Helping People Communicate While Working Remotely in 2023

What is the functioning process of Remote AID?

At Running Remote, the biggest event for remote work worldwide, participants can gain insights from remote work experts on team building and management in remote working environments. Regrettably, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event has been postponed to September this year.

Remote Aid 2023, organized by Running Remote, was a charitable online event held on 20th April. The aim of this event was to render free assistance to businesses, managers and employees grappling with remote work challenges, and support them in achieving remote work success.

Communication in Remote Teams

Due to the extraordinary circumstances caused by the global outbreak of COVID-19, more and more companies have been forced to adopt remote work setups without prior familiarity with it. Unfortunately, this has resulted in numerous organizations facing difficulties and struggling to adjust well, mainly attributed to communication incompetency. Consequently, developing effective communication skills has become a crucial matter for such teams.

At Remote AID 2023, attendees gathered for a roundtable discussion to tackle the following concerns:

  • Stacy Elliott, Director of Executive Communication at Microsoft.
  • Chatri Ali heads the Operations at ReCharge.

The Founder and CEO of SmartBug Media, Ryan Malone, led the session and guided three discussions amongst the experts regarding remote team collaboration. He presented participants with questions to ignite conversation and deliberation.

Issues in Communicating with Remote Teams

Communication between employees in workplaces is diverse and vast, with formal meetings, casual talks in communal areas, and brief office visits all contributing to the liveliness of the office atmosphere. One can only fully perceive the extent of these interactions by being physically present in the building.

The dynamics of a team functioning remotely can differ significantly from that of a team operating in a physical office setup. Nowadays, it is commonplace for teams to be scattered across several countries, with individuals located all around the world. Thus, it becomes imperative for managers and leaders to establish efficient communication methods to curb possible misunderstandings, foster significant bonds, and eventually enable productive collaboration across diverse time zones. These are some of the challenges that demand attention to ensure the triumph of remote teams.

The three remote leaders who participated in the AID 2023 discussion panel were in agreement that creating open communication protocols is one of the most significant hurdles for businesses that have never applied remote work before the COVID-19 pandemic. There was a shared concern about how individuals would effectively communicate with each other and establish connections. It is evident that devising an action plan is crucial to ensure that remote workers can exchange information and collaborate efficiently.

Aside from offering counsel on enhancing communication prowess, Sharon Koifman also presented an alternative standpoint on the issue. He emphasized the importance of keeping communication channels open within a dispersed team to build a cohesive and efficient work environment. It is noteworthy that culture extends beyond a shared understanding of certain accepted behaviors.

What are the ways managers should adjust their communication styles in order to be effective?

Remote work has several advantages for both employers and employees. It offers greater scheduling flexibility that can result in enhanced productivity and decreased staff turnover. This proves advantageous for both sides, as it can lead to amplified efficiency and cost reduction.

Being present at the workplace from nine in the morning until five in the afternoon does not necessarily imply that you are working actively for the entire duration of that time. It is probable that you may require breaks from work, socialize with colleagues, or attend meetings which may consume a substantial portion of your day.

While working from home, you have the liberty to select the routine that best fits with your work without any external factors impeding your progress. You may choose to work through the night or start early- whatever enables you to complete the task effectively. However, mandatory meetings must be attended as per the schedule.

As a leader who is working remotely from their team, it is crucial to acknowledge that employees have various commitments outside of work and live in different locations globally. The current quarantine situation has caused difficulties for many, as it pertains not only to achieving goals but also to ensuring their overall well-being and contentment.

The Impact of Telecommuting on COVID-19

It is impractical to foretell the future with complete certainty. Will the extensive adoption of remote work result in the reduction of daily commute time? If not, what factors do you believe drive individuals to endure prolonged commutes to their workplace every day?

It is clear that there are varying opinions regarding the current situation, with many individuals who are accustomed to working on-site expressing their dissatisfaction at being required to work remotely due to the pandemic. Adjusting to sudden changes in routine and lifestyle can understandably be challenging, and it is reasonable that some are experiencing difficulty with the transition. Nevertheless, there are those who have managed to adapt and find success, with Twitter being an example of this.

Even with the challenges that numerous teams have encountered while transitioning to remote work, Chathri Ali is optimistic that it is revolutionizing the way work is carried out in the future. She is convinced that this transformation is bound to happen and will have a long-term effect.

Although most businesses may not transform entirely into digital entities, they could modify their previous analog approaches to collaboration.

Are you facing challenges in leading your team?

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