Here Are 4 Ways that Chargify Shows Appreciation for Its Remote Staff

If your business is purely digital, it is essential that you offer your customers a safe and straightforward way to make purchases from you. At Chargify, we understand the importance of providing a reliable and user-friendly payment platform, with no hindrance to the customer experience. We are here to ensure that your customers have a seamless and secure checkout process.

It has been established that the organization in question is operated by remote teams, with their code being written by remote programmers. This firm would not be able to function without the presence of its remote employees, the majority of whom are based in the United States. Moreover, there are some individuals in this industry who carry out their duties from other countries.

The firm has grown from a subsidiary to a key participant in the online payment market. Even successful businessman Mark Cuban supported it.

In their second year of operation, they achieved a break-even result and have been growing ever since. Each year, they increase their payment processing options, demonstrating their commitment to innovation, as they strive to come up with novel solutions to problems that they face. This commitment to betterment is also evident in their aim to continuously improve the online shopping and selling experience for all users.

Despite this, we have selected Chargify for a different reason; they place a high value on motivating their staff and are open about the methods they employ to encourage their team.

It can be argued that a lack of face-to-face communication with coworkers can make it difficult to develop a sense of care and concern for one another. The question then arises as to whether or not employees are able to become passionate about their work and the mission of the company if they are only able to communicate with each other online. Additionally, does this virtual environment prevent workers from forming a strong bond with the team and becoming fans of their workplace?

It is important to remember that there are other factors to take into consideration when looking at employee motivation other than simply monetary ones. Research has indicated that increasing an employee’s salary can only have a limited impact on their motivation; once this point has been reached, an employee’s motivation will not increase, no matter how much money they are being paid.

Chargify is an industry leader in employee financial well-being. This enables them to connect with one another and the rest of the team.

Here are some of the strategies they’ve used to keep their remote workers inspired and productive.

Tell your distant workers to take a break.

Each year, workers at Chargify get four weeks of paid time off. Furthermore, management strongly recommends that all employees participate in these.

It is widely recognized that many people are reluctant to take a vacation, due to a lingering feeling of guilt. Many people who are working from home feel that they ought to be grateful for the situation and thus feel unable to justify taking a break, so they are ultimately compelled to do so by their superiors.

In fact, Chargify experimented with a policy of providing unlimited holiday days. However, they found that almost no one took advantage of the vacation time that had been granted.

Taking time off to relax and recharge is essential for employees to remain motivated and productive. Vacations provide an opportunity for individuals to rest, unwind, and enjoy some time away from work. By doing so, they can return to their jobs with renewed enthusiasm, fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. Following the example set by Chargify, employers should take the initiative to encourage and reward employees for taking regular vacations. Ultimately, these breaks will benefit both the individual and the organization.

Give your off-site developers a hand so they may flourish

It has been famously said that Tony Robbins, a renowned coach, believes that progress is integral to achieving happiness. Acquiring wealth can only take you so far; true satisfaction comes from making genuine advancement in the field of your choice.

Putting money into your education is money well spent, since it will pay dividends in the form of a fulfilled life.

Consequently, Chargify enables an unlimited source of resources to be used for educational costs. It facilitates employees to put in whatever sum they deem appropriate towards their personal growth, including textbooks, compact discs and e-learning courses.

At Chargify, we are committed to investing in our employees, as we believe this investment will ultimately lead to increased success for the company in the future. With this in mind, we encourage all employees to discuss any matters related to their professional development, such as attending conferences, with their managers.

You can get anything for nothing once in a while.

Of course, it’s not uncommon for distributed teams to forego the social benefits of a shared meal. However, this is not necessary.

The development team at Chargify holds a monthly “Lunch & Learn” session, providing an opportunity for all members of the team to introduce themselves and highlight their particular areas of expertise. Every month, one team member will select a topic of interest, undertake some preliminary research and deliver a lunchtime lecture to the rest of the team.

Contributions from distant groups are always appreciated.

It is a pleasure to be able to give, and almost everyone has experienced the joy of receiving a gift. Chargify has made considerable efforts to foster an atmosphere of generosity within the organization.

Every December, members of the distributed team come together virtually to partake in their own unique version of Secret Santa – aptly named ‘Conspiracy Santa’. Participants on the receiving end of the gifts have no idea what surprises await them, but their generous givers have been busy brainstorming and voting on potential presents. As a token of appreciation, Chargify will be rewarding each contributor with a payment of $100.

Occasionally, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and board of directors may bestow gift cards upon employees in recognition of an outstanding performance. This is an uncommon, yet appreciated, gesture of appreciation for all the hard work and dedication shown by the staff.

At Chargify, we truly believe that the greatest gift we can give is the knowledge that we are making a difference in the world. To that end, we have a policy of encouraging our employees to make yearly donations to charitable causes. To make this easier, we offer each employee the opportunity to claim up to £150 from the company towards their chosen cause. We hope this small gesture can make a big difference to those in need.

Boost the effect of your spending

It is without question that Chargify recognizes the importance of providing employees with a living wage. A sufficient salary is vital for creating a motivated and dedicated workforce. However, we also believe that beyond a certain point, additional remuneration does not necessarily bring with it a corresponding increase in happiness. Moreover, it cannot replace the sense of loyalty and community that can be fostered in a company.

In order to maximize profitability, Chargify ensures that resources are allocated in an efficient manner. Of course, there is an associated financial cost associated with taking any of these steps; however, the investment in high-calibre remote teams and personnel is well worth it.

At Works, we are committed to providing you with an outstanding, international team of developers for any open positions. We will strive to recruit the best talent available and ensure that all staff members are motivated and productive. One of the best benefits of working with us is the quality of developers on our team. They are highly experienced and dedicated to providing the best service possible.

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