Here Are 6 Essentials for Your Telecommuting Policy

Remote working has the potential to offer significant benefits to both employers and employees. A remote-work policy can ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of expectations, enabling both parties to get the most out of the arrangement. This can lead to cost savings and access to top talent, making remote working a desirable option.

Definition of “Remote Work Policy”

A Remote Worker Policy is a set of guidelines and provisions that outline the requirements for employees who complete their work remotely. It serves as a contractual agreement that outlines expectations such as the times and locations in which the remote working should be undertaken.

Enabling remote working is central to an effective remote working policy. Rather than attempting to restrict the freedom that remote working offers, it encourages and supports it by setting out expectations for productivity from both the employer and employee.

While each company’s policy is certain to have its own quirks, there are a few things that should always be included in a solid remote work policy.

What Should Be Included in a Comprehensive Policy for Teleworkers?


It is important to be clear about expectations regarding working hours, taking into account the geographical locations of employees. Are there specific times when staff are required to be present, or can they work flexibly providing that predetermined targets are met? Additionally, how should any absences due to sickness be handled?

The reliability of an attendance and leave tracking system is essential for effective employee accountability and punishment. Establishing regular attendance routines can be beneficial for both the organization and its workers, by improving the efficacy of the workforce.

Tools and Gear

It is important to specify who is responsible for providing which tools and to lay out guidelines for their use. Is it acceptable for employees to make changes to the smartphones such as adding new apps? If so, what programs are allowed? Are employees expected to acquire their own equipment such as printers, or will the organization provide such items? Can programmers work in their preferred Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) or do they have to use the one provided? It is essential to make it clear that the employee is expected to utilize the equipment to their own benefit, thereby ensuring they have no doubts as to what is expected of them.

During the recruitment process, it is important to discuss with the employee whether they will be required to use their own mobile device and software for work-related purposes. At the end of the onboarding procedure, we should provide the employee with a list of any required applications that they must install onto their device. This will ensure that they are aware of any expectations of them in regards to their own equipment, and that there are no surprises following the onboarding process.

Data Security

It is essential for businesses to ensure the protection of their customers’ personal information. Employees need to be trained on the secure handling of confidential information to prevent theft or exposure. This includes electronic data and physical documents. To provide further protection, sensitive data should be stored in a password-protected folder, and employees should always connect to the company network through a Virtual Private Network before using public Wi-Fi for any business-related tasks.

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) may be utilized to safeguard confidential business information during and after an employee’s tenure with the company. This will ensure protection of the company’s products, services, corporate identity and other sensitive information.

Financial Outlays

Please provide clarification regarding which costs will be reimbursed and which will not. For example, will the company cover the costs of a personal computer and a phone line? Additionally, could you provide details regarding the reimbursement of office supplies? Any expenses that are eligible for reimbursement must be submitted in accordance with the established process and frequency.

It is essential to clarify the types of costs that are eligible for reimbursement to avoid any confusion for the employee. Please create a document outlining this information and include it when sending the appointment letter.

Compensation for Employees, Number Five

It is important to be aware that workers’ compensation only applies when an employee is on the job and not while they are engaging in activities such as watching television or performing domestic tasks.

Employers looking to provide workers’ compensation cover for their remote workers must ensure that their remote work policies contain a provision which stipulates that employees must record or track their working hours.


As all good things eventually come to an end, it is important to be familiar with the procedures to follow when a remote job is terminated. This should include the return of any company property, as well as the retrieval or removal of company data and other assets.

Please include details of any outstanding payments or reimbursements due to the employee, as well as an estimate of when these may be received. If applicable, we can also provide a letter of recommendation or other relevant experience.

In Need of Assistance with Your Company’s Policy Regarding Remote Employees?

It is essential to have a written remote work policy that covers these and other related topics when working with remote staff. Before taking on an employee, it is important to ensure that all parties are clear on the expectations.

Due to Work’s bespoke placement strategy, some of the above is largely irrelevant. For example, we guarantee that the employees we locate for you will be reliable and punctual.

We strongly advise that you remain flexible when managing your staff as it is ultimately your decision. Should you require any advice, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can provide guidance on recruiting and managing the best engineers whilst keeping administrative duties to a minimum.

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