowering manner. By doing so, it motivates pupils to invest more in their own education as they work together to gain knowledge, refine their skills, and establish meaningful connections with each other, the world around them, and the future ahead.

No Need to Make a Fuss

Child’s Play is a philanthropic organisation that came into existence in 2003. Providing play therapy to children residing at institutions, such as hospitals, clinics and shelters for victims of domestic abuse, is their principal mission. As a charity that partners with the gaming industry, Child’s Play is dedicated to granting toys and video-games to these children, to amplify their happiness and assist them in coping with their challenging situations.

The Child’s Play network, presently comprising over a hundred hospitals around the globe, is estimated to have been successful in bringing hope and happiness to numerous children in need. This accomplishment was feasible thanks to the exceptional magnanimity displayed by businesses, individuals and the gaming community, all of whom contributed towards having a real impact on the lives of these children.

Collectively, we are grateful for your assistance.

We desire to express our heartfelt appreciation to all our customers who have reposed their faith in us and supported us from the very beginning. It is solely due to their steadfast loyalty and trust that we have been able to realise our objectives. We had an amazing experience and are eagerly anticipating re-embarking on this journey in the near future.

It is crucial to recognise the contributions of charities functioning in the Information Technology (IT) industry. Their efforts not only have a beneficial impact on individuals but also serve as a source of inspiration to all those employed in the IT sector. It is heartening to observe that Girls In Tech is the most favoured entity promoting the critical cause of gender diversity, a matter that is increasingly assuming greater significance in contemporary society.

Once more, I am grateful. Here’s to the year 2023!

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