Here Are 5 Ways in Which Working from Home May Increase Productivity

For many years, managers and entrepreneurs have been searching for methods to boost productivity, following in the footsteps of Frederick Winslow Taylor’s experiments at Midvale Steel. However, it is only in recent times that they have started to regard the possibility of hiring remote staff – a missed opportunity because working from home has been demonstrated to enhance productivity in at least five distinct ways.

It Permits Employees to Work While Feeling Ill.

Employee sickness absenteeism is a significant concern for numerous organisations, as it can result in an unexpected loss of valuable staff. Approximately, 34 million of the 137.3 million days of work that are missed in 2023 will be due to “minor” illnesses. Commonly, employees have a mild case of the flu or a cold, resulting in the need for sick leave.

It is reasonable that no one desires to spread their illness to their coworkers, and it is factual that a cold can impair concentration. Nevertheless, this should not hinder an individual from performing the majority of their job duties. If someone catches a cold, they can still carry out their work remotely, reducing the risk of transmitting their illness.

This Enables Parents to Work During Times When Their Children Require Their Attention.

It is becoming more prevalent for parents to take leave from work due to their children becoming sick or injured. These unforeseeable situations, such as an abrupt school closure or difficulty in finding a childcare provider, can necessitate a parent taking time off. Current investigations reveal that an enormous number of parents (67%) have experienced such a situation. Luckily, remote employees do not have to stress over this, as they can work from home while keeping an eye on their children.

Working remotely can be an enormous asset, especially for parents with a young infant. As the cost of childcare for young children is exorbitantly high, many working parents are forced to decrease their working hours. However, by having the flexibility to work from home, they can sustain their employment and continue working, even while holding their baby.

Provides Employees with Considerable Freedom to Create Their Ideal Working Environment

It is evident that customisation in the workplace can bear greater significance than initially conceived. Several British research studies have indicated that individuals perform better when granted independence over their work environment. Notably, one study assessed four groups of people performing the same job in four separate settings: unadorned, decorated, supplied by the employer, and personalised by the employees themselves. The findings of this research demonstrated that employees who had the autonomy to personalise their own working area were 32% more productive than those whose workplace was plain. This suggests that when given the chance, individuals are more inclined to feel engaged and committed to their position if they have the ability to exert influence over the layout of their physical environment.

Furthermore, individual users’ personalised preferences will have no impact on other users. The remainder of the world is not influenced by the reality that a remote employee must listen to Nine Inch Nails to remain productive.

It Reduces the Probability of Falling into Micromanagement or Inadequate Management Practices.

As HR professionals, we have presumably received grievances about supervisors who micromanage excessively. This type of supervision can lead to a lack of trust in employees’ competencies and a reduction in their overall performance. Some intermediate managers could be micromanaging employees in an attempt to avoid errors, even though what they consider errors could even be innovative solutions to issues or the employee’s most efficient working technique. Allowing employees to work remotely can assist in resolving the issue, as it conceals any probable “errors” from the overbearing intermediate management.

As an intermediate manager, various mistakes can impede overall productivity remarkably. For instance, hesitation, yelling at employees, and missing deadlines can have an adverse effect. This can be further intensified by employees taking more time off or calling in sick as a direct consequence of the situation. To combat this, permitting employees to work remotely may aid them in staying driven and competent, thus providing a more desirable alternative to firing an employee who would be arduous to replace.

That’s Why the Area Appeals to Numerous Independent Thinkers.

Working from home is an enticing notion for many; however, it is those individuals who possess specific traits that are most suitable for succeeding in this environment. People who are self-driven, capable of working independently, and prefer working in a familiar environment, rather than one that requires them to adapt to external factors, are more prone to excelling when provided with the opportunity to work remotely. Individuals who feel the most comfortable in this setting frequently make extensive efforts to locate and retain jobs that allow scheduling flexibility. Not only does this ensure that these individuals work to their full potential, but it also fosters motivation in others to strive harder, as it sets a positive example.

The possibility of higher productivity is one of the most enticing advantages of having a remote team, making it an exceedingly appealing choice for any business. If your company is seeking suitable remote employees, we can provide expert assistance. Having unrivalled expertise in building remote teams puts us in an ideal position for businesses that are looking to capitalise on the benefits of a distributed workforce.

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