Here Are 3 Not-so-Obvious Ways in Which Hiring Remote Workers Benefits Companies

It is well-known that there are various advantages to remote working, which are often discussed in relation to the benefits for employees. Certainly, the improved work-life balance that remote workers experience can lead to increased productivity. Yet, it is important to remember that employers can also benefit from the establishment of a remote working culture, which can make all roles more effective and life simpler for everyone. There are numerous ways in which having remote employees can aid businesses.

How Do Companies Benefit From Having Their Employees Work From Home?

Working environments tend to be expansive, sophisticated facilities that offer a range of benefits to their staff. Unfortunately, this can become an issue for both the organization and its personnel, as costs can become exorbitant. Commuting to and from the workplace can take up a substantial amount of time, and the extended hours spent at work can have a detrimental effect on personal life. What has happened to having a balanced lifestyle outside of the workplace?

It is not possible to improve employee satisfaction solely through providing free coffee and a climate-controlled gaming room. Employees would prefer to maintain a healthy balance between their work and personal lives. What is the advantage to the business of this approach?

  • Remote working can help to reduce costs, eliminating expenditure on items such as rent, vending machines and facility management.
  • Employees who work from home can often be more productive. A better work-life balance can reduce stress levels, leading to more efficient completion of tasks in a shorter amount of time.
  • Individuals from all over the globe are accessible to offer their abilities. Excellence should not be compromised. It is not necessary to restrict recruitment to local candidates.

Employers can benefit greatly from hiring remote employees, as they gain access to skillsets that may not be available in a traditional office setting. It is possible to source top talent from around the world, which can result in significant cost savings. To illustrate this point, we draw on real-world experience to highlight the advantages of remote working.

The First Sleepyhead Case

Alex is highly regarded amongst Company Development Managers in the UK for her ability to make a significant difference to her clients’ lives. She is an exemplary role model.

She possesses a natural ability to make people feel comfortable, identify what makes their business unique and guide them to the best strategies for growing their company. She is an innovative thinker who has secured contracts worth millions of pounds for her clients, allowing them to gain further business opportunities.

Alex has been diagnosed with a rare neurological condition known as narcolepsy, which results in an extreme level of fatigue even after having adequate amounts of sleep. This fatigue is much different to the ordinary fatigue felt after a long day; it is more akin to the exhaustion experienced after not sleeping for a week and running a marathon.

Alex and other individuals living with chronic conditions are attempting to illustrate the challenges they face through the use of the ‘spoon hypothesis’. This is used to represent the limited amount of energy they have on a daily basis, which is depleted with each activity they undertake.

People who have to manage their energy usage often have to make difficult decisions about how to use their limited resources. A simple example of this is having to think carefully about something that would usually be taken for granted, such as taking a shower, which requires a spoon of energy. This serves to demonstrate the challenging situation faced by those who need to conserve their energy.

To Alex, the expense of a spoonful of gas is worth the convenience of working from home.

Alex has a secret weapon at their disposal – stimulants. The neurosurgeon prescribed a medication that would help Alex stay awake and be able to work. However, these stimulants come with some undesirable side effects; Alex’s anxiety makes it difficult for them to leave the house, socialize and work in an office environment while taking the medication. Ultimately, they will have to make a decision, leaving them with limited options.

Despite the fact that many people in Alex’s position are unable to work effectively, she has achieved impressive results while working remotely. She has consistently met deadlines, taking advantage of her flexible schedule to work when her energy levels are at their peak. Alex has successfully built strong relationships with her team members via video chat applications such as Skype and Zoom.

Alex’s impressive skillset would remain undiscovered by her employers and their customers were it not for her ability to work remotely. Had her current employer not recognized her potential, she would not be as successful as she is today. This would be a great loss, not only to the individual, but to the business as a whole, and serves as a reminder of the importance of remote working in order to provide opportunities to those with chronic conditions and disabilities who may otherwise be overlooked. Remote hiring is an invaluable tool for businesses, allowing them to access a diverse pool of talented personnel regardless of their physical location or health.

She has benefited greatly from being able to work remotely. This has enabled her to have greater control over her own working hours and personal life, making it easier for her to achieve her goals. Additionally, the company has also seen a positive impact, as they have been able to save money on the costs associated with providing her with an office space.

The Case of the Suspicious Robot

Charlie is highly articulate, hailing from Sydney, Australia. She has a rare ability to converse with others, deduce their real intentions, often different from their initial outlook, and then articulate them in an engaging and impactful manner.

Charlie consistently proposes innovative solutions and her writing is consistently creative due to her inventive problem-solving approach and her capacity to express not only what is asked of her, but also what needs to be said. Her contributions always enhance the quality of her writing.

After taking a career break to focus on raising her children, Charlie began to miss the challenges of working life. Similar to Marvin, the paranoid android from Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, she began to feel like an outsider. Marvin famously said, “I have a brain the size of a planet, and they want me to watch Teletubbies. I don’t think that counts as enjoying one’s work.” This resonated with Charlie, as she desired work that provided her with more stimulation.

Charlie took a job with a New York-based company that she could work for remotely, to keep her mind occupied and generate an income. This was especially beneficial for her as she was left to care for her two children and manage all of the household expenses following her husband’s departure.

Even though Charlie is located in a different nation than her employer, she is still the ideal candidate for the job because of her unique skill set.

Due to their remote working environment, it is not necessary to decline the most suitable candidate because of their location, nor is it necessary to pay a high fee for them to relocate. Charlie is able to continue working, even when her children require time away from school, without having to take any time off during school holidays; she can complete her tasks while on holiday, with access to the internet.

Her employer’s international clientele would not be able to access her excellent work without her being part of a remote team. This highlights the potential advantages for organizations of employing remote staff, which may be unattainable in a more traditional office set-up.

The Star Performer

Nick is a highly capable employee, demonstrating excellent performance in their role. This has led to them being entrusted with additional responsibilities outside of their original scope, as their reputation for excellence has become known.

Nick’s workload is substantial, and he is often interrupted by requests for assistance. He is increasingly finding it difficult to turn these requests down.

By permitting Nick to work remotely, his project manager can be more productive. As Nick has been out of the public eye for a while, they don’t have to worry about another Prime Minister attempting to poach him.

Nick has the capability to engage in dialogue with his colleagues, yet he can take his own time to do so, rather than facing constant interruption. The organization has gained improved cost-efficiency. Nick has the option to politely decline any remote working opportunities without having to excessively use a thesaurus.

Find Your Next Iconic Remote Employee

The incorporation of remote working into business practices can lead to an increase in workplace diversity. By hiring remote employees, companies can access a wider range of talent from around the world, as well as those who can work to their full potential from the comfort of their own homes.

The three employees in question are exemplary, exceptional individuals who are difficult to come across in a standard business setting. They are the cream of the crop, however, due to the limitations of a traditional office, they cannot be employed to help expand the company. The continual high costs of running the enterprise and the substantial salaries paid for substandard personnel are obstacles to the startup’s prospects of success.

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