Here Are 3 Things Groove Did to Keep Its Remote Team from Becoming Burned Out

The customer service software sector is undergoing a transformation thanks to Groove. Unlike traditional offerings that are geared for large enterprises and beyond budget for smaller players, Groove presents a novel alternative. Alex Turnbull, the CEO and brain behind Groove, has chosen to approach the market differently.

After meticulous analysis, he resolved to focus on catering to other small ventures. These companies had already incorporated email support but were not interested in graduating to high-end software.

Drawing from his past workplace experience, Alex realised that having an office was not mandatory. He noticed his coworkers sitting in neat rows, wearing headphones as they began their work. Minimal interaction was required to get the job done effectively. Consequently, he resolved that he would not require his staff to spend their valuable time and resources commuting to an essentially unnecessary workspace. Thus, his venture would be entirely staffed by freelancers.

A few years into its inception, Groove faced a challenge: it was burgeoning at a pace that could not be sustained. The team was struggling to cope with the escalating demands of the enterprise, with 12-hour long workdays becoming a norm as they endeavoured to achieve their ambitious goals.

It dawned on Alex that the situation was grim. The remote software developers he had hired were unable to deliver, one after the other, and Pivotal Tracker had exposed a 20% drop in programming efficiency. Exhaustion, disinterest, and susceptibility to errors were plaguing everyone involved. Alex was no different, and the workload continued to mount.

Alex faced a predicament similar to what Chargify went through: with remote work, employees are less likely to request time off. At Groove, the staff had full liberty to take as much time off work as they needed, yet surprisingly, they seldom availed it.

Several individuals were hesitant in taking an off from work as they feared accumulating a pile of unfinished work upon their return. Furthermore, they experienced a sense of guilt in taking a break while their co-workers were toiling under a tremendous burden of work.

Alex observed that granting time off had not absolved the feelings of fatigue and stress, despite being on offer. The only way to assess the effectiveness of such measures is to execute them, and it is evident that merely providing time off is inadequate.

Let us explore the measures he took to reduce burnout amongst remote workers at Groove.

Adding a remote developer to the team

When you have an overwhelming volume of work, the obvious solution might appear to be to bring additional help on board. However, this is not always straightforward. The hiring process can be complicated, and it can prove to be an additional hurdle to find suitable candidates who can work remotely.

For any enterprise, it is crucial to have a team of professionals who demonstrate not just proficiency in their domain, but also exceptional communication abilities. Moreover, being self-driven is of equal significance. Engaging a remote developer could entail a substantial cost, even for an organisation that is financially buoyant.

Alexander had been procrastinating for quite some time, as he was hesitant to act. Nonetheless, he was confident that his decision was correct, and finally, he took the leap. Afterwards, he recognised that he had made the right choice.

If you ever encounter a situation akin to what Alex underwent, then you can have peace of mind knowing that we will extend our assistance to ascertain the best remote developer that caters to your needs. We will undertake the more challenging tasks, enabling you to reap the advantages without any concerns, as well as saving you some money.

Showcase your genuine priorities

As your organisation grows and flourishes, it is facile to regard everything as critical. No aspect is trivial.

This is tantamount to avoiding the onerous decision of deciding which aspects require your efforts. As stated by Alex in the company’s blog:

In reality, we did not allocate any additional tasks that were extremely significant. Rather, we designated them as critical as their fulfilment was indispensable for maintaining the same productivity level as the previous demanding and overloaded weeks.

Do you prioritise the team’s accomplishments rather than just accomplishing tasks? Be truthful with yourself. The benefit of doing so is not commensurate. Determine the actions with the most significant impact, and the rest will be achieved in due time.

Demonstrate the value of rest and relaxation

Alex had to admit his own role in the predicament. Despite experiencing the same exhaustion as everyone else, he chose to come to work. He rationalised his decision by convincing himself that it would be a disastrous display of leadership if he were to abandon his team during their time of necessity.

John was obliged to adopt a more assertive attitude, therefore, he took a week off work after Christmas and was determined that his team should do the same. He halted all non-essential operations in the management system, resulting in the complete shutdown of Groove’s online office for the entire week. Furthermore, he imposed a comprehensive ban on all work.

As dictated by Alex’s writing style:

As the company’s founder or CEO, comprehending that burnout is not a requisite for success is crucial. In fact, leading by example and taking a break from work can have a positive impact on your workforce by mitigating stress levels and increasing productivity. Going on a holiday is an exceptional means of showing your team that it is vital to take periodic breaks and prioritise your health and wellness.

Benefitting from something

The outcomes were evident; the Groove team’s productivity escalated considerably after taking a week off. Within a few months, their virtual development team augmented from being 20% less productive to 38% more productive.

Groove’s research’s discoveries reinforced the company’s dedication to valuing employee welfare. Despite other team members proposing relinquishing it for the sake of the company, this serves as a reminder that we are often our own worst adversaries. Moreover, this emphasises the enormous benefits of rest and how it can be utilised to amplify productivity.

From this experience, Alex has learnt a crucial lesson – to prevent burnout, sufficient rest and planning should be implemented for him and his team members to avoid exhaustion.

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