Here Are 5 Ways in Which Remote Hiring Beats Out Traditional Recruitment Methods

Every organisation desires to retain new employees; however, according to a 2023 study by Equifax, it’s a challenging task, as 40% of new hires consider leaving within the first six months, and this figure increases to 50% within one year. This is alarming, considering the average cost of hiring a professional is over £6,000. It’s therefore critical for organisations to implement measures that encourage new recruits to stay in their roles for the long run.

The evidence suggests that our present recruitment and hiring techniques are not effective enough. It’s expected that there will be some staff turnover within the first 12 months, as people may leave for various reasons. Additionally, some organisations may offer misleading job descriptions. The success of your company’s retention strategy significantly relies on the quality of the onboarding process.

While traditional local recruitment methods present challenges, there’s a more effective approach to finding top talent to drive your company’s growth. To fully grasp the benefits of remote recruitment, you must be willing to step outside your comfort zone and try a new way of hiring. Still unsure? In the forthcoming article, we will explore the numerous advantages that remote recruitment can offer to your development team.

A More Ample Swimming Area

It’s highly improbable that the world’s most skilled programmers will be located near your company’s headquarters. Furthermore, it’s even less likely that you can employ such exceptional developers who are willing to relocate for the job. To ensure that you have access to the finest programming talent in your area, it’s recommended to utilize a search firm to find the ideal programmer for your team. This will enable you to receive applications from the most capable developers who are looking for new opportunities.

You may be fortunate enough to stumble upon an exceptional candidate. Nevertheless, unless your company is located in a major city with a thriving tech industry, it’s improbable that you’ll be able to hire top-tier personnel. So, how can you widen your search to draw in the finest candidates? Collaborating with remote developers could be a viable option to explore.

By making your company accessible to candidates who work internationally, you’re opening up a plethora of potential employees to fill available positions. When compared to the global population of 7.5 billion people, the United States alone has over 300 million residents, which significantly increases the chances of finding the ideal fit for the job. This clearly highlights the benefits of having a larger pool of candidates to choose from.

It’s Beneficial for the Workforce

According to a recent survey by Global Workplace Analytics, the vast majority (80-90%) of the American workforce is interested in telecommuting at least part-time. This attitude is being mirrored globally as individuals seek ways to reduce their commuting time to improve their health and achieve a better work-life balance.

It’s unrealistic to anticipate that every person is capable of conforming to a conventional nine-to-five office job. In reality, such a routine is likely to suit only a minority of individuals. Remote work is appealing to many, and the surge of remote employment has provided fresh opportunities for disabled individuals to secure meaningful employment. This type of work is also beneficial for those with caregiving responsibilities or medical concerns that prevent them from working full-time. By offering flexible employment, it provides equal opportunities for these individuals to succeed in the workplace.

Providing remote work options makes the position more attractive to potential applicants. This can enhance the recruitment process.

Decreased Costs

The potential cost savings associated with remote work aren’t restricted to the increased employee retention we’ve already discussed. There are various other ways in which it can help reduce expenditures. For instance, you may be able to save on training expenses as the need for in-person instruction decreases, and on recruitment expenditures as you won’t need to repeat the hiring process after employing a suitable candidate. Additionally, you may be able to reduce office space expenditures as employees will no longer require a physical workspace.

To begin with, all our employees are paid the prevailing rate in their respective geographical locations. If you’re looking to save costs without sacrificing quality, recruiting staff from countries with a lower cost of living is an effective way to do so. This is likely to lead to an overall enhancement in your operations.

When bringing on a new employee, various associated overhead expenditures need to be factored in. These include expenses like providing office space, furniture, technology, supplies, and even the cost of coffee. While it’s feasible to offer remote workers an allowance to cover some of these expenses, not having to pay for their presence in the office can save tens of thousands of dollars annually. Moreover, these cost savings can be applicable across the entire staff.

Enhanced Productivity

The claim that remote employees are more productive than their office-based counterparts is widely accepted and indeed valid. It’s extensively documented that digital nomads can produce better results for their employers than regular in-office staff. This can be attributed to a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Happier and healthier workers owing to a better work-life balance.
  • No daily commuting involved.
  • The flexibility to decide their own work schedule.
  • No disturbances arising from colleagues.
  • Work that lasts into evenings and weekends.
  • Individuals who are less likely to call in sick.
  • Personnel who work remotely are more inclined towards being resourceful problem-solvers capable of functioning with minimal supervision.

Moreover, the overall productivity has been increased. By hiring workers from various time zones, we can maintain continual progress. Contributing time as a collective team is advantageous in the long term, as everyone works together efficiently to achieve the objective.

Efficient Recruitment

The hiring of remote personnel can be an immensely valuable resource for any enterprise, highlighting the opportunities to save time and expenses that can be gained when staff are dispersed globally. Applicants for such positions are accustomed to digital communication and are consistently prompt in replying to messages and queries.

Video conferencing has the capacity to transform the method in which companies conduct interviews, as it eradicates the necessity to plan and organise face-to-face meetings at a set time. This enables a more efficient process and provides greater adaptability; instead of waiting for candidates to physically appear at the office, multiple interviews can be scheduled on the same day via video chat.

In this era of technology, it is far more effective and time-efficient to search for and recruit staff through online platforms. It is certainly worthwhile to explore this alternative and contemplate the potential advantages it can provide to your enterprise.

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