Here Are 3 Lessons Learned About Remote Work from Starting from Scratch on an App

Xavier Anguera plays several positions at ELSA, the tech firm behind the most cutting-edge artificial intelligence programme for English learning. Web Summit had a chat with Xavier, who is the Speech Scientist, Co-Founder, and CTO of the company, to discover their thoughts on working remotely.

Clearly express the difficulties you are encountering.

Ever since its establishment, ELSA has been a globally distributed company, with its Co-Founders located on different continents and its team members situated across the United States, Portugal, India, and Vietnam. Maintaining effective communication and staying connected can be challenging due to the remote nature of the business and time differences. To ensure that everyone stays informed and updated, Xavier stresses the importance of clear and comprehensive communication via email or written communication. This approach guarantees that all team members remain up to date, regardless of their location.

According to Xavier, getting accustomed to the local setting was the primary hurdle he encountered. It took him three years before he got to meet his colleagues face-to-face, and he still hasn’t had the opportunity to meet some of them. Although he enjoys personal interactions, he recognizes the challenges of communicating with team members remotely.

When hiring, it is crucial to have a global perspective.

Xavier’s vast experience with remote work offers valuable insights into global recruiting. It is widely acknowledged that implementing an international recruiting strategy widens the pool of qualified candidates. However, due to the specialized nature of our technology, it is crucial to work with individuals who possess significant speech expertise. Xavier is of the opinion that the company will reap the benefits of tapping into a global talent pool.

Xavier emphasizes the significance of considering the legal implications of global recruiting. Nevertheless, he recognizes that the chance to connect with individuals from different parts of the world is a tremendous advantage.

Be open to change and embrace fresh opportunities.

Xavier first met his co-founder at a tech conference and later started corresponding via email before starting their venture. Xavier was situated in Portugal, while his co-founder was in San Francisco. He spent three weeks sleeping on the floor of her apartment in San Francisco while she attended an intensive program that helped them gain a better understanding of working together and living together.

Xavier understood the significance of flexibility and adjusting to varying circumstances. His willingness to integrate himself into his new workplace, both professionally and personally, is commendable. This approach should ideally be applied to all future hires. The ability to work remotely and recruit from diverse geographic locations is a tremendous advantage, with a profound impact on our work and lifestyle.

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