Here Are 5 Ways in Which Remote Hiring Beats Out Traditional Recruitment Methods

It is evident that any organisation wishes to retain the new recruits that they hire; however, research conducted by Equifax in 2023 found that this is a challenge, with 40% of promising new hires deciding to reconsider their positions after just six months and the number rising to 50% within a year. This is especially concerning considering the average cost of hiring a professional is more than £6,000. It is therefore vital that organisations take steps to ensure their new recruits remain in their positions for the long-term.

The evidence indicates that our current approaches to recruiting and hiring new personnel are inadequate. We can anticipate that some personnel changes will take place in the initial 12 months, as people depart for a variety of motives. Furthermore, it is foreseeable that some organisations may provide deceptive job descriptions. The prosperity of your organisation’s retention initiatives is dependent greatly on the quality of the onboarding process.

Despite the challenges posed by the traditional approach of local recruitment, there is a more effective way to find the best talent for your business to ensure its growth. To understand the advantages of remote recruitment, you need to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and attempt a new way of hiring. Are you still in doubt? In the following article, we will explore the many benefits that remote recruitment can offer to your development team.

A More Spacious Swimming Area

It is highly unlikely that the most talented developers in the world will be in close proximity to your company headquarters. Moreover, it is even more unlikely that you will be able to recruit such exceptional programmers who are willing to relocate for the job. To ensure that you can gain access to the best programming talent in your region, it is advisable to use a search firm to find the perfect programmer for your team. This will allow you to receive resumes from the most qualified developers who are open to new opportunities.

It is possible that you may be fortunate enough to come across an excellent individual. However, unless your organisation is based in a major city with a vibrant tech industry, it is unlikely that you will be able to recruit the highest calibre of personnel. So, how can you broaden your search to attract the best candidates? Working with remote developers may be an option worth considering.

By making your company accessible to employees who work internationally, you are opening up a wealth of potential candidates to fill available positions. Compared to the global population of 7.5 billion people, there are over 300 million people living in the United States alone, significantly increasing the likelihood of finding the right person for the job. This clearly demonstrates the advantages of having a larger pool of candidates to choose from.

It’s in the Interests of the Workforce

A recent survey conducted by Global Workplace Analytics has uncovered that an overwhelming majority (80-90%) of the American labour force is interested in telecommuting on at least a part-time basis. It appears that this sentiment is echoed throughout the world, as people are increasingly trying to find ways to reduce their commuting time in order to benefit both their health and their work-life balance.

It is not realistic to expect every individual to adhere to a traditional nine-to-five office lifestyle. In fact, it is likely that a minority of us are suited to such a routine. Homeworking is an attractive prospect for many, and the rise of remote employment has opened up new opportunities for people with disabilities to gain meaningful employment. This type of employment also provides benefits for those with caring responsibilities, or who are unable to work full-time due to medical considerations. By allowing for flexible working, such individuals are provided with a more equal chance of achieving success in the workplace.

Offering remote work makes the position more appealing to potential applicants.

Reduced Expenditures

The potential cost savings associated with remote employment are not limited to increased employee retention, which we have already discussed. There are a variety of other ways in which it can help to reduce expenditure. For instance, you may be able to save on training costs, as the need for in-person instruction is reduced, and on recruitment costs, as you will not need to repeat the hiring process once you have hired a suitable candidate. Furthermore, you may be able to cut down on the costs associated with office space, as employees will no longer need to be provided with a physical workspace.

To begin with, all of our employees are compensated at the prevailing rate in their respective geographical locations. If you are seeking to reduce costs without compromising on quality, hiring personnel from countries with a lower cost of living is an excellent way to achieve this. This is likely to result in an overall improvement in your operations.

When hiring an employee, there are a range of associated overhead expenses which need to be taken into consideration. These include the cost of providing them with office space, furniture, technology, supplies and even the cost of coffee. Although it is possible to provide a remote worker with a stipend to cover some of these expenses, it is still possible to save tens of thousands of dollars annually by not having to pay for their presence in the office. Furthermore, these cost savings can also apply across an entire staff.

Better Output

The assertion that remote workers are more productive than their office-based colleagues is widely accepted and indeed accurate. It is well-documented that digital nomads can deliver greater outputs on behalf of their employers than traditional staff located within the office. This is due to a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Better work-life balance leads to happier and healthier employees.
  • The absence of daily commutes.
  • The freedom to choose their own work schedule.
  • There were no distractions from coworkers.
  • Work that extends into the evenings and on the weekends.
  • Those who are less prone to calling in ill.
  • Employees who work from home are more likely to be creative problem-solvers who can operate with little supervision.

Furthermore, the overall production rate has been boosted. By employing individuals in different time zones, we are able to ensure an ongoing development. Investing time as a collective team is beneficial in the long run, as everyone collaborates effectively to accomplish the task.

Quick Hiring

The recruitment of remote personnel can be an invaluable asset to any business, demonstrating the potential time and cost savings that can be achieved when personnel are located around the world. Individuals who apply for these roles are accustomed to digital communication and are always quick to respond to messages and inquiries.

Video conferencing has the potential to revolutionise the way organisations conduct interviews, as it eliminates the need to plan and arrange in-person meetings at a specific time. This will enable a more efficient process and provide greater flexibility; instead of having to wait for candidates to physically arrive at the office, it is now possible to hold multiple interviews on the same day via video chat.

In this digital age, it is much more effective and time efficient to search for and hire staff via online platforms. It is certainly worth exploring this option and considering the potential benefits it could bring to your business.

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