Helping Others Through Tech ‘Works’ Donation Portal

As an IT company, we have seen first-hand how technology can improve people’s lives and help communities to develop. Consequently, we decided to take action and do something meaningful for our local community during the Christmas season. As a team, we felt that it was now time for us to contribute positively to the world.

At the close of 2023, Works launched a company-wide and customer-facing initiative, the Works‘ Donation Hub, as an effort to give back to our communities. We established a directory of charities and organisations that use innovative approaches to help those with the least resources to lift their circumstances. As part of this campaign, Works made a collective donation of $35,500 to charities of the customers’ choosing. The initiative was a great success and has made a positive impact on our local communities.

Top Picks Among Charity Groups

Engineered by Women

Girls in Tech is a global organisation that has set itself the ambitious goal of eliminating the gender gap in technology. They strive to provide professional development opportunities to women with an interest in technology, by offering coding classes, bootcamps, hackathons and startup competitions to people of all ages and backgrounds. Girls in Tech’s objective is to help women in technology by offering them valuable resources, and a supportive network.

Since it was founded in 2007, Girls in Tech has proudly called San Francisco its home. With 47 local chapters in 33 countries, the Girls in Tech network has grown to include over 62,000 women worldwide. Each chapter is tailored to the unique needs and interests of its members, providing them with tailored programmes and activities.

Every Kid Deserves a Laptop

One Laptop Per Child is a non-profit organisation devoted to providing educational opportunities to the world’s most disadvantaged children. Their mission is to make sure that every child has the opportunity to benefit from access to an affordable and durable laptop, with the convenience of being able to take it home with them from school. This has a positive impact on the entire household, as it allows them to experience the advantages of having a computer at home.

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative is focused on providing educational resources to primary school students aged 6-12. The project has been designed to provide hardware, content and software that reflects the needs of these students. With this in mind, OLPC seeks to create an environment where young students can learn together in a way that is both enjoyable and empowering. This, in turn, encourages students to invest more in their own education, as they collaborate to acquire knowledge and hone their skills while developing strong connections with each other, their world and the future.

No Big Deal

Child’s Play is a charitable organisation that was established in 2003. Their primary focus is on providing play therapy to children living in institutions such as hospitals, clinics and shelters for victims of domestic abuse. As a ‘gaming industry charity’, Child’s Play works to provide toys and video-games to these children, to bring them joy and to help them cope with their difficult circumstances.

It is estimated that more than one hundred hospitals across the world have been linked to the Child’s Play network, providing a much needed source of hope and happiness for many children. This has been made possible due to the incredible generosity of businesses, individuals and the gaming community, who have all contributed to making a tangible difference to the lives of these children.

As a whole, we appreciate your help.

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all our customers who have had faith in us and supported us from the outset. It is due to their unwavering commitment and trust that we have been able to achieve our goals. We had a wonderful experience and we are looking forward to repeating this journey in the near future.

It is important to acknowledge the work of charities operating within the Information Technology (IT) sector. Their work not only has a positive effect on individuals, but also serves as a source of motivation to all those working in the IT sector. The issue of gender diversity is increasingly becoming a priority in modern society, and we are delighted to see that Girls In Tech is the most popular organisation advocating for this important cause.

Once again, I appreciate it. A toast to the year 2023!

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