Here Are 3 Strategies to Make Your Remote Workers Feel More Included

I vividly remember when remote work first gained popularity. It used to be that you could work in your pyjamas and easily transition from task to task, especially if you had a home office. However, this is no longer the norm.

Although remote work is often thought to be easier and more flexible than traditional office work, many professions can be just as demanding, if not more so, when working remotely. Despite the benefits of avoiding long commutes and being able to dress casually, working from home has become an essential aspect of modern businesses.

The rise of remote work has given both employers and employees the opportunity to reap the benefits it offers. Many companies that provide remote work require their workers to be available during normal business hours, dress appropriately for video conferences and other virtual meetings, and adhere to the company’s values and principles.

Remote work does not have to be an isolating experience and should not be. It’s crucial that those who work remotely still feel like they are part of the team. By fostering an environment that promotes connection for remote workers, both productivity and job satisfaction can be enhanced.

Ways to Converge

When a new and innovative idea strikes, it’s a good idea to send an email right away. Video conferencing, phone calls, and even instant messaging can often be more effective ways to connect with colleagues who are not in the same location. To effectively integrate your remote workers into the company culture, it’s recommended to use a variety of methods as well as communication technologies.

1. Interacting with Others

Socializing with colleagues is an excellent way for employees to strengthen their relationships with each other. Whether it’s casual conversations during lunch, visits to the office, or planned team-building activities, there are many opportunities to build connections and create a more positive work environment. By taking the time to get to know each other outside of regular work hours, colleagues are more likely to collaborate more effectively and be happier in their jobs.

Although informal chats around the water cooler are not possible for remote workers, employers can still ensure that their workforce gets to know each other through planned events and meetings. Making an effort to bring remote employees together socially is an excellent way to develop camaraderie among colleagues. Whether it’s regular “team lunches” in a conference room, with Skype used to include remote staff, or just casual conversation before or after meetings, these small steps can help create a pleasant and friendly work environment.

2. Empower Workers with More Control

There is a common misconception that remote workers are only expected to complete their assigned tasks and do not offer any additional value. However, those who go the extra mile and demonstrate commitment to their role and organization are extremely valuable, even when working remotely. Conversely, those who exhibit little or no ambition to improve their skills can be detrimental to any company. It is crucial that remote teams consist of members who are capable and willing to leverage their expertise to make decisions, voice their opinions, and contribute to the overall success of the organization. Therefore, it’s important to treat each individual with the same level of respect as if they were physically present, allowing them to be a part of the conversation and make a difference.

3. Potential for Future Growth

It’s crucial to understand that remote workers can feel appreciated through simple gestures like giving them the opportunity to contribute to discussions and treating them with respect by considering their opinions during meetings. Additionally, if their productivity improves and they excel in their work, why not reward them with a raise or promotion? This is an excellent way to recognize the hard work and dedication of remote workers.

Regardless of how much time an individual spends working from home, they should always receive appropriate compensation for their efforts. Remote employees often have the desire to stay in their current role for the long term and progress within the organization. Without opportunities for advancement in their job, their productivity, motivation, and engagement are likely to suffer. It is essential for employers to create growth opportunities to stay competitive in attracting and retaining the best talent. Every employee should know that their contributions are helping to secure the company’s future and that they are part of something bigger. Only once these conditions are met, can employers truly benefit from the value that remote workers can offer.

By adopting a different approach and considering your remote worker as a valuable part of the team, you can overlook their physical distance and acknowledge the positive impact they bring to your organization. Contact Works to discover how you can expand your business with the assistance of remote employees, while preserving the quality of your workforce and upholding your company’s culture.

If you’re interested in learning more about our unique global recruitment approach and the benefits of hiring remote workers from different parts of the world, feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to offer more information and talk about the potential advantages of adopting this approach.


I am thrilled by the positive feedback my article has received from its readers through email and social media. I am grateful for all the suggestions that have been provided regarding inclusive approaches to incorporate remote workers in team activities.

Working from home doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be a completely isolated experience. Remote workers can still stay connected to the rest of the organization, which can have a positive impact on their productivity and job satisfaction. This connectivity will make them more committed to the success of the company.

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