Here Are 4 Ways that Chargify Shows Appreciation for Its Remote Staff

For digital enterprises, it’s crucial to provide a secure and intuitive purchasing process to customers. Chargify comprehends the significance of delivering a dependable and user-centric payment gateway, ensuring an uninterrupted customer experience. Our goal is to facilitate a seamless and risk-free checkout process for your clientele.

The firm under consideration is managed by distant teams, and their programming is executed by offshore developers. A significant number of remote employees, primarily situated in the United States, are vital to the enterprise’s operations. Additionally, some professionals in this sector work from other nations.

From being a subsidiary to a major contender in the e-payment industry, the enterprise has witnessed remarkable growth. Renowned entrepreneur Mark Cuban also endorsed the company’s success.

The second year of their functioning witnessed a break-even result, and they have been progressing exponentially ever since. With every passing year, they expand their payment processing alternatives, highlighting their dedication to innovation and problem-solving. Additionally, their objective to continually enhance the online buying and selling process for all users demonstrates their commitment to improvement.

However, we opted for Chargify due to an alternative reason; they prioritize their workforce’s motivation and openly disclose the tactics they employ to inspire their team.

An argument can be made that insufficient personal interaction with colleagues makes it challenging to foster a sense of empathy and attachment towards each other. This raises the question of whether employees can develop zeal for their work or the firm’s vision in a solely virtual communication setting. Further, does this digital workspace hinder the formation of a strong team bond and consequently fails to create workplace enthusiasts?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that monetary compensation isn’t the only factor that affects employee inspiration. Studies suggest that boosting an employee’s salary can only produce a limited influence on their motivation. After reaching a specific threshold, employees’ motivation remains constant regardless of their income.

Chargify takes the lead in ensuring their employees’ financial wellness, fostering better communication and team connections.

Below are the tactics they’ve implemented to boost productivity and inspiration among their remote workforce. Read about the importance of keeping an eye on remote workers here.

Encourage your remote employees to take a break.

Annually, Chargify staff receives four weeks of compensated leave, with the management highly recommending their employees use this time off.

It’s commonly understood that several individuals are hesitant to take off time from work due to the recurring sense of guilt. Individuals who work remotely often feel obligated to be thankful for their circumstance and consequently, struggle to justify taking a break. Therefore, they eventually take time off due to their higher-ups’ encouragement.

Chargify conducted a trial by introducing a policy of offering unlimited holiday days. However, the trial indicated that very few employees utilized the granted vacation days.

Providing leisure time to recharge is crucial for employees to maintain their motivation and productivity. Holidays offer a chance for individuals to relax, rejuvenate, and take a break from work. This allows them to return to work with newfound zest, unique outlooks, and innovative concepts. Employers should learn from Chargify’s example and promote and incentivize their staff to take regular vacations. Ultimately, this will benefit the individual as well as the organization at large.

Empower your remote developers to thrive.

According to Tony Robbins, a celebrated coach, progress is fundamental in achieving happiness. Accumulating wealth can only provide limited fulfillment; authentic contentment comes from genuine growth in the respective profession.

Investing money in education has long-term benefits, as it leads to a more satisfying life.

As a result, Chargify allows for an unlimited allocation of resources to be utilized towards educational expenses. This enables their employees to invest whatever amount they deem necessary towards their professional development, ranging from textbooks and CDs to e-learning courses.

At Chargify, we are devoted to investing in our employees, recognizing that this investment will eventually result in the growth and prosperity of our company. Hence, we encourage our employees to communicate with their managers about their professional development endeavors, such as participating in conferences.

Occasionally, you may get something for nothing.

Undoubtedly, remote teams often miss out on the social perks of communal dining. Nevertheless, this is not indispensable.

The Chargify development team conducts a “Lunch & Learn” session every month, giving each team member the chance to introduce themselves and showcase their unique skills. Each month, a team member selects a topic of interest, conducts research and presents a lunchtime lecture to the rest of the team.

We always welcome contributions from remote teams.

Giving is a delightful experience, and most individuals relish receiving gifts. Chargify has taken significant steps towards cultivating a culture of benevolence within the company.

Every December, remote team members assemble virtually to conduct their exclusive variant of Secret Santa, appropriately labeled ‘Conspiracy Santa.’ Recipients of the gifts have no clue what awaits them, as their generous donors have put in considerable thought and effort in selecting and voting for potential gifts. In appreciation, Chargify rewards each contributor with a $100 payment.

On occasion, the CEO and board of directors may present gift cards to employees in acknowledgement of their outstanding performance. Although rare, this act of gratitude is highly valued and appreciated by the employees for their hard work and commitment.

At Chargify, we firmly believe that the most precious gift we can offer is the realization that we are bringing positive change to the world. In support of this belief, we encourage our employees to make yearly contributions towards charitable endeavors. To facilitate this, we provide each employee with the option to receive up to £150 from the company towards their preferred charitable cause. We aspire that this modest act of kindness can have a significant impact on those who require it the most.

Maximize the impact of your expenses

Chargify acknowledges the significance of offering employees a fair and reasonable salary. A decent wage is crucial in cultivating a motivated and committed workforce. Nonetheless, we are of the opinion that beyond a certain threshold, additional compensation may not correspond to an equivalent elevation in contentment. Additionally, it cannot substitute the sentiment of allegiance and camaraderie that can be built within a company.

To optimize profits, Chargify guarantees the effective allocation of resources. Naturally, there is a financial cost associated with implementing these measures, but the investment in exceptional remote teams and personnel is undoubtedly worthwhile.

At Works, our utmost priority is to offer an exceptional international team of developers for all available positions. We are committed to sourcing the most talented individuals and guaranteeing a motivated and efficient workforce. Our greatest advantage is the caliber of our developer team – seasoned professionals who are dedicated to delivering top-notch service.

Get in touch with us today to commence the next stage of your business.

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