Here Are 3 Not-so-Obvious Ways in Which Hiring Remote Workers Benefits Companies

Remote working is acknowledged as having various perks. While the emphasis is usually on the advantages for employees, such as better work-life balance and increased productivity, employers should not be overlooked as they can also reap the rewards of implementing a remote working culture. By having a distributed workforce, all positions can be streamlined and simplified, resulting in greater efficiency and ease of operations. The benefits of having remote employees for businesses are numerous.

What Are the Advantages of Having Employees Work From Home for Companies?

Workplaces are often large and complex, offering numerous perks to employees. However, this can be problematic for both the company and its workforce, with expenses skyrocketing. The daily commute to work can be time-consuming, while long working hours can negatively impact one’s personal life. The question remains, where is the balance between work and personal life?

Simply offering free coffee and a gaming room with a controlled climate is not enough to enhance employee satisfaction. Employees value maintaining a healthy work-life balance. So, what are the benefits for the company in adopting this approach?

  • Working remotely can be cost-effective, cutting down on expenses like rent, vending machines and facility management.
  • Employees who work remotely can exhibit higher levels of productivity. A favourable work-life balance can alleviate stress, contributing to more effective task completion within a shorter timeframe.
  • With remote work, individuals from all around the world can contribute their skills. Quality should never be compromised, and recruitment need not be limited to candidates in the local area.

The advantages of hiring remote workers are plenty for employers, as it opens up a wide range of skills that may not be present in a conventional office environment. Recruiting top talent from all around the globe is possible, which can translate into substantial cost savings. To further demonstrate this argument, we provide real-life examples that illustrate the benefits of remote work.

The Inaugural Sleepyhead Case

Alex is widely acclaimed among Development Managers at UK-based companies for her remarkable aptitude in transforming the lives of her clients. She serves as an exemplary model for others to follow. ¹

Alex’s inherent talent lies in creating a sense of ease for people, discovering what distinguishes their business, and leading them towards optimal growth strategies. She is a visionary who has secured contracts worth millions of pounds for her clients, opening up new avenues for business progression.

Alex has been diagnosed with narcolepsy, a rare neurological condition that causes a high level of fatigue despite having sufficient sleep. This type of exhaustion is unlike the typical tiredness that follows a long day; it is more comparable to the level of exhaustion that arises from running a marathon after having stayed awake for a week at a stretch.

Alex and other individuals who find themselves living with long-term medical conditions aim to depict the obstacles they face by employing the ‘spoon theory’. This theory is used to symbolize their restricted reserves of energy on a day-to-day basis, which become depleted with every task they undertake.

Individuals who need to conserve their energy reserves are often faced with tough choices about how to use their limited resources. A straightforward example of this would be having to consider beforehand something that previously could be taken as given, such as taking a shower, which necessitates a spoonful of energy. This effectively showcases the demanding circumstances experienced by those who must manage their energy.

For Alex, the price of a spoonful of energy is well worth the convenience of being able to work from home.

Alex has a hidden weapon up their sleeve – stimulants. As recommended by a neurosurgeon, Alex takes medication that aids in keeping them alert and able to work. Nonetheless, these stimulants are accompanied by some unfavourable side effects; the ensuing anxiety makes it tough for them to exit their home, socialize or work in a traditional office setup while under medication. Ultimately, Alex will have to choose from limited options.

Even though numerous people in a situation similar to Alex’s experience find it challenging to work efficiently, she has accomplished phenomenal outcomes while working remotely. She has regularly met her project deadlines, utilizing her adaptable timetable to work when her energy levels are at their maximum capacity. Alex has deftly established robust rapport with her teammates via video conferencing tools, like Skype and Zoom.

Alex’s remarkable skill set may have remained undiscovered by her employers and their clientele had she not been able to work remotely. If her current employer had not acknowledged her abilities, her success story would not be as impressive. Not only would it have been a significant loss to Alex, but also to the company at large. This is a poignant reminder of the significance of remote working, which enables people with disabilities and chronic illnesses to gain opportunities that might otherwise have been denied to them. Remote hiring is a priceless tool for businesses as it grants access to a diverse talent pool, regardless of their location or health status.

Alex has gained immensely from the ability to work remotely. This has allowed her to have a greater say in deciding her own working hours and personal life, making it simpler for her to attain her objectives. Furthermore, the company has also benefited positively as they have been able to save costs related to providing Alex with a physical office space.

The Puzzling Scenario of the Doubtful Robot

Charlie, originally from Sydney, Australia, is extremely articulate. She possesses a unique talent for conversing with people, discerning their genuine motives, which may deviate from their initial stance, and then conveying them in a compelling and noteworthy manner.

Charlie regularly proposes ingenious solutions, and her written work is unfailingly imaginative due to her innovative problem-solving approach and her ability to articulate not only what is requested of her but also what needs to be communicated. Her input consistently elevates the quality of her writing.

Following a career hiatus to concentrate on her family, Charlie started to miss the demands of professional life. She felt like an outsider, similar to Marvin, the insecure android from Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. In one of his memorable quotes, Marvin famously said, “I possess a brain the size of a planet, and they want me to watch Teletubbies. I don’t believe that qualifies as enjoying one’s work.” The relevance to Charlie is quite profound, as she desired a work environment that offered her greater mental stimulation.

Charlie accepted a position with a New York-based company that allowed her to work remotely, to keep her mind engaged and earn an income. This was particularly advantageous for her as she was solely responsible for the care of her two children and managing all of the household expenses following her husband’s departure.

Despite Charlie’s location in a different country from her employer, she is still considered the perfect candidate for the role owing to her remarkable abilities.

Thanks to her remote working arrangement, it is not necessary to reject the most suitable candidate owing to their location or pay a considerable sum for them to relocate. Charlie can keep working, even when her children require time away from school, without taking time off during school holidays. She can stay connected to the web and complete her assignments while vacationing.

Remote working has made it possible for people like Charlie to achieve the work-life balance they desire while still being able to sustain a career.

Her company’s global customer base would not be able to benefit from her exceptional work without her being a part of a remote team. This emphasizes the possible benefits for companies that hire remote staff, which may not be feasible in a more conventional office environment.

The Outstanding Achiever

Nick is an extremely capable employee, displaying outstanding aptitude in their role. This has resulted in Nick being assigned additional duties outside their previous scope, as their reputation for excellence has spread.

Nick’s workload is substantial, and he is frequently interrupted by requests for aid. He is struggling to reject these requests more often than not.

Allowing Nick to work remotely enables his manager to be more efficient. As Nick has been away for some time, they do not have to worry about other companies attempting to attract him.

Nick has the ability to communicate with his colleagues, but he can do it at his own pace, without constant interruption. The company has achieved enhanced cost-effectiveness. Nick can respectfully decline any remote working offers without having to resort to using a thesaurus.

Discover Your Next Remarkable Remote Employee

Integrating remote working into business operations can result in an increase in workplace diversity. By hiring remote staff, companies can access a broader pool of talent from all over the globe, as well as those who can work effectively from their own homes.

The three staff members in question are outstanding, remarkable individuals who are challenging to come by in a typical business context. They are the best of the best, but the constraints of a conventional office make it impossible to hire them for the company’s expansion. The ongoing high expenses of running the enterprise and the large salaries paid to subpar personnel are impediments to the startup’s chance of success.

If you require assistance in building your own remote IT team, get in touch with us immediately. We are highly proficient at it and would be delighted to assist you.

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