Here Are 5 Ways in Which Working from Home May Increase Productivity

For decades, managers and business owners have been exploring ways to enhance productivity, ever since Frederick Winslow Taylor’s experiments at Midvale Steel. Unfortunately, it has only been recently that they have begun to consider the option of hiring remote employees – a shame, as working from home has been proven to improve productivity in at least five distinct ways.

It Allows Workers to Come into Work While Feeling Ill.

The sickness absence of employees is a major issue for many organizations, as it can lead to an unexpected loss of valuable personnel. It is estimated that in 2023, “minor” illnesses will be responsible for around 34 million of the 137.3 million days of work that are missed. Generally, employees take sick days due to having a mild case of the flu or a cold.

It is understandable that no one wants to pass on their illness to their colleagues, and it is true that a cold can make it difficult to focus. However, this should not prevent someone from fulfilling the majority of their job responsibilities. If a person has a cold, they can continue to work from home and avoid the risk of passing on their illness.

This Makes It Possible for Parents to Work at Times When Their Kids Really Need Them.

It is increasingly common for parents to have to take time off work due to their children being unwell or injured. These unexpected circumstances, such as a sudden school closure or difficulty in finding a babysitter, require a parent to take a day off. Recent research shows that an overwhelming majority of parents (67%) have been in this situation. Fortunately, remote employees do not have to worry about this issue as they can stay at home and work while keeping an eye on their children.

Working from home can be a tremendous advantage, particularly for parents with a newborn baby. With the expense of childcare for young children being prohibitively expensive, many working parents are compelled to reduce their hours. However, with the flexibility of being able to work from home, they can remain in their job and continue to work, even with a baby in their lap.

Allows Employees Extensive Leeway in Establishing Their Ideal Working Environment

It is clear that personalization in the workplace can be of greater significance than initially thought. Numerous British research studies have concluded that people perform better when given autonomy over their work environment. One study in particular looked at four groups of employees doing the same job in four distinct settings: bare, decorated, equipped by the boss, and decorated by the participants themselves. The results of this research revealed that workers who had the freedom to decorate their own cubicles were 32% more productive than those whose workplace was left unadorned. This suggests that when given the opportunity, people are more likely to be engaged and devoted to their role if they are able to have some influence on the design of their physical environment.

Moreover, personalized preferences for individual users will not have any kind of impact on other users. The rest of the world is not affected by the fact that a telecommuter needs to listen to Nine Inch Nails in order to be productive.

It Lessens the Likelihood that You’ll Resort to Micromanaging or Poor Management.

As Human Resources professionals, we have likely encountered complaints about micromanaging supervisors. This kind of supervision can lead to a lack of confidence in employees’ abilities and a decrease in their overall output. It is possible that some middle managers are micromanaging in an attempt to prevent mistakes, though what they perceive as errors could in fact be creative solutions to problems or the individual’s most productive working style. Allowing employees to work remotely can help to alleviate the situation, as this hides any potential “errors” from the “assisting” middle management.

As a middle manager, there are a range of wrongdoings that can have a detrimental effect on overall production. For instance, wavering, yelling at subordinates and failing to complete tasks on time can all have a negative impact. This is further exacerbated by employees taking more time off or calling in sick as a result of the situation. To counter this, allowing employees to work from home may help them to remain motivated and productive, and consequently, may be preferable to the alternative of terminating an employee who would be difficult to replace.

That’s Why so Many Independent Thinkers Are Drawn to the Area.

Many people find the prospect of working from home appealing; however, it is those who possess certain characteristics that are best suited to succeeding in this environment. Those who are self-motivated, able to work autonomously and prefer to work in a familiar setting, rather than one that requires them to adjust to external factors, tend to excel when given the opportunity to work remotely. People who feel most comfortable in this environment often go to great lengths to find and maintain positions that allow for flexible scheduling. Not only does this ensure that those individuals are working to their full capacity, but it also encourages others to be motivated to work harder, as their example is setting a positive example.

The potential for increased productivity is one of the most attractive benefits of having a remote team, making it a highly attractive prospect for any business. If your organization is looking for appropriate remote employees, we can provide our expert assistance. Our experience in constructing remote teams is unrivalled, making us the ideal choice for businesses who are looking to take advantage of the benefits of a distributed workforce.

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