Here Are 4 Ways to Screen Programmers During the Hiring Process

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Prior to hiring a developer, it is essential to assess their aptitude and skill level. Traditional interviewing techniques may not give human resource or executive personnel an accurate understanding of a developer’s capability to complete a project or manage an IT team in the rapidly changing IT environment. Moreover, many of the people conducting the interviews lack an understanding of the technical knowledge needed to accurately gauge whether the potential employee is competent.

In order to address this issue, businesses are increasingly implementing international IT talent assessments to determine the most suitable candidates. These examinations present complex challenges, enabling companies to identify those who have the necessary skills and aptitude to excel in the role. Although testing, especially in a live environment, can provide an insight into how a potential employee may perform in the role, the more traditional approaches of analysing portfolios, GitHub profiles and speaking to references are not always effective.

Here are some tests and strategic questions that have proven useful for firms screening potential employees.

Computerized Testing

Utilising automated testing to pre-screen applicants can be a useful tool before offering them an in-person or telephone interview. Setting up the necessary platform is easy to do; simply log in, select the relevant skills to evaluate, create the test and then have the applicant complete it, before receiving the graded results. and Tests4Geeks offer comprehensive collections of tests that can be used by businesses to identify the most suitable candidates during the recruitment process. By administering these tests, companies have the opportunity to narrow down their pool of potential employees to those who demonstrate the necessary skills and qualifications.

The Role of Strategic Interview Questions

Human Resources will typically ask questions that are designed to ascertain the competency of a prospective team member, however, it is also important that executives ask questions that reveal the true personality of the candidate and how they will work within a group. One way to do this is to ask them what the last three questions were that they looked at on Stack Overflow. This can provide insight into the level of interest and motivation the individual has for their own professional development. Furthermore, if the candidate is familiar with Stack Overflow, it can provide clues as to how they would approach problem-solving, as the platform is renowned for being a helpful resource for discovering solutions.

It is essential for businesses to not only ask about specific applications, but also to investigate the meaning of frequently used terminology in software engineering. Interviewers can gain an insight into the candidate’s expertise by paying attention to their attitude and the answers they provide.

Testing Done in Real Time

Once a candidate has successfully completed the initial screening and interview stages, they will be required to partake in a series of live tests which will assess their coding capabilities in a realistic environment. Through the use of tools such as CollabEdit, CodePad and CodePen, it is possible to evaluate a candidate’s coding process and performance while conversing with them over the phone or via Skype. Moreover, this technique allows recruiters to examine how the prospect deals with technical issues, as well as whether they have the necessary skills to fulfill the role.

Real-world testing is an excellent way to gain an insight into a developer’s capabilities and determine whether they are suitable for the team, although it can be a daunting experience for the person being interviewed.

Testing of Products

Organisations that have a niche product or platform may wish to consider an innovative way to learn more about potential employees; by having them trial the product and provide feedback. Although this may not be a practical solution for every company, it is worth enquiring with software developers if they have any ideas or proposals that could be used to enhance the product. It may also be beneficial to pose specific questions to those that specialise in front-end or back-end development, as this will give an insight into how they could contribute to the entire product.

Through the implementation of the above strategies, businesses can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the applicant and the potential value they can bring to the team. This is of paramount importance to developers, as the worst-case scenario is to hire someone who is not up to the task of dealing with IT issues. To avoid such a mistake and to ensure that the workforce is of the highest standard, it is essential that thorough testing is carried out.

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